limitless sword god cover                 cover 2

Author: 火神 – Huǒ shén or Fire God

Genres: Martial Arts, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Xianxia, Romance

Novel Title: Limitless Sword God

Synopsis by mike211 + edited by me 😀 :

Su Yun was a prodigy, blessed by the gods. However, life is never so easy. Soon after reaching 6th stage in spirit novice realm cultivation, his progress stagnated due to incurring a rare medical condition.

A few years go by, and Su Yun has spent all his time gambling or drinking, wasting his youth away, but one day everything changes. Qing Er, the only one who stood by him was forced by his clan to be a sacrificial bride to someone she didn’t love, only to be executed by the groom on the wedding night for fleeing. Burning for revenge, he scoured the world for a cure for his rare medical condition from both righteous and villainous side.

Countless years go by, and finally Suyun not only found a way to cure his rare condition but also gain immense knowledge on a myriad of martial techniques.

But before he could fully cure himself, he received news that the groom suffered an assault that damaged his internal organs. Rather than wait for decades to become fully cured, Su Yun decided to hatch a plan for the assassinate of the groom. Unfortunately, he underestimated the strength of the groom’s family and was killed instead.

Then he regains consciousness. He comes to a realization that he went 15 years in the past. This time, he vowed to protect Qing Er, but first he must cure his rare medical condition. Will he learn from the mistakes of his previous life or is everything still set in stone?

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Manga Chapter 1 translated on Imperfect Scans: click here (they stopped)

Limitless Sword God Table of Contents:

Arc One: A Hundred Blades Begins to Soar (1-157)
Chapter 1: Trash Master and Phoenix Maid

Chapter 2: Not Paying Back

Chapter 3: The Appearance of a Fellow Traveler

Chapter 4: Mysterious Devil Technique

Chapter 5: Hiding in the Dark

Chapter 6: Limitless Sword Arts

Chapter 7: The Seven Everlasting Swords

Chapter 8: I Am Strong Enough

Chapter 9: The Moon Crescent Fruit

Chapter 10: The Lost Treasures

Chapter 11: Secrets of Crescent Valley

Chapter 12: The Wicked Disciples

Chapter 13: I am called Sword God

Chapter 14: A Righteous Individual

Chapter 15: You Dare Block Me?

Chapter 16: The Heavenly Crystal

Chapter 17: Fighting and Fleeing

Chapter 18: Spirit Novice Counter-attack

Chapter 19: Sixty Thousand Spirit Coins

Chapter 20: “Mighty” Young Master

Chapter 21: Su Dong Fang

Chapter 22: The Thirst for Power

Chapter 23: Tournament Selection

Chapter 24: Who is first? Who is second?

Chapter 25: An Overnight Reversal

Chapter 26: No Mercy in Battle

Chapter 27: Eating Raw Marble

Chapter 28: The Disparity in Strength

Chapter 29: The Surprising Victory

Chapter 30: The Hidden Devil Technique, One Move to Kill

Chapter 31: Su Family’s Punishment

Chapter 32: Inside the World of the Everlasting Sword Sheath

Chapter 33: First Sword: Engraved Dragon Blade

Chapter 34: Borrowing & Taking

Chapter 35: The Forbidden Technique: Becoming the Devil

Chapter 36: A Few Steps Below

Chapter 37: Battle of Gu Xie Mountain

Chapter 38: The Sky Shrouding Sword

Chapter 39: Simply Not Giving Up

Chapter 40: Spirit God Aura

Chapter 41: Grass

Chapter 42: Do you admit you are an idiot?

Chapter 43: One Hundred Loopholes

Chapter 44: Spirit Lord Aura

Chapter 45: Su Family’s Summon

Chapter 46: One Sword, Two Blades Training

Chapter 47: Mandatory Trial

Chapter 48: Inside Martial Bone Mountain

Chapter 49: He left just like that

Chapter 50: A Resolute Person’s Revenge is Ten Years

Chapter 51: Hidden Killing Intent

Chapter 52: Senior, Save Me

Chapter 53: Cutting the Weeds and Pulling Out the Roots

Chapter 54: If you have Guts, then Come in!

Chapter 55: Dead

Chapter 56: The World Behind the Fragmented Void

Chapter 57: Triple Yuan Gas

Chapter 58: Blade Dress

Chapter 59: A Beauty

Chapter 60: You are Su Yun?

Chapter 61: Back to the Su Family

Chapter 62: Really True

Chapter 63: Want to die? Just come here!

Chapter 64: Fine, Just Slaughter Them All! (Part I)

Chapter 65: Assassin in the Quiet Night (Part II)

Chapter 66: The Biggest Inconvenience (Part III)

Chapter 67: Once in a Millennium Rare Physique (Part IV)

Chapter 68+


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    • No problem, nowadays, I’m mostly the editor/proofreader. (I kind of got tired of it after Chapter 68, I work with the translator though, sometimes). Since TN has a lot of novels, I keep this site up for sole purpose for notifications on LSG.


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    • I prefer to learn how to make my own website, although it might be a bigger community in WW, I like to learn more about website hosting, creation, maintenance, etc.
      Lastly, I don’t release enough, I think you need to release 3 regularly/week, which is atm, just too much for me

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  10. Chinese method to create a OP main character. Main character dies + has some sort of regret -> God lets main character reborn/travel back in time. Main character knows a lot of martial arts and starts training hard to prepare to solve his regret.



    • Better than the Japanese method. Normal dude, maybe perverted or really dense. He dies and is reincarnated or summoned to another world. He’s given level 100 cheat abilities while everyone else is averaged around level 5. He has perverted adventures.



      • Hahaha thats true but not all of them. There is overlord,lazy king, summoned slaughterer, magis grandson, arifureta, slime tensei, re monster, and then some more.

        As oppose to the jap wn mc being perverts, the xianxia mc are walking calamities waiting to be offended by douchebags which include all the people around the mc except the heroines.


        • What’s the first thing Ainz did when he was teleported? He groped some Oppai. And that’s it, that’s the only perverted thing. So yea, you win.

          Re: Monster and Arifureta is wish fulfillment +100.

          Also, these are Xuanhuan. Xianxia Heroes can’t be bad. They’re literally supposed to be saints, so these “xianxia” stories are not Xianxia, they’re Xuanhuan.


  11. I read it for the first time. And I think I might love this light novel. Thank you for translating this story. May I ask one question? Are you not going to recruiting more translators? I think there are many translators who are free. And it will help you release more chapters in the future like wuxia.


  12. judging from the synopsis the “future” past seems pretty long, is that really so or when did he go back in the past (I havent started reading yet :P)?


  13. Hey, I came here following the link u posted on swallowed star….keep up the good work 🙂

    Btw how many chapters long is this novel?


    • I do not know, I did not read that far ahead, I’m at the same part of the novel you are…
      however, I’m pretty sure he does like the other novel: devil and gods by thaeryia translations

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    • Yeah. He’s totally taking advantage of all the knowledge (and personal experiences) he gained in his “1st-life”. So far he hasn’t been focused on particular “key events” in his life but rather on collecting treasures and powering up.


      • Could you make the link to the chapter just the title of the series with the chapter number and not the chapter title. It’s easier to change between chapters if next/previous buttons are missing or broken.


        • Umm, what do you mean? even if it is just the chapter number, link still remains the same, it really shouldn’t affect the linking.

          Nonetheless, if it just gets to too many chapters, I might just do it, we’ll see.

          Also, the previous/next chapters should all work, if one doesn’t, plz pm me, usually the one to unreleased chapters are not working only


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