Novel Review & FAQ

Limitless Sword God Review (First 34 chapters):

Alright, so here is the review. Basically, this is similar to a lot of reincarnation stories, except the protagonist does not go back to a baby. Personally, I feel this is great, since I don’t really care about the childhood (ages 0-13) since it just builds the personality of the protagonist, but does not create a real plot. This light novel is similar to many other wuxia and xianxia novels, where there is a lot of cultivation training, martials arts, spirit beast, sects and so forth. If you like those stuff, give this light novel a try. In addition, this is a revenge driven (from start anyways) light novel, so pretty simple focus. (other than getting stronger) Lastly, like many of the wuxia and xianxia novels, it focuses mainly on the protagonist (like 75%) and puts everything else on the other characters. Meaning that if you don’t like the protagonist, you will not like the story.Overall, MC is not that arrogant and does not go around ruthlessly killing people. However, he will follow a few principles and will take action if he feel he is threatened. Basically, he is not a coward, but does think before he does something.

Note: This review might change as I finish more chapters.


What is the release schedule?

It is on the schedules tab, but it is also found on the top right in the announcements.

Will I translate the manga?

No, I just do not have the time.

Will I translate other light novels?

No, considering I still have 1000+ chapters on this one to go.

Will I host other light novels on my site?

Maybe in the future.

Am I recruiting translators or editors?

At the moment, no, since I prefer to translate alone and I have enough editors for now. Maybe in the future.

Why can’t I increase the translation pace?

On the schedule aspect, it is unlikely for me to do more than 2 regular chapters/week. Even during sponsored chapters, the max is probably only 4/week. Perhaps next year, when I have less classes, I could do 2-3 regular chapter/week and sponsored would probably make it daily. However, for now, it is impossible. On the side note of getting more translators, it is unlikely, since organizing that would basically take way too much time, which is something I really don’t have right now.

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