LSG Chapter 156

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Just a slight delay

Slight delay in the release of chapter, probably will be able to finish translating at 12:00 am, but need like 1  hour to edit, since lots of explaining, just letting you guys know

Chapter 7 Teaser

Some announcements: Alright guys, I upload the background to make the site feel more crisp, any suggestions are welcome 😀 I hope everyone likes the updates I did. Also, I upload light novel image in synopsis, so you get a visual, if you guys want me to upload the cropped characters from the manga, I…

Chapter 6 Teaser

Alright so here is the teaser for chapter 6 😀 As a side note, I found a new site for the raws, which is updated on my synopsis + index page if you want to check it out. Be forewarned, the cliffhanger is worse after reading this

Chapter 5 Teaser

Hey! Here is your teaser. No major cliffhanger this time 😛

Donations Event! (Optional)

Okay, firstly, this is completely optional, so if you don’t want to donate, just ignore this post. (It’s not a chapter)

Chapter 4 Teaser

Also as a side note, I now use google drive to translate, so no chance of me losing translation anymore guys 😀 So here is teaser for chapter 4 TL: Be warned, your first cliffhanger guys, read at your own risk 😛