Dialogue Poll

Time for another poll!

Names will be separated.

Names will now be separated. This includes everything. Note, on the past chapters, they might be updated later, but for now, I just don’t have the time. Secondly, most people asked nicely, but some people were really rude. Understand that everyone will have their own opinions and this site is run by a person, not…

Character Names Poll Results

Alright, so you guys have voted: Therefore, based on the results, no change in the naming system. Thanks for everyone that voted.

English Character Names Poll

Alright, so there is many times that the Chinese names really seem similar to each other and the readers are always very confused. Therefore, I am proposing that I will change the names to English instead of just Chinese names. However, if it seems fine, then it will not be changed. For instance, Suyun and…