Naming Poll

Alright, so it has come to my attention the Pumpkin’s reader base like to combine Chinese names. How do you guys feel? For instance: Hu Qian Mei becomes Hu Qianmei, or Su Dong Fang becomes Su Dongfang. Poll has ended.  

Ch 67 Teaser + Important Polls

Alright guys, here is the teaser. As stated, I’m still busy editing & reorganizing, so full chapter won’t be out until next Friday. As a side note, please vote on naming poll #1 and #2. They are kind of important. Enjoy the teaser 🙂

Swearing/Profanity Poll

Alright, so there is a few cases of swearing in the LN, not much, but there is a tiny bit. (I think 3 swear words in 63 chapters, so yeah) Anyways, I just want to ask, do you guys want me to censor them or not?