LSG Chapter 206

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1/2 Year Review

Alright guys, here is the monthly recap! Been half a year now.

2015 Year in Review

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post. Anyways, I just got back, so pretty tired. Anyways here are the yearly stats.

4th Month Recap

Hey everyone, so it has been about 4 months since I started to translate LSG. Anyways, big shout out to the editors, which volunteer their time to help me edit 🙂 Thanks for the continuing support! I try to respond to most comments, but sometimes I am just really too busy.

3rd Month Recap

Well well, it’s been three months, since I’ve started translating. The community seems pretty big now, wow! Big thanks to the editors, since now I have less things to worry about! (I still do edit chapters, just doesn’t need that much time anymore) Thanks for the support everyone! Your gratitude and comments keep me going!

2nd Month Recap

Alright guys, it has been 2 months since this translation site has gone active. Thank you to everyone who comes to my website to read my translations! Also thank you for everyone’s support 😀