LSG Ch65 teaser

Here is the teaser! Cya Friday night for full chapter 🙂

LSG Ch 64 Teaser

Alright here is a teaser guys, next chapter should be released tomorrow!

LSG Ch63 Teaser

Hey, everyone! I actually have some good news. I should be able to release ch63 on schedule, which means in like a couple hours, so I’ll see you then. Next release will be Tuesday, though, since I’m really busy this weekend 🙂 enjoy the teaser!

LSG Ch61 Teaser

Alright, I made a small mistake last chapter, it is buddha’s teachings, not demonic arts. I saw the word: arts and I got too carried away, probably was late, too. Enjoy the teaser, the next chapter should be out sometime tonight. (~22 hours)

LSG Ch58 Teaser & Delay

Hey everyone. As said in the title, there will be a delay on the chapters, so everything was pushed back a day.

LSG Ch57 Teaser

Hey! How is everyone? Just saying, I do read every comment and I try to respond when I have the time. There will be a poll after this, so vote if you want. I just want to make sure on some naming, thing. plz turn adblocker off 🙂 Anyways, extra long teaser!

LSG Ch 54 Teaser

Sorry about the delays, first week of college is really busy, since I got so much stuff to organize. Anyways here is teaser, I’m 90% sure I can get the full chapter out by tonight. (~12 am) Probably biggest cliffhanger yet 😛