Translator Bio:

I’m a college senior studying petroleum and natural gas engineering in the US. My Chinese level is average for translating, so please bear with me as I try to improve.

Editor 1: “Horon Xi” (Left)

Editor 2 (I’ll leave the introduction to him):

Greetings everyone! I’m Brian. I’m an editor xD In college, I studied East Asian culture and Foreign Language. I also got a degree in teaching English as a second language. I’m willing to help people with any kind of editing (novel or non-novel related) or with any English-related questions.

Brian’s public contact info:
Editor 3: Jerret (@ Translation Nations)

Current Schedule:

In collaboration with Translation Nation’s awesome Pumpkin 🙂

Me: 1-3 per week, 1 free/week. (Most likely I can do 2)

Pumpkin: 1-4 per week, 1 free/week

Therefore: At least 2/week, but if donations hold up, can be 6-7/week. First 1-2 weeks releases may be kind of random, but it should stabilize after 3 weeks.

Yaoz889 Contact Info:

Reddit ACC: yaoz889 (I will also post updates on Reddit when I release a chapter) ACC: yaoz889 (I will also post updates on when I release a chapter)

Twitter: @SoaringTrans

Weekly Schedule (May change):

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    • No, I do about 1.5 chapters/week, so 1 chapter and then 2 chapter per week regularly, the rest is all donations. Maybe during break I can do more regularly, but we’ll see


  1. Have you ever thought about getting more translators to get more regular chapters out like Gravity does? I mean this has about 912 chapters. With you being in College this would be hard to finish by your self.


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