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Hey everyone, I thought that I would give my recommendation for a new novel that another translator has started, which is really good in my opinion

*Note: All are my personal opinions

Dark King (link)


The Dark King is an online novel written by Gu Xi a.k.a Ancient Xi. It’s still on-going as we translate it

It’s about a child called Dudian (In the novel referred as Dean) who wakes up after 300 years of frozen sleep in the capsule… The world has changed and he has to…

…or the official description:

Disaster outbreaks which ends the civilization we know. Sleeping in the cold storage for three hundred years Dudian wakes up into a new “world”.

“I firmly believe that the dawn will come, but … … on the eve of the dawn, the darkness will dominate everything!” – Dudian … …

Chapters Translated: 116

Chapter Release Rate: 1-3/weekday, 0-2 weekends

Personal Opinion: This is a very fast-paced novel. Overall, it is a survival novel that follows the MC rise to power. MC is very lucky and remembers modern weaponry (to a degree), which might help in the future of the novel. As of now, it didn’t really help the MC much. I just think that you guys might want to give it a try, especially since the release rate is pretty fast.




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