Translation Nation Update


TN said he is fixing the site. As of now, he is saying to wait if he can fix it, so I cannot release anything. Technically, it is him and translator’s work (3-3.5 hrs) and I only do about 20 – 30 minutes editing, + other editors might do ~20 minutes x 3.

So as of now, I cannot release anything….

My advice right now: wait five hours before trying again.

I’ll try to keep you guys updated.


  1. Light says:

    Looks like the site’s up now


  2. cantreadLSGhuhu says:

    -.- really? it was like 8 hours


    1. Robert says:

      Shush just be happy that they put in any effort it’s not like they are on the clock. They are TLing on their own time be happy that it’s only 5 hours.


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