Naming Poll Results & Schedule right Now

Alright guys, so first is the rundown on the results:

lsg poll 4

Basically, you voted on linking the last two parts. Although the other option was kind of close, majority always wins. From Ch 69 onwards, all names will be linked after the Family name. If we have time, we might edit ch 1-68, but we’ll see.

Now as for the schedule, so far, ch69 is being edited, I’ll probably start ch70 tomorrow and try to finish it in tomorrow. We’ll see. I got the donations part sorted out. Since it would be way too confusing for TN or Pumpkin to host the donations, the donations would remain still directed to my paypal. Pumpkin and me will keep track of the money donation for LSG on an excel and i have found a free way to easily transfer money to Pumpkin, so that is sorted out.

Does that mean everyone can start donating? Yes, but official announcement on TN will be during Ch 69 release.