Update #2.


Hey guys, so I have some good and bad news, but first about the site I’m posting the new chapters to: TranslationNations.com

Here is the rundown of why I chose this site:

I’m pretty sure most you remember the Martial World drama, which I do admit that TranslationNations was wrong, but some people really blew it out of proportion. Nonetheless, I felt that since they had a translator & I was fine with collaborating with another translator, then it would work. Furthermore, it would help mitigate the problem of them looking for another novel. (LSG is pumping out @ 1 chapter/day @ China)

Now here is a few reasons I chose them:

  1. I still trust them, they are relatively constant on releases.
  2. They maintained releases on TLT even though it is not popular at all, which is basically for the readers.
  3. They let Zebulin do his weekly/bi-weekly release of SS, without pushing for collaboration.
  4. I saw the implementation of their site, with the Thunderhill guy that kind of just screwed them over and left (he only did it for the money). Pumpkin had to pick up the pieces, but I guessed it worked out. That is hard to do, since they probably had a lot of backlash, which I guess some people still can’t forgive them.

Now just some facts:

  1. I reached out to TN first, so don’t make a big deal.
  2. They persuaded me to decrease the donations back to $45/chapter if I collaborated with their translator. I do 1 free + 1-2 sponsored, he does 1 free + 1-4 sponsored.

Now the bad news: The new translator kind of just left…..I don’t know what happened, but he left. Therefore, Pumpkin (translator of ST) will help me, although he can only do 4 chapter/week. I can mostly do 2/week, so basically 6/week as long as donations hold up. It was not what I promised, but problems do occur, it is the way of life. The release of Ch68 is set to be Saturday evening 5-7 pm EST (New York Time).

Probably will be on their site, as said before, I will make a post here when I post there to link it. Hope you guys are patient with us, since it will be hard to streamline it at the beginning. Still, the main reason is I’m listening to you guys: you want faster releases, then I will try to make faster releases from collaboration.

P.S. One other reason is TN has less ads, which is why I didn’t use WW, way too many ads on their site. GravityTales just have way too many LN. TN is small, I like small, easier to work with.

P.S. Ch 1-67 will be updated on my site, but ch68+ will be on their site. They will have ch 1-67, too.






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  1. I still can’t believe people get their panties in such a twist over things that aren’t related to themselves. Ya’ll need to take several deep breaths and realize that there are far far greater things in life to center your anxiety and general anger on.

    As you get older, you’ll look back and *facepalm* at the things that made you filled with so much angst.

    Just a friendly heads up from someone who has way much Italian blood in him. 🙂


  2. gr8.. see you on TN. I would not like to get into some debate here,But LSG is too good for me to drop it for some petty issues…


  3. Cool translation nation huh one less tab to spam so yay…. Also what ever went down with tn they still have st and ss so … I’m just a lonely leech so I’ll suck the donators dry and if they mistreated a trans because they wanted a project well it takes up more courage to continue 1st after all its been through even ren didn’t and they even donate to pumpkin for sponsored chapter on ocasion so.. Again not like I can read it anywhere else… Gl and see you on the other side.


    • oh and also , Adfly would be pretty good for those who cant donate but wants to support u.Many Translators are doing it now and i think its helps alot.


  4. Congrats are moving to an aggregate site. But Yup, I’m also dropping this series on my reading list. For the same reasons as above. Good Luck to you


  5. Sorry to hear this. Guess I’ll be giving up reading this translation. I was hoping it wasn’t them. All the best anyway and thanks for the chapters so far.