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Chapter 68: At Wit’s End (Part I)

The blushing Hu Qian Mei raised her head to face Su Yun as she struggled to stop her panting.

She tried her best to free her tail from inside of Su Yun’s large hardened hands. However, her whole body did not have the slightest ounce of strength, so she could only continue lying on the ground while taking deep breaths. With a pitifully weak voice, she asked, “Senior….are you….are you going to kill me?”

“What do you think?” Su Yun coldly responded.

“If senior lets me go, I, Hu Qian Mei will never demand the Heavenly Crystal anymore. I will vow never to trouble senior ever again? Is….is that okay?” Hu Qian Mei nervously asked.

After Su Yun heard this, he seemed to ponder a moment.

Seeing this, Hu Qian Mei hastily continued, “Not only that, I can also get you all kinds of rare cultivation medicine….and precious armaments. Not matter how many armaments senior brother wants, I can get for you! Right, right….if senior brother desires splendor and wealth, I can also obtain those for you! Senior brother, directly entering Ming Ying School is also possible! As long as I give my recommendation, there will not be a single problem for you to enter the school. The conditions will be ten thousand times better than the Su Family!”

“Really….is it really that good?” Su Yun seemed a little surprised.

As Hu Qian Mei saw this, she suddenly became ecstatic. Then she immediately responded, “Yes, I swear.”

“You swear?” Su Yun broke into laughter, “This pathetic promise, who would believe you! The moment I let you go, you will kill me, right?!”

“Hu Qian Mei will not!” Hu Qian Mei responded as streams of tears poured down her face. Her childish face seemed extremely cute and pitiful, which would make any normal person melt.

But, right at the next second, Su Yun took action.

He took out “Limitless Sword Arts” from his spatial ring and opened the scroll.

“Wait wait! Kid, what are you doing?” Sword elder thought something was not right, so he called out.

“Elder, I will have to temporarily cause you some grief!” Su Yun said.

“Grief? What grief? Hey, hey, hey, don’t throw me away! Hey!” The Sword Elder shouted.

He didn’t really know why did this Sword Elder not want to go inside the Everlasting Sword Sheath.

Nonetheless, Su Yun directly sent him into the sheath.

After the Limitless Sword Arts entered the sheathe, the Sword Elder’s cries immediately disappeared without a trace.

Right after, Su Yun placed the Everlasting Sword Sheath inside his spatial ring.

He took a deep breath as his eyes filled with resolve after making his decision.


This decision would make him unworthy for Qing Er.

However, if this will allow Qing Er to flee from the Su Family, then it would be worth it!



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