Update on Revision & Glossary Progress


Hey everyone! Here is the rundown of what’s happening, so far, we got like I think the first 10 chapters re-edited. Considering we have 57 more (although some might take less time, since my own editors already edited them once), still this might take awhile.

Of course, we are still striving to be up and running by 2 weeks (Mar. 11). Although, the difference might be that I will translate ch68 on my site, too, if the aggregate site is taking way too long. As stated, we are also updating all the names, all the cultivation terms + etc. Therefore, it might take awhile. If I do translate ch68, it will be next week, since I am aiming to finish the glossary by this weekend.

Just remember: This site will remain up & running indefinitely, or at least until I get busy with real life, but you guys will have 2 translators (me + Hope), so that’s what it’s for 😛

I am aiming to make an official announcement when we have a sure deadline on the finished edited chapters.

Just be patient guys, soon, this might even be updated at a rate of 2/day.

11 responses

  1. I hope you guys can make it to 2 per day, that would be awesome! Thanks for the chapters. Does anyone happen to have a link to the background used for the site?


  2. Have you updated the chapters on this site and is it worth it to start reading now or should I wait for you to finish?


  3. I’m sure some parts will go faster than you think! Looking forward to it. 🙂 Though I still don’t know which site you will be adding your story to… I swear i saw it somewhere, but i completely forgot where. >.>