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1 week hiatus


Alright, Ch 72 was done like Thursday evening, but no one has edited yet, so it wasn’t released.

I will take 1 week of translating just to focus on college. Pumpkin will still do his 1 chapter/week, though not sure if he will do more.


LSG Ch 71 Teaser


Alright, sorry for the late release of the teaser. I kind of almost fainted at my part-time job on Saturday, so I kind of just slept for the past two days. Anyways, schedule is still the same.

Cya on TN for full ch 71 Tomorrow!

Ch 71 Teaser

Schedule & Donation Info


This will be a stickied post on this site for finding out schedule:

Week:  2/19-2/25

Upcoming Expected Release (not set):

2/20 – Chapter 264 – Reg.

2/21 – Chapter 265- Reg.

2/22 –  Chapter 266- Reg.

2/23- Chapter 267- Reg.

Week:  2/26-3/4

Upcoming Expected Release (not set):

2/27 – Chapter 264 – Reg.

2/28 – Chapter 265- Reg.

3/1 –  Chapter 266- Reg.

3/2- Chapter 267- Reg.

*Side note: TN time zone is different from Soaring Time Zone, so the releases here is 1 day before (posted)

Donation Total: $20.00/$30.00

Updated: Feb. 21