1 week hiatus

Alright, Ch 72 was done like Thursday evening, but no one has edited yet, so it wasn’t released. I will take 1 week of translating just to focus on college. Pumpkin will still do his 1 chapter/week, though not sure if he will do more. Advertisements

LSG CH72 teaser + Delay

Alright, real life have been busy for me, so I haven’t have that much time to translate. Therefore, there will be a delay in the release of chapter 72, so sorry about that.

LSG Chapter 71

Here is chapter 71: click here Translated by: Pumpkin Edited by: Jerret Proofread by: yaoz889

LSG Ch 71 Teaser

Alright, sorry for the late release of the teaser. I kind of almost fainted at my part-time job on Saturday, so I kind of just slept for the past two days. Anyways, schedule is still the same. Cya on TN for full ch 71 Tomorrow! Ch 71 Teaser

LSG Chapter 70

Alright, the second regular chapter of the week 🙂 Translated by: Me Edited by: Brian L. Proofread by: Pumpkin Chapter 70

Current Status Info

This will be a stickied post on this site for finding out schedule: As you know, LSG will be continued by Translation Nations. (I just became an editor for one of his other novels) I might do some side projects every now and then on a CN light novel that I like, but will not…

LSG Ch 70 Teaser

Alright guys, teaser is published. I will try to publish out a teaser every time before the chapter is released, but no promises guys. Chapter 70 Teaser