Limitless Sword God: Chapter 67


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Chapter 67: Once in a Millennium Rare Physique (Part IV)

After hearing her response, Su Yun abruptly stopped in mid-step.

He had never thought that Hu Qian Mei would actually answer like this.

If Hu Qian Mei did not descend, then his plan would not work. Everything he had done so far would have been in vain.

He did not expect Hu Qian Mei would have been so sly.

Su Yun’s face betrayed discomfort, and his eyes became evasive.

“So I will go there to pick it up, alone?”

He gasped a breath of air, “Is it possible that you are afraid of something?”

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Hu Qian Mei lowered her voice and laughed, “I just think there is something suspicious going on here! You are very particular, but why did you place the Heavenly Crystal in there? Furthermore, who constructed this place? For you, a spirit intermediate cultivation level cultivator is it possible that you could have constructed this place? Wouldn’t just one of these things make anyone suspicious!”

“Just because of that?”

Su Yun was amazed for a moment. Then he immediately chuckled, “The Heavenly Crystal power is formidable, if one wished to take it here, they would certainly have to have high strength. Therefore, I placed it here. I did not construct this place, but it is all of my inheritance….hmmm, this place is what my parents left for me, so what’s your answer? You do not have to worry, just quickly come in with me.”

“No need! No need!”

Hu Qian Mei loudly double-downed as she shook her head. Then she smiled and said, “I’m fine with just sitting here and waiting for you.”

“You really don’t intend to come in?” Su Yun asked as a frown appeared on his face.

“Why should I come with you?” Doubt had appeared on Hu Qian Mei’s face as she vigilantly asked.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun rolled his eyes discreetly, but he did not insist. He nodded his head, “Fine, just wait over here, I will take the Heavenly Crystal for you.”

A grin suddenly appeared on Hu Qian Mei’s face. She said with a lovely voice, “Handsome brother is my best friend!”

Su Yun shot her a glance, then he quickly descended down the flight of steps.

Hu Qian Mei used only a little strength to open up a gap in the frigid cold water and sat down in the bottom of the pool to wait.

After Su Yun descended down the flight of steps, there was no sounds of movement for a short period of time. Nonetheless, even after confirming that there was no commotion below, Hu Qian Mei still did not go down. Although she only met Su Yun, and yet in a short amount of time she had already been used by him three times. Hu Qian Mei already understood him a little bit now and now she was kind of nervous of him.

This guy’s cultivation level was not high, but he was very cunning. Hu Qian Mei thought.

“Ah! ! ! ! You….who are you?!” Suddenly, a loud scream came from the steps below.

Hu Qian Mei was startled as she suddenly stood up. Then she ran towards the steps and directly looked inside.

After stepping inside a little, she found nothing. However, there was the clash of steel and screams of agony coming from below.

“Who are you?”

Is it possible….that someone else had snuck inside?

Hu Qian Mei was feeling anxious in her heart, nonetheless, she did not dare to instantly go down to the bottom of the stairs. On her face, there was still a trace of doubt.

At this moment, an unexpected thing occurred. An elderly voice emerged from the bottom of the stairs.

“Ha ha ha ha ha….you lowly trash want to keep the Heavenly Crystal? Just die! The Heavenly Crystal is this elder’s!”

This voice?

This voice was obviously not Su Yun’s! There was other people inside?

Finally, Hu Qian Mei had run out of patience and directly jumped down inside and ran down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, there was an obscure and dark winding road. The lighting was weak and both sides of the road were narrow.

Hu Qian Mei bit down her teeth, and pulled out her dagger. Then she quickly rushed forth.

After walking through the winding road, she arrived at a fairly spacious crystal blue room. The crystal blue room was very mysterious. Both wall on the sides of the room were massive, but varying in heights. The floor was uneven and coarse. It seemed that this room was not artificially constructed, rather, it seemed that this room was naturally formed.

There was a strange aroma in the air and the temperature was very low, but right now, in the center of the crystal blue room, Su Yun laid on the floor, motionless.

He seemed to be unconscious.

As Hu Qian Mei saw this scene, she was startled.

She quickly surveyed the surroundings, but still found the area very strange. She hesitantly went over, but decided not to get near Su Yun.

“Qu-….quickly chase after the person….there was someone….that came here before me….” Just then, Su Yun, who was weakly lying in the center of the crystal blue room, weakly uttered. He was extremely pale.

Hu Qian Mei quickly glanced over Su Yun, but could not perceive any spirit qi. It was evident that his body did not have much strength left. Furthermore, it seemed that he was heavily injured.

After analyzing the crystal room one more time, a snow white door appeared. The door opened with a small crack and then began to fully open.

Seeing this situation, Hu Qian Mei’s patience was running out. Didn’t she do everything so far for the Heavenly Crystal? If the Heavenly Crystal was truly taken away, how could she just give up?

Immediately, Hu Qian Mei activated her spirit qi and rushed forth towards the door.

As for Su Yun, she really despised him in utter contempt.

She only wanted the Heavenly Crystal!


Just as Hu Qian Mei rushed towards the Crystal Blue Room, a strange power suddenly enveloped her. In a flash, it covered her from head to toe like a silkworm spinning a cocoon. Then, her spirit qi began to quickly dissipate and soon just disappeared without a trace.

“What happened?”

A trace of fear seeped into Hu Qian Mei’s heart as she gazed at Su Yun’s body lying on the floor. Instantly, she understood that she had fallen into a trap.

She hastily retreated. At this moment, a powerful gust suddenly blew from the door of the Crystal room. The spirit qi-less Hu Qian Mei has no chance to react. Her petite body was quickly blown back into the center of the crystal room.

The mysterious energy was even more dense in center. Her entire reservoir of spirit qi had been completely wiped clean. Not only that, even her overall physical strength had decreased many times.

Hu Qian Mei fell hard on her butt on the ground. She closed her eyes to try to endure the pain of the crash. As she looked up, she was surprised to find that on both of the crystal door panels had talismans, “Gale Symbols.”

At that moment, Hu Qian Mei truly understood.

“You….” She turned towards Su Yun and began to shout in his face.

However….before more words came out of the little girl’s mouth, she was captured by a large hand and was pulled towards him.

Hu Qian Mei did not have any spirit qi, and her own physical strength was many times weaker. How could she battle against Su Yun? Her petite body simply could not put up any resistance.

This place was very mysterious. It could lower the physical strength and the spirit qi of anyone that came within the room. She was afraid that Su Yun knew about this, so he deliberately lured Hu Qian Mei over here. Although Hu Qian Mei was cautious throughout, she had become impatient and anxious from Su Yun’s actions and words.

Especially that strange voice, but Hu Qian Mei would never know that within Su Yun’s artifacts, he was also carrying an elder’s soul.

Hu Qian Mei intended to quickly flee, but did not think that Su Yun would use two Gale Symbols to blow her back inside.

“Truly despicable! I did not expect that you would plant two gale symbols over there!”

Hu Qian Mei was struggling with her tiny hands as she gazed at the expressionless Su Yun. She grinded her teeth as she continued, “However Su Yun, don’t be conceited! The roots of my school is infinite, if they wanted to kill you, it would be as easy as lifting a hand! The best course of action for you right now is to let me go. Otherwise, I will not let even your skeleton to exist in this world anymore!”

“Eliminating my skeleton from this world?” Su Yun just sneered and directly pinched Hu Qian Mei’s little white face, “Then quickly come and eliminate my skeleton from this world right now, ah! Ah?”

“Ow….” When Hu Qian Mei’s tender little face was pinched, a little red mark appeared. The pain from the pinch caused her to cry out. Right now, she did not have any spirit qi or physical strength. It appeared that her body’s strength truly weakened by many folds.

“This is the center of an entire interconnected region based on a formation. It is the region of “Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds!” The place that you stand with me right now is the central region of the Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds. Here, not to mention spirit qi, even divine treasures will be useless in this area. No matter if it is purple grade or spirit grade, even if it is a peerless artifact, it will remain completely useless in here!  You still want to destroy my skeleton from this world!? Ah, if you think that is possible, then you can have a try!”

Hu Qian Mei was suddenly stunned as she heard this, “Five Extinguishing….Elements of Balance Formation?”

“Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds: it balances the power of all five elements: metal cancels out wood, wood cancels out earth, earth cancels out water, water cancels out fire, fire cancels out metal. The Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds will remain functioning endlessly. There is only one area that this phenomenon occurs, fortunately I happened to know the place of this formation!”

Su Yun dragged her little head over and directly slapped her charming little butt with the palm of his hand without any mercy.


Hu Qian Mei was beginning to call out in pain. Her charming eyes were now overflowing with tears. She was in a pitiful and miserable state while she asked Su Yun, “Handsome brother, you….are you trying to kill me right now?”

“It will not be that easy!” Su Yun responded as the corner of his mouth turned into a nefarious grin, “You actually dared to use Qing Er and them to threaten me! Why would I let you go so easily?!”

“But….but didn’t you do it too? Just let me go, I don’t want the Heavenly Crystal anymore. I will never dare to provoke handsome brother again, alright? Please, just let me go!”

Hu Qian Mei began to beg, her normally lovely and charming complexion was replaced with a pitiful expression, which could even melt hearts of iron.

Nonetheless, Su Yun completely disregarded this matter. Instead, with one hand, he grabbed the large soft and fluffy tail and clenched his fingers around it. As creamy and cozy feeling seeped into his hands.

Instantly, as his hand wrapped around the tail, Hu Qian Mei’s body went limp. Her white cheeks burst into a flush as she fell down to the ground shaking and rapidly panting from her mouth.

“Do not….do not touch….me there!”

“Oh?” Su Yun looked at his hands that were wrapped around the fluffy tail. He was stunned for awhile.

However, then he knew.

Is it possible, that her tail was extremely sensitive?

“Ah, who cares!” Su Yun did not care about her remark one bit.

Furthermore, he decided not to let Hu Qian Mei leave.

This deceitful female was just a simple person. If he did not have the Heavenly Crystal in his possession, it would have been very likely that he would have been killed! Prior during to the three connected times of helping each other, it was all for the Heavenly Crystal! In addition, Su Yun was not sure of her words. Even if he gave the Heavenly Crystal to her, wouldn’t she just quickly behind him after?

Due to her personality, the probability of killing him was very high. When he was gone no one would be able to trace the Heavenly Crystal back to her.

Then, a deep killing intent oozed from his eyes as he maintained his ice cold expression. His face did not have a trace of expression as his killing intent rippled out!

This situation even astonished Hu Qian Mei!

“Kid, don’t act recklessly.” Just as Su Yun was holding Hu Qian Mei, preparing to kill her, sword elder’s voice suddenly emitted from the scroll of Limitless Sword Arts.

“What?” Su Yun asked.

“This female has an once in a millennium rare body constitution: Pure Dual Cultivation Physique! If you do her, you will gain some of her talent and will increase your cultivation capability! How many people would yearn to obtain this type of woman! Don’t you have a plan to execute; don’t you thirst for power? Why not just do her? Then, you would increase your own talent and your growth rate.” The sword elder chuckled.

“….” Su Yun remained stiff for a while. Then he called out, “People of the Limitless Sword Sect are so shameless.”

“Get lost! This elder here is trying to give you advice!”

“But if I do not kill her and she manages to escape, then I will suffer! !”

“Ha ha ha, you are very weary of her. She has a Pure Dual Cultivation Physique, you have obtained her body, you guys will share your talent with each other. If she decided to kill you, her talent will become ruined, which would make cultivation progress in the future very difficult. Unless she unexpectedly manages to cultivate to a much higher level, why would she dare retaliate against you?”

“What if she decides to take action against Qing Er? They will not share the talent with Hu Qian Mei!”

“Then use suicide to threaten her!”

“How are you full of these stupid ideas?” Su Yun frowned.

“He he,  I will let you decide.” The sword elder issued a smile and continued, “Not mentioning the Pure Dual Cultivation Physique, which is rare to come by, just saying that this high talent and this high cultivation, which is not seen usually for five thousand years. Let alone her beautiful appearance, tsk tsk tsk, kid you are blessed, so why not enjoy yourself, ah!”

“…..” Su Yun.

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