Update on Schedule Right Now

Hey everyone! So here’s the schedule for now:

2/26 – Ch 67.

And that will be the only chapter probably for 2 weeks. Me, the other translator and many editors have begun to edit the chapters one by one from the beginning, to maintain a high quality of translations for new readers when LSG becomes hosted by the aggregate site. I hope everyone understands and remains patient with us.

Once it gets started, around 1st or 2nd week of March, we should be able to maintain daily releases or more (if we can). On a side note, the chapter is decreased to $45/chapter b/c me + other translator just do 2 free/week (1 each) + sponsored. Cya on Friday night for full chapter 67!

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  1. Oh man,that’s quite a long time but what can’t we do for Limitless Sword God? I’m really happy and also thankful for your hard work,keep it up and good luck on the new site. (sorry for my bad english ahah)


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