Important Announcement: Teaser


Hey everyone! For everyone who supported the novel, thanks a lot!

I’m finalizing joining a novel aggregation site (not Wuxiaworld, keeping guessing). Most likely, we will soon be able to upload DAILY, I’m not kidding, might even be 2/day sometimes, if donations hold up. However, this will be hosted on their own site, so don’t donate just yet. This will start in the next 2-3 weeks! I’m excited, we might even see LSG break into the top 10 CN novels.

As for this site, I will keep it up. All new chapters will be posted on their site, but I will make announcement link post on my site, in case you don’t want to subscribe to theirs. All and all, I think everyone will be very happy 🙂

Official Announcement will be some time after Ch 67 is released….

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  1. I just started to read the novel, and I am enjoying it, but not as much as I would if it was properly edited and proofread. There are some very obvious mistakes and contradictions here and there that should get fixed. It will improve the reading experience tremendously.

    I am currently at chapter 10.

    Yours Pivot


  2. Lets see if its not Wuxiaworld…Gravitytales? Novels Nao? Translation Nations? Novel Saga? Those are the only ones i know. I guess there is also Shiroyukineko’s in a post above. 😀 So which one is it?

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  3. If not wuxiaworld then I’m guessing either gravity which is growing at rediculious pace or shiroyuki which just had a recruitment drive

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