Naming Poll #1

Alright, here is the first poll on naming.

The word is: 灵气: Líng qì. Now, I have been using spirit power and spirit aura to describe them, which seemed to make sense. However, the author just uses one word and to make it easier for the other translator, I need to make an universal word. Therefore, here is the poll. I will choose the one with the highest votes by Sunday 11:00 PM New York Time.

Please vote, this is fairly important:






  1. therenyao says:

    Why not keep it as Lingqi? sounds good just like it is in xianni and world of cultivation


    1. yaoz889 says:

      No one but Chinese people would understand what it meant, considering biggest audience is US, Canada, Germany, etc. I prefer to keep English when I can.


  2. Mr. Pistachio says:

    F5 sect.


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