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Chapter 67: Once in a Millennium Rare Physique  (Part IV)

After hearing her response, Su Yun abruptly stopped in mid-step.

He had never thought that Hu Qian Mei would actually answer like this.

If Hu Qian Mei did not descend, then his plan would not be able to work. Everything would have been in vain.

He did not expect this sly Hu Qian Mei would be so cautious.

Su Yun’s complexion constricted as his eyes became evasive.

“I will go there to pick it up, alone?”

He gasped a breath of air, “Is it possible that you are afraid of something?”

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Hu Qian Mei lowered her voice as she laughed, “I just think there is something suspicious about this! You are very particular, why did you place the Heavenly Crystal in there? Furthermore, who constructed this place? You, a spirit intermediate cultivation level cultivator, how is it possible that you could have constructed this place? Wouldn’t this make anyone suspicious!”

“Just because of that?”

Su Yun was amazed for a moment. Then he immediately chuckled, “The Heavenly Crystal power is formidable, if one wished to put it here, they would certainly have to have high strength. Therefore, I placed it here. I did not construct this place, but it is all of my inheritance….hmmm, this place is what my parents left for me, so what’s your answer? You do not have to worry, just quickly come in with me.”

“No need! No need!”

Hu Qian Mei shouted two times as she shook her head. Then she smiled and said, “I’m fine with just sitting here and waiting for you.”

“You really don’t intend to come in?” Su Yun asked as a frown appeared on his face.

“Why should I come with you?” Doubt had appeared on Hu Qian Mei’s face as she vigilantly asked.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun rolled his eyes discreetly, but he did not insist. He nodded his head, “Fine, just wait over here, I will take the Heavenly Crystal for you.”

A grin suddenly appeared on Hu Qian Mei’s face. She said with a lovely voice, “Handsome brother is my best friend!”

Su Yun shot her a glance, then he quickly descended down the flight of steps.

Hu Qian Mei used only a little strength to open up a gap in the frigid cold water and sat down in the bottom of the pool to wait.

After Su Yun descended down the flight of steps, there was no sounds of movement for a short period of time. Nonetheless, even after confirming that there was no commotion below, Hu Qian Mei still did not go down. Although she only met Su Yun for a short time, she was already used by him three times. Hu Qian Mei already understood him a little bit now and now she was kind of nervous of him.

This guy’s cultivation level was not high, but he was very cunning. Hu Qian Mei thought.

“Ah! ! ! ! You….who are you?!” Suddenly, a loud scream came from the steps below.

Hu Qian Mei was startled as she suddenly stood up. Then she ran down the steps and directly looked inside.

After stepping inside, she found nothing. However, there were steel burst of screams coming from deep inside.

“Who are you?”

Is it possible….that someone else sneaked inside?


to be continued….