Limitless Sword God: Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: The Biggest Inconvenience (Part III)

Area around the Main House.

In the middle of the night, a spirit stallion was galloping at top speed as its hooves kicked up dust in its wake.

Su Yun took off his mask  and reined his horse forward.

Although the Main House enchantments could detect spirit aura and quickly issue out an alarm, but with “Limitless Sword Arts” flying speed at cutting down opponents, the alarm could not keep up with Su Yun’s attack speed. Su Yun was merely required to lock in his target, stand several hundred meters away and utilize his flying blade’s ability to eliminate his opponent. As the personnel in charge of this place arrived, Su Yun would have already left.

If not using the flying blade’s ability, he would not have dared to kill anyone in the Main House.

The night’s light sprinkled on a person’s back: one person, one stallion that quickly disappeared.

The next day, Su Mo Sha’s death spread throughout the Su Family.

The patriarch was furious and ordered a search to capture the criminal. However, no one would have connected Su Yun to the deeds of last night.

Although Su Yun and Su Mo Sha had met earlier, in the end, Su Mo Sha was only grievously injured. He was recovering in the Main House, how could he kill Su Mo Sha?

The investigation began inside the Main House. They investigated everyone one by one. The leader of the group was Su Mo Li. It was then that he understood, Su Yun had killed Su Mo Li’s brother. However, after investigan for over half a day, there was no spider’s thread or horse track. (Tl: no trace at all)

After Su Mo Sha was dead, maybe Qing Er could live happily for awhile. Nonetheless, it was still temporary, she still could not leave the Su Family. Sooner or later, if she did not leave, she would become a tool for the Su Family.

This was Su Yun’s last loved one, the only person left that truly cared about him from the bottom of her heart. How could he not care about her?

At this moment, Su Yun was still practicing inside his broken little shack.

After storing up sufficient spirit power for Spirit Lord Aura, he quickly went to the mountain behind his shack. He went back inside Martial Bone Mountain to practice his Ripping Sky Sword Strike.

His Ripping Sky Sword Strike gave results, so now he did not need Hu Qian Mei to seriously injure Su Mo Sha anymore.

The Everlasting Stone helped him remain focused, which increased his cultivation speed by many times. It amplified his talent, not just the cultivation speed. Furthermore, it even help the understanding of divine skills. In addition, Su Yun’s spirit eye within his core had already far exceeded the regular spirit eye. His spirit aura was already rich, while his growth rate was also extremely high. Practicing “Ripping Sword Strike” was not really difficult, but it still took about a half a day of toil before he could steadily utilize and manipulate his sword aura to use the technique.

The sunset gradually fell and Su Yun was seated on a boulder as he continued to pant. As he gazed at the dark forest in the mountain, he removed a medicine pill to swallow.

“Tut tut tut tut….”

Suddenly, a sound came from nearby. As he turned to look, he saw a purple dressed Hu Qian Mei walking towards him.

“You stared at me for one day?” Su Yun swept his gaze over Hu Qian Mei as he said this.

However, Hu Qian Mei did not respond to this comment. Instead, she went over to look around Su Yun with a large flirtatious smile.

“It appeared that i looked down upon you! Handsome brother!”

“Looked down upon?”

“Why not? This time…. you really took advantage of me this time. Ah, I, Hu Qian Mei is really clever, but I never expected that you would use me one event after another!” Hu Qian Mei smiling face began to become cold, “You let me injure Su Mo Sha, which caused him to lose his strength. Then, you entered the Main House Medical Center and leisurely entered his room to kill the weakened Su Mo Sha, right? You wanted him to die, but I did not want to take action, so you took upon the task personally?”

Su Yun did not respond.

“Su Mo Sha was grievously wounded and then mysteriously assassinated in the Medical Center. Your cultivation is very low and you are from the outer sect, so no one will ever think it is you, but it’s different for me! That is because Su Mo Sha was heavily wounded by me, it would be hard not to suspect me! Furthermore, I heard someone used my name as a reason to enter the Main House….it would not be you….would it?”


Hu Qian Mei took a few small steps as her huge swinging tail gently wrapped around her battle dress, lightly exposed her butt as her skirt was lifted, “Whatever, so what if I was used by you, as long as I obtain the Heavenly Crystal, then I will not pursue these matters. But then again….your sword arts ability, it was really mysterious! In the Immortal Sword Sect, to make the swords fly, they have to directly use their own spirit power to create sword aura. The their body is not in direct contact with the sword, they simply cannot make the sword fly….but you….you even don’t have to be close to the flying blades and even use divine skills to cut down your enemies, you must be many times above them! Kid, this ability….how did you obtain it?”

“Secret Manual of my Ancestors!”

“Secret Manual of my Ancestors?” Hu Qian Mei was startled for a moment.

“Yes! My grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather passed down to me!”

“Are you kidding me?” A smile appeared on Hu Qian Mei’s face, it was evident that there was killing intent in it.

“Yes!” Su Yun magnanimously confessed.

“You are courting death!”

“Do you still want the Heavenly Crystal?” Before Hu Qian Mei took action, Su Yun hastily shouted.

Hu Qian Mei’s face changed a few times, but a grin soon re-appeared on her face, “Fine, fine. I will let you off for a few days, if in three days, you do not have the Heavenly Crystal, I will peel your skin down to the bones!”

“Then, you’ll have to wait!”

“Ah, alright,” Hu Qian Mei suddenly said, “You are not the only one that can bully people. For these past few days, you have bullied me to no end, how can I just easily forgive you? If, at the time, you do not surrender the Heavenly Crystal, then the person that will die will not only include you….it will also include other people!” After she finished, Hu Qian Mei just blinked with a mischievous look.

But in the next second, a surge of cold air burst out.

Su Yun’s face instantly became cold as he stared indifferently at her.

Her agile body quickly straightened herself as one shrieking blade flew towards her forehead.

She did not dodge.

The blade scratched the side of her face and stabbed into the ground. It went in to some degree.

A frightening pair of dark and cold eyes stared at her. The viciousness would make anyone’s scalp feel numb just reflected of her charming eyes.

Hu Qian Mei’s smile did not diminish, as before, she was still smiling as she gazed at him as if he was her’s.

“What? Handsome brother cannot wait? But….it’s fine! The first time is not on the bed, but in the wild….although it is exciting, but it just will not be comfortable! But it does not matter, if handsome brother likes this, then it’s fine! Even if handsome brother is like this, it will be no problem!” Hu Qian Mei spoke with allure as she let the words linger in the air. Her little pink tongue did not forget to lick her chapped lips.

The distance was very close, Su Yun could even smell the fragrant aroma of her body. Furthermore, there was also a strange milky fragrance mixed in.

Su Yun just ignored the aromas and stared coldly at Hu Qian Mei, “It doesn’t matter if the time is over, I will still not surrender the Heavenly Crystal to you! i just want you to remember one point, it’s fine if you kill me or you do not kill me, but do not touch them, otherwise I will get you! Do you want the Ming Ying School to die without grave, do you understand?”

After Hu Qian Mei heard this, she suddenly froze.

But after a while, she could not help but chuckle a bit.

She laughed as her whole body shook. Her stomach was also endlessly shaking in laughter.

“Ha ha ha…..just from you? Su Yun! You are too self-righteous, aren’t you? Ha ha ha ha….” Hu Qian Mei continued to laugh after she said her words.

Su Yun did not pay attention.

Instead, he got up and the engraved dragon blade went back to his sword sheath. Then he turned around and left.

“Oh? Handsome brother, how arrogant! If everyone is charging at you, how will you run? Is it possible….that you are not enough?” Hu Qian Mei playfully said from behind as he left.

Nonetheless, Su Yun continued to walk farther and farther away.



For the next three days, it had been very calm.

Su Yun stayed inside his little rundown shack for awhile, before he went to some stores to purchase some simple items.

Although Hu Qian Mei gave him many conveniences, but she had also become the biggest inconvenience. If he could not get rid of her, he would never have peace.

Su Yun suddenly thought of a clever plan in his mind.

He did not know if utilizing the Demon Blood Array with the Heavenly Crystal could allow him to battle Hu Qian Mei, but the Heavenly Crystal could not fully restore its power at the moment. Even collecting the ingredients to activate the Demon Blood Array would be impossible. Moreover….he was afraid that Hu Qian Mei was watching him at all times, if he were to take out the Heavenly Crystal for one moment, she would directly eliminate him, take the Heavenly Crystal and leave here.

Therefore unless it was critically important, he would never take out the Heavenly Crystal.

Su Yun did not purchase any rare ingredients from the stores, he just bought two “Gale Symbols,” which were wrapped in cloth. As for other products, he did not buy any, since it would lead to Hu QIan Mei getting suspicious.

As for the rest of the time, he was busy cultivating in his rundown small room.

The third day calmly passed.

On the fourth day, he was called out by the investigation group to drink some tea. Afterwards, he returned home safely.

It was now the fifth day.

Noon was over.

Ka Cha.

The shack’s door was gently pushed open.

Wearing a dark red battle dress, Hu Qian Mei slowly came in.

WIth snow white skin, a flawless face, exquisite body, hair extending down to her waist, her pink lips gently creased and revealed a seductive smirk.

After entering the room, she slowly walked towards Su Yun step by step. However, on her right hand was the dagger that was always hanging on her waist, this time she intended to kill to obtain possession of the treasure.

“Time is up!”

She smiles as she announced the news.

Su Yun lifted his eyes and looked at her.

“So….are you going to give the Heavenly Crystal or not?” Hu Qian Mei cutely gazed at him as she asked, “or….is it your life?”

Before the eleven year old female, he concealed his sigh and stood up with a pale face, “The Heavenly Crystal is in a hiding place. If you want it, you must come with me.”

“In the grounds of the Su Family?”


After saying this, he immediately left the shack and directly went to the spirit stallion. He quickly mounted up and left.

As Hu Qian Mei saw this, a smile crept on her face. She hummed a tune or two and directly went to the overseer of the outer sect of the Su Family to take a good spirit stallion. Nonetheless, she also headed out.

Soon, he left the outer sect of the Su Family.

Su Yun was running in the west direction. There was no Hu Qian Mei or anyone else.

However, Hu Qian Mei was not afraid that he could escape, after all, her cultivation was too domineering compared to Su Yun’s.

The two stallions galloped for nearly a day, before Su Yun decided to stop.

Su Yun did not know where this was, it was just a beach that was located by the mountains.

Both of the sides were extremely barren, there was no vegetation. The pool  was also very strange. It had a faint blue color and there were no ripples. There was not the slightest trace of any creatures living inside. Furthermore, the pool was emitting bursts of icy chills, which caused them to tremble.

“What did we come here for?” Hu Qian Mei asked as she glanced around the surrounding.

“To take the Heavenly Crystal!” Su Yun clearly announced and ingested a stealth pearl. Plop, he jumped into the pool.

Hu Qian Mei’s eyes flashed a trace of nervousness,, but she quickly activated her spirit aura and wrapped herself in a protective layer of her pink spirit aura. Then she nodded, and also jumped into the pool.

The pool was not deep, but the water was extremely cold. Ingesting an Aqua pearl, Su Yun was still somewhat able to support himself. However, his body soon began to become covered with frost. Meanwhile, Hu Qian Mei leisurely swam behind.

After swimming for a while in the underground tunnels, they came to a large boulder.

Su Yun swam forward and pushed away the boulder. Then, a white gold enchantment appeared in front of him.

She saw Su yun pull out his dragon engraved blade and stab the enchantment a few times. Then, the enchantment was quickly broken.

As Hu Qian Mei saw this, she thought, “To clearly find the weak point of this powerful enchantment, it is evident that it isn’t his first time here.”

After the enchantment was broken, a corridor appeared. The water was unable to flood the corridor, but Su Yun spurred his lightweight chariot on the familiar road and walked down into the corridor, but Hu Qian Mei did not enter. (Tl: did it like a routine)

“You placed the Heavenly Crystal here?” She puzzlingly asked.

“Yes, you can come, too!” Su Yun hastily whispered.

The pair of eyes swept across the scene with a nervous feeling….

Who would have realized….

That Hu Qian Mei was very crafty, “Nah, I will not go down there. You will go down and fetch the Heavenly Crystal for me. I will just wait here!”

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