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Chapter 65: Assassination of the Quiet Night (Part II)

Dropping off the groceries! (Tl: idiom: basically she’s tempting him)

Moreover, she still had the same expression. It seemed that if Su Yun’s willpower was just a little less solid, it would be very likely that he would have complied.

However, Su Yun was not stupid.

Hu Qian Mei was what kind of cultivator, why would she be interested in weak person like him? Besides, in his previous life, Su Yun had experienced many tricks such as this, why would he dare take action?

Fortunately, his Everlasting Stone was always keeping his mind in check or else he would have probably just threw himself at her feet by now.

“Alright, no more teasing. It is time we get down to business!” Su Yun hastily tried to keep his head clear as he said gently.


Hu Qian Mei’s mouth curled upwards and quickly straightened her clothe. In spite of the three nearby individuals that couldn’t hear anything, she directly raised her tender white leg forward and said, “The reason why I did not want to let them go was because there are many people near your area!”

“I know, because of the incident in Martial Bone Mountain. Coupled with my sudden increase in cultivation, they have become suspicious!” Su Yun said, as he also suddenly realized why Hu Qian Mei did not want to let the three people leave.

If Qing Er and the two people left the little shack, it would leave only Hu Qian Mei and Su Yun in his home. That would make it even more suspicious for the Su Family.

Why were Su Yun and Hu Qian Mei meeting? For this matter, it would be avoid bringing up the Heavenly Crystal, so Hu Qian Mei did not want them to go out the door.

“So, this was all about the Heavenly Crystal!” Su Yun suddenly exclaimed.

“Ah, you can’t really say that. Didn’t you also use me a moment ago, right? You already knew that because of the Heavenly Crystal, I would be watching you. You purposefully shouted during the large commotion. That loud speech was not for Su Mo Sha to hear, but It was for me to hear, right? Hu Qian Mei giggled.

“If something happens to me, naturally, the Heavenly Crystal will disappear with me without a trace!”

“You people, you are more cunning than even me!” Hu Qian Mei gently harrumphed.

“This is just for my survival!”

“Anyways, if this situation happens again, I will not help you solve it. You still have four more days, my patience is limited, just give me the Heavenly Crystal right now. Then, I could help you enter the inner sect, but if you still do not give me the Heavenly Crystal by then, just prepare for death!”

After Hu Qian Mei said this with a smile, she immediately got up and head out straight to the door.

Xin Yue was just gazing at the two people conversing and did not know what were they even talking about.

Soon after, they heard a finger snap sound at the  door and their hearing ability were recovered.

Hu Qian Mei opened the door gracefully and just left.


Main House Medical Center.

The young maid, Xiao Cui humbly accepted the medicine prescribed by the spirit doctors. She clutched her sore belly and hobbled out of the room.

Just then, she heard a burst of noisy cries in the Medical Center.

“Quickly quickly quickly! Quickly bring elder Su Mo Sha inside. Slow down, everyone, walks slower now!” A wave of noise flooded inside.

Subsequently, she watched Su Mo Sha being carried with two imperial guards that kept him hoisted up. Right after they entered the door, they heard a ‘puchi’ sound. Su Mo Sha was now bleeding scarlet red blood. His entire face became even more pale as he groaned in extreme pain?

“What is happening right now?” Xiao Cui mind was bewildered at the scene.

Su Mo Sha was carefully placed onto a bed and senior spirit doctors quickly began to diagnose him.

After a moment, the patriarch of the Su Family came to drive everyone away.

Seeing Su Mo Sha in such a weak state, his mood became much moody.

“What happened? Weren’t you following the young lady?” Su Li Xiong asked Su Mo Sha coldly as he channeled his spirit aura to completely envelop Su Mo Sha

Su Mo Sha weakly informed the patriarch of the events that occurred a few moments ago.

“What? The young girl was actually close friends with Hu Qian Mei? How is that possible?” Su Li Xiong obviously did not believe him. Hu Qian Mei came to the Su Family to converse with a friend for how long?

“Patriarch….if it is like this….then, in the future….if Qing Er is sent to Profound Sky Sect….if Hu Qian Mei found out….wouldn’t Hu Qian Mei interfere with our plans?” Su Mo Sha groaned out like a dying man.

“Hmph!” Su Li Xiong harrumphed loudly, “Ming Ying School might be powerful, would they dare do against the Profound Sky Sect? The elders of the Immortal Sword Sect even wouldn’t do something like that, so I think that Hu Qian Mei will not act! Nonetheless….I’m just very upset….why had Hu Qian Mei beaten you up so badly? For a matter like this, would it really require her to be so brutal?”

Su Mo Sha eyes suddenly widened and Su Mo Sha’s hand grabbed the patriarch. He responded, “Senior, you have to get revenge for me….I am not content with this….I am not content with this outcome….I will definitely retaliate….senior….”

Actually, Su Mo Sha was a nephew of the patriarch, however many in the Su Family did not even know about this relationship.

Despite this, Su Li Xiong quickly took his hand away from Su Mo Sha as he stared with a solemn expression.

“Hu Qian Mei cultivation level is extremely high. Furthermore, the Ming Ying School is backing her up. Therefore, if you want to start this, it could lead the Su Family to be a mortal enemy of the Ming Ying Sect!”

“Then….I should just forget about this?”

“Of course not….” Su Li Xiong lowered his head in thought. Then, he raised it again and continued, “I had heard that Hu Qian Mei is rare individual that would appear only every thousand years. She has both a genius mind and perfect physique. If you obtained her body, your power level would increase by many folds. Nonetheless, it seems that Hu Qian Mei is generally very disagreeable with everyone. Therefore, she has never dated anyone….Mo Sha, what do you think of Hu Qian Mei?”

“Hu Qian Mei?” Su Mo Sha stared blankly, his mind was filled with a charming young lady that had a heavenly complexion. His eyes erupted with endless desire and lust.

“If we can obtain her, I would even be fine living a few less years!”

“Alright! Let’s wait until you are better before we discuss it. When you feel you are ready and recuperated, I’ll think up of something.”

“Ah, Hu Qian Mei….”

Su Mo Sha clenched his fists and grinded his teeth, “I will make you regret this!”


About Hu Qian Mei’s true purpose of coming here, Su Yun decided not to tell Xin Yue and the bunch. He thought that if they truly knew the truth of the matter, the Heavenly Crystal would be like a hot potato. Everyone would have it on their minds.

After Su Yun conversed for a little longer, Qing Er had to return to the Main House. Meanwhile, Xin Yue and Xing Yang also returned home.

Hu Qian Mei was still dwelling around Su Yun’s shack, but she made no movement. Su Yun knew what she was waiting for and also understood that time was running out.

How could he get rid of Hu Qian Mei?

Su Yun did not know, but it couldn’t be left as it is right now!

The sun soon went down and darkness fell.

Su Yun jumped onto his spirit stallion and spurred it into a gallop. He was heading straight for the Main House.

Utilizing Hu Qian Mei’s name, he was unimpeded throughout the entire journey. Very quickly, we entered the outer sect grounds and was within five thousand meters away from the Main House entrance.

Su Family had three circles. On the outskirts were the outer sect, then the inner sect and within the inner sect was the Main House. It was a layer by layer classification.

There were countless hardships in Su Family’s outer sect. Everyone was struggling for their future. In the inner sect, everyone was struggling to increase their strength. As for the Main House, it was a little different.

The Main House not only had the best conditions, the building was even constructed above a Wind Water Gem in the ground. As one took a step inside the Main House, their recovery rate of their spirit power would increase by not a few times. This was extremely beneficial to any cultivator.

Main of the lifelong dreams of residents in the outer sect were to enter the inner sect. Meanwhile, the inner sect disciples’ lifetime dreams were to enter the Main House, but many disciples could never achieve in a lifetime.

After arriving at the entrance, he stopped his stallion by the corner of the gate. In the dim night, he changed from his ordinary white clothes and took out another set. He changed to a black set of blademaster robes and equipped his blade sheath. From his spatial ring, he took out a mask and placed it over his head. Then he began rapidly marching inside.

As he went to the center of the Main House grounds, Su Yun slowed his pace.

There were many protection enchantments, which were all set up by the patriarch. Every single one of them had customized martial capabilities. It could quickly alert the guards of any foreign spirit aura detected. In the event that someone was rushing here, it would quickly alert everyone. The first objective of the protection enchantments were to capture the individual, while the secondary objective was to notify the guards.

The guards of the Main House were mostly all top experts. It was likely that there was not a weak existence in these gates. A conservative estimate of cultivation levels would be around spirit core fifth stage or perhaps even stronger. The current Su Yun could not compete with the guards of the Main House.

Therefore, everything must be done stealthily.

He slowly sneaked towards the Main House and walked towards the Medical Center. In the moonlight, his iron mask appeared like an endless chilling forest.

To avoid the guards, he sneaked through the shadows.

Soon, he arrived outside of the Medical Center.


The door was pushed open.

In the middle of the night, the senior spirit doctors were already asleep. Only one servant was standing by the bed and kept guard over the sleeping individuals.

Su Yun walked towards him without making a sound. The servant was startled, because he was not sure of who had arrived. He could only gaze as this person agilely extended his hand towards his neck, aimed at the Jing Hai pressure point and lightly pressed. His mind was immediately paralyzed as his brain was deprived of its oxygen for a few moments. Then he soon fainted.

Gua da.

The servant fell to the ground.

The sound awakened the sleeping Su Mo Sha as he suddenly opened his eyes. He painfully propped himself up.

“Who!” Su Mo Sha shouted.

“Do not be nervous!” A deep voice came from the masked person.

Su Mo Sha stared at him nervously, “Who are you?”

“It does not matter. The important matter is how many years did Qing Er suffer from humiliation from you and bear it. It is time to take out the unpleasant smell.”

“Qing Er?” Su Mo Sha stared blankly, but soon understood, “You are the lowly servant girl.”

“Lowly servant girl?” The iron masked person frowned, but Su Mo Sha could not see him.

“He he, is it possible that you are not? Nonetheless, it is a trash like the lowly servant girl, who had some luck to enter the Main House as a servant! Despite this, she cannot alter her lineage in the end! The lowly servant girl remains a lowly servant girl!”

The iron masked man did not speak. He did not move. Then, he directly turned around and headed straight outside.

“Stop!” Su Mo Sha shouted.

However, the person did not stop and quickly left the room. Su Mo Sha really wanted to call someone, but even getting off the bed was going to be a problem.

After the man left, he was surrounded by an eerie silence. There was no movement and no sound.

“What is that person’s profession? Is it possible that he came here….is just to say a few mysterious sentences?”

Su Mo Sha began to have some doubts.

“Impossible! Someone come! Quickly, someone come!” Su Mo Sha began to shout, preparing to get the iron masked person back.

In only an instant!

Suddenly, a ‘whoosh’ boomed as the Medical Center’s windows were broken. It was soon followed by a chilling sharp blade rushing straight towards him.


Su Mo Sha did not even have time to respond as the blade pierced through his head and nailed him into the walls of the Medical Center. His whole head was cut into two halves from the blade.

After beheading him, the blade vibrated for a moment and then twirled around and flew straight out of the window. It soon disappeared into the night.

Screeeeeeech ! ! ! ! !

A shrill siren rang throughout the Main House in the night sky. It was soon followed by a chain of protection enchantments lights activating. The entire Main House woke up. The Main House entrance was quickly closed. The patriarch brought many imperial guards with him as he rushed towards the Medical Center.

At the Main House, outside the Martial grounds, in case it sensed spirit aura, the alarm would immediately be activated.

The group that was with the imperial guards were rushing towards the Medical Center at their fastest pace.

However, as one person just arrived at the Medical Center, a sight in front of them stunned everyone.

Su Mo Sha of the Main House’s head was actually split into two halves. His body was leaned against the wall and his face still had maintained his bewildered expression. White brain matter and red blood was scattered all over the entire bed….


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