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Chapter 65: Assassination of the Quiet Night (Part II)

Dropping off the groceries! (Tl: idiom: basically she’s tempting him)

Moreover, she still had the same expression. It seemed that if Su Yun’s willpower was just a little less solid, it would be very likely that he would have complied.

However, Su Yun was not stupid.

Hu Qian Mei was what kind of cultivator, why would she be interested in weak person like him? Besides, in his previous life, Su Yun had experienced many tricks such as this, why would he dare take action?

Fortunately, his Everlasting Stone was always keeping his mind in check or else he would have probably just threw himself at her feet by now.

“Alright, no more teasing. It is time we get down to business!” Su Yun hastily tried to keep his head clear as he said gently.


Hu Qian Mei’s mouth curled upwards and quickly straightened her clothe. In spite of the three nearby individuals that couldn’t hear anything, she directly raised her tender white leg forward and said, “The reason why I did not want to let them go was because there are many people near your area!”

“I know, because of the incident in Martial Bone Mountain. Coupled with my sudden increase in cultivation, they have become suspicious!” Su Yun said, as he also suddenly realized why Hu Qian Mei did not want to let the three people leave.

If Qing Er and the two people left the little shack, it would leave only Hu Qian Mei and Su Yun in his home. That would make it even more suspicious for the Su Family.

Why were Su Yun and Hu Qian Mei meeting? For this matter, it would be avoid bringing up the Heavenly Crystal, so Hu Qian Mei did not want them to go out the door.

“So, this was all about the Heavenly Crystal!” Su Yun suddenly exclaimed.

“Ah, you can’t really say that. Didn’t you also use me a moment ago, right? You already knew that because of the Heavenly Crystal, I would be watching you. You purposefully shouted during the large commotion. That loud speech was not for Su Mo Sha to hear, but It was for me to hear, right? Hu Qian Mei giggled.

“If something happens to me, naturally, the Heavenly Crystal will disappear with me without a trace!”

“You people, you are more cunning than even me!” Hu Qian Mei gently harrumphed.

“This is just for my survival!”

“Anyways, if this situation happens again, I will not help you solve it. You still have four more days, my patience is limited, just give me the Heavenly Crystal right now. Then, I could help you enter the inner sect, but if you still do not give me the Heavenly Crystal by then, just prepare for death!”

After Hu Qian Mei said this with a smile, she immediately got up and head out straight to the door.

Xin Yue was just gazing at the two people conversing and did not know what were they even talking about.

Soon after, they heard a finger snap sound at the door and their hearing ability were recovered.

Hu Qian Mei opened the door gracefully and just left.




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