Limitless Sword God: Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Fine, Just Slaughter them all (Part I)

The scene was really awkward.

Xin Yue and Xing Yang dashed to  Su Yun’s side. Then, they also pulled out  their swords from their waists and to aid Su Yun.

Qing Er was completely shocked.

“Young master….when did he  have so much courage?”

She could only stare dumbfoundedly at Su Yun. Her entire body felt remained stunned, because she thought that this event was very fake.

The unconfident young master’s talent which was ruined, who gambled and drank day after day, ….how did he suddenly change so much from his  original demeanor?

Furthermore….every month’s spirit coin funds that I provided him, which he constantly demanded, suddenly stopped….

What really happened to young master.


The Su Mo Sha there urged his stallion forward to approach Su Yun.

He did not dismount from his stallion, but continued to use his eyes to stare condescendingly at the man in front of him.

“Are you going to rebel?” Su Mo Sha said with a clear tone.

“I never intended to!” Su Yun replied.

“You dare argue with me?”

Su Mo Sha coldly snorted. His pair of  eyes were beginning to fill with deep killing intent as he suddenly pulled out his sword from his waist. The sword screamed  as it vibrated. Then  he pointed it to Su Yun and gave his ultimatum, “Just surrender willingly to me. Otherwise, I will behead you on the spot!”

“Su Mo Sha, if you dare take action, then I will destroy you to the point that only a skeleton remains! Do you dare?”

After Su Mo Sha heard these words, his eyes flashed a moment. Then he harrumphed, “What strange words are you saying? Su Yun, do you really think that you can kill me?”

“I cannot!”

“Then who can?” Su Mo Sha laughed.

Su Yun raised his hand and point to Qing Er.

Su Mo Sha froze for a moment and then  abruptly broke out in laughter again.

“Ha ha ha ha….a female maidservant? Ha ha ha ha….this  is really too funny!” Su Mo Sha’s eyes was letting out tears as he continued to laugh. Only after a long time had passed  did he stop.

He had an extremely ugly looking face as he disdainfully gazed at Qing Er with contempt. His mouth curled up, revealing a sneer, “Not to mention that her strength is below, even with her status right now….she is not even an opponent in my eyes! She will try to kill me? If you have the courage, then just  let her try it!”

“Ha ha ha ha….”

This time, Su Mo Sha was not alone. Even the inner sect imperial guards  had joined  in the laughter.

Their laughter was full of ridicule and  disdain.

Even though they knew about this little sister, Qing Er’s name, it was just a name with no substance.

Qing Er wanted to utter something in rebuttal, but her small hands tightened into fists, trying to restrain herself from taking action.

The complexions of Xin Yue and Xing Yang both turned red in fury, and were waiting to rush forward to attack Su Mo Sha.

But right at this moment, Su Yun spoke again.

He opened his mouth in a  very loud voice and shouted, “Naturally, she cannot kill you, but someone here is able to easily take your life !!!”

“Who? Is it the two pieces of trash standing by your side?” Su Mo Sha laughed as he examined Su Yun’s side.

“Bastard!” Xing Yang was about to explode, but Su Yun restrained him.

Su Yun winked at Su Mo Sha, and shouted, “Of course it is not them. It is the famous Elder Hu Qian Mei  of the Ming Ying School!”

His voice was awfully loud, which was probably to scare Su Mo Sha. Then he continued, “Not Long ago, Qing Er and Hu Qian Mei met with each other. The hit it off very well. They had already become close friends in that short amount time! As for the matter relating to coming here to see me, the true motive of Hu Qian Mei was to teach Qing Er. If you want to provoke Hu Qian Mei and her Ming Ying School, making Ming Ying School an enemy of the Su Family, then it will be entirely your own fault that you took upon yourself. Therefore, Qing Er does not have any guilt, instead she should be praised for her meritorious deed!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Su Mo Sha eyes narrowed as he sneered, “Hu Qian Mei is friends with this despicable maidservant? Don’t make me laugh to death! Everyone, quickly come  and help me take them away. Do not waste anymore time!”

“Understood!” The imperial guards were no longer polite, every single one of them activated their spirit aura rushed to Su Yun’s group.

However, just then, a red figure abruptly flew over with lightning quickness. She landed right in front Su Yun.

As her feet landed  on the ground, the ground  trembled for a moment. The entire group of elite imperial guards were shaken and clumsily fell to the ground. They became really embarrassed by their actions.

Even Su Mo Sha suffered. His spirit stallion was apparently very frightened from the scene and the stallion was randomly kicked in the air. He was nearly thrown off his stallion on the horseback.

It took a while for the stallion to calm down.

As he gazed up from the ground, there were actually three cracks. These cracks actually were branching out from one source: a small and exquisite foot.

Hu Qian Mei!

Su Mo Sha was stunned.

“Thrash him!” Su Yun issued a light order.

A wrinkled brow appeared on Hu Qian Mei’s face, but result was still  completed. She took action and rushed towards Su Mo Sha like a hurricane. With the palm of her hand, she mercilessly slapped Su Mo Sha right in the face.

Bang! ! ! !

Su Mo Sha’s body was immediately sent flying off from the spirit stallion, before severely crashing not far from a large tree.


His body crashed into the tree and rolled on the ground a few more times. As he was standing up, a bright red handprint appeared on his cheeks.

On the corner of Su Mo Sha’s mouth, there were blood leaking out. As he touched his wound on the side of his face, his mind was totally astonished. He stared intently at Hu Qian Mei with fury.

“Honorable Elder, you….what are you trying to do?”

“Trying to do?” Hu Qian Mei secretly glanced at Su Yun. Then she gazed at the person standing behind Su Yun and stared transfixed at Qing Er. She pointed to her and said, “This person is my sworn sister,  as we both have affection for each other. It was love at first sight. This time, she specifically brought me to the outer sect of the Su Family to go sightseeing. If you dare to both her, then I, Hu Qian Mei, then you must have the guts!”

“Then, just….just eliminate him….” At this time, Su Yun quietly whispered  to Hu Qian Mei from the side.

It was not loud, but Qing Er had clearly heard it.

Her eyes widened as she looked at Su Yun with surprise. She was surprised again to find that Su Yun’s eyes were filled with a fierce light. It was killing intent asking for destruction.

Qing Er’s entire body trembled….

Was this truly young master?

Nonetheless, Hu Qian Mei did not take action this time.

She waited a moment before she responded, “Even though this is for the Heavenly Crystal, but if  I do this, since he is Su Li Xiong’s men, once I kill him, there will be a grudge between the Su Family and the Ying Ming Sect. Although Ming Ying School is not weak, but Su Family’s relationship is important. The connection are complicated, I do not want to be their enemy.”

“Then just seriously injure him. As for killing him, just let me do it.” Su Yun whispered back.

After Hu Qian Mei heard these words, she immediately took action. This time, in a clean and efficient manner, she charged towards Su Mo Sha.

“Hu….Elder Hu….” Su Mo Sha’s eyes widened, but it went without saying, once he saw the alluring petite Hu Qian Mei’s body nimbly charging towards him, in a blink of an eye, she was instantly  in front him. Then she extended her palm and squarely struck him right in the chest.


Su Mo Sha’s flew into the air and  vomited blood. He fiercely crashed onto the ground again, but it was not over. Hu Qian Mei’s special aura assaulted Su Mo Sha’s entire body from the inside, which soon began to batter his five viscera  and six bowels. (Tl: Basically all internal organs) It created internal injuries throughout Su Mo Sha’s body, which temporarily block his spirit meridians, preventing him from using spirit power to recover.

With only one hit, she had already seriously injured the spirit intermediate tenth stage elder. He was in no shape to continue fighting.

The inner sect imperial guards that saw the scene became very nervous. Evidently, no one  would dare to provoke or take action against Hu Qian Mei. Instead, they rushed over to Su Mo Sha to help prop him up.


A single word clearly came from Hu Qian Mei little pink mouth.

As they helped place Su Mo Sha on his stallion, they quickly went back on their stallions and galloped away.

Soon, the sounds of hooves died away and only dust remained floating around.

Hu Qian Mei’s objective of this trip was to obtain the Heavenly Crystal. While the Heavenly Crystal was in his hands, Hu Qian Mei had to comply with Su Yun’s requests. Of course, as long as the requests were not too outrageous.

As for announcing that Hu Qian Mei and Qing Er were sworn sisters, it would allow Qing Er to have a bit more influence in the Su Family. At least she would not be easily bullied. Also, Su Yun could not be related to Hu Qian Mei, otherwise Su Li Xiong would check up on him and expose everything.

Su Yun gazed at the direction the Su Mo Sha’s group left. He pondered for a moment and then asked,  “In about three days, he will retaliate right?”

“He can’t even leave his bed  right now.” Hu Qian Mei gently smiled. Suddenly, she thought of something and looked at Su Yun in his eyes, “What are you going to do?”

Su Yun did not respond and directly went back into his room.

Meanwhile, Qing Er was staring at Hu Qian Mei in a daze.

Ming Ying School’s elder, which had over ten thousand disciples under her. Even that would let Qing Er respect her.

Su Family’s patriarch personally went to the outer sect to greet her….Hu Qian Mei actually went out of her way to help her this time.

Furthermore, she had said….she had said that she was sworn sisters?

“Quickly come in and talk, little sister!” Hu Qian Mei exposed her snow white teeth as she smiled at Qing Er. Soon after, her large snow white tail disappeared into the room.


After entering the shack, Xin Yue and XIng Yang just stood in front of the table. They did not dare to take action, same for Qing Er.

In their opinion, knowing Hu Qian Mei’s cultivation, how could they dare be rash?

“Ha ha, just sit everyone, ah! Do not be so stiff! Ah ah ah, little sister Qing Er, do not be so shy, tsk, tsk, you look so cute!” Hu Qian Mei said as she winked at Qing Er with her charming eyes. Hu QIan Mei delicate little tongue licked her lips as if she had a ravenous look on her.

Qing Er face reddened and hastily lowered her head.

“Alright, Elder Hu, don’t tease anymore.” Su Yun was not courteous and directly sat on the floor.

“I’m teasing?”
One could see Hu Qian Mei turned to Su Yun and beamingly stated, “I am teasing them? Compared to me, there is someone that has already played two to three tricks on me.”

“Ahem….cough….cough….” Su Yun suddenly erupted in a severe cough.

Nonetheless, Hu Qian Mei clearly intended to befriend Qing Er. Then, she lifted her little white hand and snapped her fingers. Instantly, a white layer of light enveloped Xing Yang, XIn Yue and QIng Er.

Suddenly, the trio found that they could not hear anything from their ears.

“What is going on? Why can’t we hear anything?” Xing Yang anxiously said.

Just then, Hu Qian Mei’s voice appeared in their minds.

“I have some things to discuss with Su Yun. It will be inconvenient for you to hear it, so I temporarily shielded your hearing ability, so everyone just wait!”

After they heard this, everyone’s heart calmed down.

“What are you doing?”

Su Yun was puzzled as he continued, “If you don’t want them to hear the conversation between us, then we can just ask them to leave.”

“That’s not it! If they leave, if there is just the two of use here….there will be rumors that will erupt from this situation!” Hu Qian Mei said using her charm as she giggled.

The pair of beautiful eyes were constantly blinking at Su Yun flirtatiously.

Su Yun was like a maid, he did not what to do.

Hu Qian Mei continuously smile on her face went rigid and looked dissatisfied as she asked, “Am I not pretty?”

“No, you are very beautiful!”

“Then why do you….have no reaction whatever?” Hu Qian Mei mouth curled as she glanced at Su Yun.

Although Hu Qian Mei figure was petite, her development was pretty good. Her red battle dress supported plump and matchless mounds, which seemed to want to burst out. It was evident that other than her charming face, there was still another key area that would attract anyone, her chest.

At this moment, Hu Qian Mei was still in the trio’s line of sight. She just disregarded them and unbuttoned her clothe and exposed the pure white skin of her delicate body. Then she enchantingly said, “If you want this….that is fine!”

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