Updated Links & Novel Suggestions

Hey everyone! I always link to other novel sites, if you don’t want to go to novelupdates or reddit to find the latest chapter. Should  be on the right side for computers and bottom for androids and iphones.

Everything should be updated, if you want to check out my reading list: click here

Happy reading guys!


  1. You really don’t get clue about someone until you see their top ten list, sad to see how vast our differences are.
    Here is mine;

    We have ties on #1: ISSH, Xian Ni, ST, SS, DE

    also on #6: TMW, Against Heaven, Lord Xue Ying, Zhan Xian

    and another on #10: BTTH, Zen Tian Ji & Jiang Ye


    1. yaoz889 says:

      Nah, everyone has different tasted, it’s good. As long as everyone is reading happily 🙂

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  2. Odin says:

    No ISSTH? It should easily place in the top 3.

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