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Chapter 64: Fine, just Slaughter them all (Part I)

The scene was really awkward.

Xin Yue and Xing Yang dashed to  Su Yun’s side. Then, they also pulled out  their swords from their waists and to aid Su Yun.

Qing Er was completely shocked.

“Young master….when did he  have so much courage?”

She could only stare dumbfoundedly at Su Yun. Her entire body felt remained stunned, because she thought that this event was very fake.

The unconfident young master’s talent which was ruined, who gambled and drank day after day, ….how did he suddenly change so much from his  original demeanor?

Furthermore….every month’s spirit coin funds that I provided him, which he constantly demanded, suddenly stopped….

What really happened to young master.


The Su Mo Sha there urged his stallion forward to approach Su Yun.

He did not dismount from his stallion, but continued to use his eyes to stare condescendingly at the man in front of him.

“Are you going to rebel?” Su Mo Sha said with a clear tone.

“I never intended to!” Su Yun replied.

“You dare argue with me?”

Su Mo Sha coldly snorted. His pair of  eyes were beginning to fill with deep killing intent as he suddenly pulled out his sword from his waist. The sword screamed  as it vibrated. Then  he pointed it to Su Yun and gave his ultimatum, “Just surrender willingly to me. Otherwise, I will behead you on the spot!”

“Su Mo Sha, if you dare take action, then I will destroy you to the point that only a skeleton remains! Do you dare?”

After Su Mo Sha heard these words, his eyes flashed a moment. Then he harrumphed, “What strange words are you saying? Su Yun, do you really think that you can kill me?”

“I cannot!”

“Then who can?” Su Mo Sha laughed.

Su Yun raised his hand and point to Qing Er.

Su Mo Sha froze for a moment and then  abruptly broke out in laughter again.

“Ha ha ha ha….a female maidservant? Ha ha ha ha….this  is really too funny!” Su Mo Sha’s eyes was letting out tears as he continued to laugh. Only after a long time had passed  did he stop.

He had an extremely ugly looking face as he disdainfully gazed at Qing Er with contempt. His mouth curled up, revealing a sneer, “Not to mention that her strength is below, even with her status right now….she is not even an opponent in my eyes! She will try to kill me? If you have the courage, then just  let her try it!”

“Ha ha ha ha….”

This time, Su Mo Sha was not alone. Even the inner sect imperial guards  had joined  in the laughter.

Their laughter was full of ridicule and  disdain.

Even though they knew about this little sister, Qing Er’s name, it was just a name with no substance.

Qing Er wanted to utter something in rebuttal, but her small hands tightened into fists, trying to restrain herself from taking action.

The complexions of Xin Yue and Xing Yang both turned red in fury, and were waiting to rush forward to attack Su Mo Sha.

But right at this moment, Su Yun spoke again.

He opened his mouth in a  very loud voice and shouted, “Naturally, she cannot kill you, but someone here is able to easily take your life !!!”

“Who? Is it the two pieces of trash standing by your side?” Su Mo Sha laughed as he examined Su Yun’s side.

“Bastard!” Xing Yang was about to explode, but Su Yun restrained him.

Su Yun winked at Su Mo Sha, and shouted, “Of course it is not them. It is the famous Elder Hu Qian Mei  of the Ming Ying School!”


to be continued….



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