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Chapter 63: Want to die? Just come here!

It seems that Su Li Xiong has already noticed me now!

Back inside his little cabin in woods, Su Yun had a worried expression on his face.

During these next few days, I must behave. I cannot do anything that will attract their attention, otherwise a lot of things that I have planned will not work.

In his little rundown room of his cabin was only a worn out chair and table. His bed was basically still broken and his cabinets even lacked legs.

Since it had been awhile that he resided inside his little cabin, there was a thick layer of ash over his table.

Su Yun cleaned some of the areas that were necessary and then arranged a small array for cultivating.

However, before the array was even completed, he heard a “tapping” knock at the door.

Su Yun could roughly guess who it was as he quickly opened the door.

After taking a look, it was actually the Yue Yang siblings.

“Big brother, Su Yun!” After the Yue Yang siblings saw that Su Yun was still intact, they became ecstatic. Xin Yue’s eyes began to overflow with tears as she covered her mouth to weep.

“Brother Su Yun! We had thought that you had died!”

Su Xing Yang hugged Su Yun in a great bearhug. Su Xing Yang’s arms tightly wrapped around Su Yun that it made Su Yun almost unable to breathe.

The two siblings calmed down after a moment of excitement from their emotionally reunion. Then they entered the little cabin.

Even though the two were joyful that Su Yun was well, they began to inquire if Su Yun was pain, just to make sure whether Su Yun had any serious injuries or not.

Su Yun was truly touched in his heart. In front of the Yue Yang siblings, he did not conceal anything. The two would never betray him, so he spoke of everything that happened, including the tomb of Su Tian Long.

As the two learned about Su Yun’s adventure, they became excite and also nervous. They were extremely surprised that Su Yun had now managed to enter spirit intermediate second stage.

With only a little that half a year of training, his spirit cultivation jumped from only spirit novice sixth stage to spirit intermediate second stage!

What was this unbelievable pace?

It was very likely that even in Su Family’s history, there was no genius that had achieved these results.

In fact, they did not know that that Su Yun had recovered his talent, coupled with the effects of the Everlasting Stone, it would have been strange if his cultivation pace was not so fast.

“Ah, right, Xin Yue and Xing Yang, I have something to give you guys!” Su Yun activated his spatial ring as he rummaged through the items inside it.

“Spatial ring?” Su Xin Yue asked as she saw the dark yellow metal ring on Su Yun’s finger. As she covered her mouth in shock, she asked, “Brother Su Yun, how did you obtain a spatial ring?”

“In Mirror Lake Town, I completed a mission and earned enough money to buy it.” Su Yun said as he smiled.

Completing a mission for money?

Xin Yue and Xing Yang looked at one another. The two felt that did almost didn’t know Su Yun anymore.

After a while of rummaging through his ring, Su Yun began to take out a massive amount of Blood Jade Crystals out. They crashed in one heap, which truly resembled a small hill made of jade. If one quickly counted the crystals, there were probably several hundreds in the pile.

Xin Yue and Xing Yang just remained in shock.

“Brother Su Yun….this….this is….this is all Blood Jade Crystals?” Yue Yang stuttered with his tongue as he asked. His voice was trembling.

“Yes.” Su Yun just nodded.



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