Limitless Sword God: Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Want to die? Just come here!

“It seems that Su Li Xiong has already noticed me now!”

Back inside his little cabin in woods, Su Yun had a worried expression on his face.

“During these next few days, I must behave. I cannot do anything that will attract their attention, otherwise a lot of things that I have planned will not work.”

In the little rundown room of his cabin was only a worn out chair and table. His bed was basically still broken and his cabinets even lacked legs.

Since it had been awhile that he resided inside his little cabin, there was a thick layer of ashy dust over his table.

Su Yun cleaned some of the areas that were necessary and then arranged a small array for cultivating.

However, before the array was even completed, he heard a “tapping” knock at the door.

Su Yun could roughly guess who it was and quickly opened the door.

After taking a look, it was actually the Yue Yang siblings.

“Big brother, Su Yun!” After the Yue Yang siblings saw that Su Yun was still intact, they became ecstatic. Xin Yue’s eyes began to overflow with tears, and she covered her mouth to weep.

“Brother Su Yun! We had thought that you had died!”

Su Xing Yang grabbed Su Yun in a great bearhug. His arms tightly wrapped around Su Yun that it made Su Yun almost unable to breathe.

The two siblings calmed down after a moment of excitement from their emotional reunion. Then they entered the little cabin.

Even though the two were joyful that Su Yun was well, they began to inquire if Su Yun was pain, just to make sure Su Yun did not have any serious injuries.

Su Yun was truly touched in his heart. In front of the Yue Yang siblings, he did not conceal anything. The two would never betray him, so he spoke about everything that had happened, including the tomb of Su Tian Long.

As the two learned about Su Yun’s adventure, they became excited but also nervous. They were extremely surprised that Su Yun had now managed to enter spirit intermediate second stage.

With only a little more than half a year of training, his spirit cultivation jumped from just spirit novice sixth stage to spirit intermediate second stage!

What was this unbelievable pace?

It was very likely that even in Su Family’s history, there was no genius that had achieved these results.

In fact, they did not know that that Su Yun had recovered his talent, and coupled with the effects of the Everlasting Stone, it would have been strange if his cultivation pace was not so fast.

“Ah, right, Xin Yue and Xing Yang, I have something to give you guys!” Su Yun activated his spatial ring as he rummaged through the items inside it.

“Spatial ring?” Su Xin Yue asked as she saw the dark yellow metal ring on Su Yun’s finger. As she covered her mouth in shock she asked, “Brother Su Yun, how did you obtain a spatial ring?”

“In Mirror Lake Town, I completed a mission and earned enough money to buy it,” Su Yun said as he smiled.

Completing a mission for money?

Xin Yue and Xing Yang looked at one another. The two felt as if this Su Yun was almost unrecognizable to them.

After a while of rummaging through his ring, Su Yun began to take out a massive amount of Blood Jade Crystals out. They crashed in one heap, which truly resembled a small hill made of jade. If one quickly counted the crystals, there were probably several hundreds in the pile.

Xin Yue and Xing Yang  were forced to remain shocked.

“Brother Su Yun….this….this is….these are all Blood Jade Crystals?” Yue Yang stuttered with his tongue as he asked. His voice was trembling.

“Yes.” Su Yun just nodded.

“How could there be so many?” Xin Yue asked. She took her trembling hand to pick up one piece of crystal to check.

It was real.

She was completely dumbfounded.

“These….these were obtained after killing Su Nan Ye.” Su Yun said in a low voice.

After the two siblings heard this, their mind could not help but replay the sudden assault that had killed Su Nan Ye. Instantly, they felt a cold chill on their backs, and their bodies began to tremble.

“So….the one who killed Su Nan Ye was brother Su Yun….” Xin Yue whispered.

“Senior Su Yun is at spirit intermediate cultivation, so killing Su Nan Ye was effortless.”

The two siblings would not dare underestimate Su Yun again. What happened to gambling debauche who did not know anything of the world? They realized that Su Yun would hardly need their assistance now.

Despite this, this matter did not affect the feelings between the three people.

After pulling out all the Blood Jade Crystals, Su Yun pointed out his plan, “Xin Yue and Xing Yang, these Blood Jade Crystals are enough for you to exchange for contribution to Su Shi Long, which should allow you both to be qualified to enter the inner sect!”

“What?” Xing Yang was surprised, “Brother Su Yun, do you really want to give all of them to us?”

“No no no, we do not want them! Brother Su Yun! You should take them to exchange for your own contribution!” Xin Yue argued as she shook her head.

“I cannot enter the inner sect,” Su Yun said after a moment.

“Why,” Xin Yue asked.

“It is hard to say the reason, but these Blood Jade Crystals were specially prepared for you guys. If you enter the inner sect, then your entire life will become very easy. It is enough if you cooperate with me later! I have offended many members of the inner sect, so if I entered the inner sect, it would not be peaceful life for me at all.”


“Do not hesitate, just quickly take them,” Su Yun answered.

Seeing that Su Yun was so insistent, the brother and sister eventually complied, even though they had hesitated for a moment.

“Brother Su Yun, if you need any help, just make sure to tell us. Even if we enter the inner sect, we will certainly help you.” Xin Yue said with a serious expression.

“Silly girl!” Su Yun could not help but smiled, “You guys have already helped me more than enough.”

The two siblings and him continued to talk for another hour, until another knock rang on the small cabin’s door.

Knock knock.

Su Yun frowned.

In the Su Family, except for Xin Yue and Xing Yang, he did not really know anyone else.

The three stopped talking. Xin Yue and Xing Yang gazed at the frowning Su Yun who begrudgingly got up and opened the door.

The door opened.

A girl draped in a yellow blade dress was charmingly waiting at the doorway.

The female had long hair that extended like a waterfall. Her figure was flawless like a jewel and her age was not yet fifteen. She had bright eyes and snow white teeth. Her eyebrows soft, which made her even more beautiful even compared to Xin Yue. She really was a luminous fairy.

Despite this, the female’s eyes were slightly red, and there were dry tears marks over her face. She looked a little tense and haggard. Nonetheless, when she saw Su Yun, Qing Er’s tears could not help but fall like a rainstorm. The people around her gazed at her hardship in pity.

“Young master….” Qing Er choked as she tried to speak. She simply could not stop the tears from falling down. She threw herself in Su Yun’s embrace as she smothered her sobbing.

“Qing Er.” Su Yun’s throat felt dry. His arms clasped around the girl as if he did not want to let go right now.

Seeing the situation, the girl began to sob even more fiercely as her tears began to wet Su Yun’s chest. After a moment, she stopped trembling and crying. With her red eyes, she gazed at Su Yun.

“Young master….you….are you alright….?” Qing Er sobbed again.

“Don’t worry, Qing Er, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me.” Su Yun laughed.

“Nothing is greater. Thank god. Young master must have been very careful and alert. May you please bless Su Yun to safely come back from Martial Bone Mountain.” Qing Er faced the sky to complete here prayer.

Su Yun did not really know how Qing Er felt about him, but there was no doubt that he did not want to lose this girl.

During the first few moments, the Yue Yang siblings just sat there frozen. Afterwards, Xin Yue cheerfully ran over and gave a couple of jokes. She greeted Qing Er to come sit and chat with them.

Seeing the haggard appearance of Qing Er, Su Yun’s heart was in terrible pain.

Even with her busy schedule, she rushed from the main house without any break.

Although she did not converse much, she still sense Su Yun’s genuine concern for her.

After entering the cabin, Qing Er carefully examined Su Yun’s body up and down for any injuries. She had to verify herself that Su Yun was definitely alright, before she took her purse from her belt.

Nonetheless, before she could even give take the money out for Su Yun, Su Yun’s serious gaze cast over it.

“Young…..young master….”

“Keep it for yourself,” Su Yun said in a serious tone.

Qing Er hesitated as she bit her lower lip. She did not respond.

The sounds of galloping horses….

At this time, the sounds of some spirit stallions were heard.

The sound was getting closer and closer. Eventually, the sound stopped and the neighing sounds the spirit stallions could be heard right outside the cabin.

Su Yun live in a small cabin located in the corner of the outer sect of the Su Family. Who would want to come here?

Su Yun frowned. He felt that outside, there were a lot of spirit auras that were unrefined and deep. It seemed that a lot of disciples of spirit intermediate realm had arrived.

Were they from the inner sect?

Su Yun got up and decided to take a look outside.

“Young master….”

At this time, Qing Er’s hand pulled him back.

Su Yun looked back at the girl to see her wiping away the tears in her eyes. Then, the expression on her little face changed to determination and with a harsh tone, “I will check outside.”

As Qing Er staggered up, Su Yun looked at her. Her entire body seemed weak, while her face seemed to show that she was barely enduring the exhaustion.

Su Yun’s heart was thrown into turmoil.

Until now, she was the one that protected him from the rain.

Until now, she still protected him regardless of everything.

Since her parents had died, she had to face everything alone.

How could she continue on like this?

Su Yun grabbed Qing Er’s hand.

Qing Er was startled for a moment as her reddish autumn eyes gazed at Su Yun.

“Just rest here for a little bit, okay? I’ll check it.” Su Yun lightly said, with a chuckle at the end.

“But….but young master….” Qing Er also wanted to say something else, but she already saw that Su Yun had already stepped forward, opened the door and went outside.

How could Yue Yang siblings and Qing Er be calm? Right after, they also hurried out the door.

As they gazed outside, they became really shocked.

In front of them appeared to be a dozen imperial guards wearing armor. Many were still on top of their spirit stallions. Each of the imperial guards seemed to have a blade crafted by the inner sect. All the eyes of the imperial guards gazed the people coming out of the little cabin.

The spirit stallions were constantly neighing and trampling the ground, making it very dusty. The  imperial guards were emitting a desolate aura.

The  imperial guards of the inner sect were really worth of their title in the Su Family. Outer sect disciples were a tiny insect under their foot. Some of the imperial guards even had real combat experience.

Su Yun glanced at the mysterious guards that were riding on the horses. His eyes rested on the person in the front riding a white spirit stallion.

Su Mo Sha!

Since the first day of Su Yun’s rebirth, he had warned him to stay away from Qing Er.

The present Su Mo Sha was living high and looking down as he gazed down towards Su Yun from his horse.

In the depths of his eyes, there was pity and disdain.

“Miss, it seems that my warnings did not work at all!” Su mo Sha arrogantly projected his voice.

“Su Mo Sha, why did you come here?” Qing Er came forward and directly glares at Su Mo Sha.

Qing Er took one step forward, while Su Mo Sha also took one step back. Maybe he would observe this time from the sidelines.

Su Mo Sha play with his braid and slowly spoke, “In the beginning at the small garden, I allowed you only to the Martial Field to practice. Instead, not only did you not go, but you also went to this trash’s home! Ah, the practice times were set by the patriarch, if you do not follow the practice routines, then you are ignoring the patriarch’s orders! Now….quickly come back with me to the main house and accept your punishment. Otherwise, if you decide to betray the Su Family, then I….I will have the right to kill you!”

As the last words fell, Su Mo Sha’s eyes became murderous.

“Su Mo Sha, don’t go too far!” QIng Er shouted as she grined her teeth in fury.

“I’m going too far?”

Su Mo Sha sneered, “This is what the laws dictate! How can I deceive you with them?” Then he waved his hand, “Take the young lady home, in addition with Su Yun! For obstructing Qing Er from going to the Martial Field, he will receive his due punishment. Send him to the outer sect’s prison for ten days. Let him taste some imprisonment!”

“Yes, sir! We understand senior Su Mo Sha!”

The inner sect imperial guards shouted and they uniformly dismounted. Then they began to advance toward Su Yun and Qing Er.

Xin Yue was became very tense and was about to take action.

However, she heard Su Yun abruptly yell, “Stop!”

The imperial guards were startled for a moment.

Su Mo Sha just frowned, “A trash of the outer sect, what are you guys afraid of? Just finish the task!”

After the imperial guards heard the order, they did not hesitate to charge forth.

Keng Qiang!

Suddenly, a slender double-edged blade flew out of the sheath on Su Yun’s back. Without any warning, it soared straight to one of the imperial guards and mercilessly beheaded him.

The imperial guards were startled as they slowly stopped and retreated. They hastily pulled out the swords from their waist to resist.

Kuang Dang!

A blade was cut off from a sword.

The guard’s arms trembled. They felt the spirit aura of this outer sect disciple was very deep and profound. They began to feel sheer terror.

Was this motherfucker really a outer sect disciple?

The imperial guards trembled as they pondered this.


A vicious kick from a foot hit squarely in the chest of one of the inner sect imperial guards. The foot firmly crashed into the armor. Everyone witnessed the man flying away and brutally crashing into the ground. His entire body was in pain and his could hardly stagger back up.

They saw Su Yun’s blade stab into the ground as it emitted sword aura that enveloped the entire area. It had even begun to lift up dust. His face had a merciless expression as he calmly gazed at Su Mo Sha and his group, “Want to die? Then just come over here!”


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