Limitless Sword God: Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Really True

Qing Er siphoned some of her spirit aura to maid Xiao Cui as she checked up on her injuries. Then, she brought Xiao Cui to the main hall’s medical ward.

Although Mo Sha only gave one kick, but because of his high cultivation level, it was practically as if he was aiming for a fatal wound! Nonetheless, since she did not die, he just walked away.

Right after entering the medical ward, she quickly arranged for treatment for Xiao Cui’s injuries. Xiao Cui was still in excruciating pain, but she managed to raise up her hand to grab Qing Er.

“Miss….quickly go back, I don’t have any more problem….go back….and find Su Yun….”

“Young master….” Qing Er lightly said, but she was still reluctant to leave her.

However, in her heart, she was much more worried about Su Yun.

She did not know in what state did her young master return from Martial Bone Mountain. She didn’t even know if he had many injuries….

Qing Er’s red eyes hardened. Only after much thought did she stand back up from Xiao Cui’s bed. She faced the spirit doctor and said, “Take care in curing Xiao Cui. If there is the slightest error, I will punish you!”

“Yes, miss!” The elderly spirit doctor nodded.

After she finished, she quickly went out and left the Su Family’s Main Hall Medical Ward.

Right now, she was headed straight to the inner sect of the Su Family.

Su Shi Long’s outer sect elites and the inner sect elites were all inside the main hall. They had already entered the meeting hall.

They had just finished conversing with Hu Qian Mei and also complied with Hu Qian Mei’s requests. They had already sold the items to her, even if some of the items were expensive, but it was for maintaining connections, so the Su Family was willing to sell them.

Of course, Hu Qian Mei was stranded here for a few days, which the Su Family’s patriarch did not refuse to accommodate.

After everyone entered the hall, the crowd all took their seats.

Su Yun was patiently waiting outside the meeting hall before he was brought inside.

Outside of the meeting hall were four heavily armored disciples with green level equipment. On their hands, they held green level weapons and defenders. The outer sect disciples could not even compare to these elite guards, they emitted a domineering spirit aura as they stood there. They were mostly all spirit intermediate seventh stage, the cream of the crop of guards in the Su Family. Every single one of the guard’s expression was focus and collected. They did not dare exhibit the slightest trace of wariness.

The meeting hall could hold about ten people. The most important people such as the inner sect middle steward Su Shi Long, financial minister Su Ming He, government minister Su Xiao Fang, military officer Su Da, and also inner sect’s head lecturer Elder Yi Xin Qiu.

The rest were from the outer sect elites. Regularly, they would not be allowed to come to this place, but because of the current affairs dealing with outer sect disciple Su Yun, they were related. Therefore, they were outside, even though the could not step into the building.

“Greetings, honorable patriarch!” Su Yun said as he came inside eyeing everybody. His eyes rested on the person sitting in the back of the meeting hall, Patriarch Su Li Xiong.

Su Family’s elders had all arrived, even though it was dealing with an outer sect matter, if not for Hu Qian Mei’s charm, perhaps the patriarch would not even have intervened.

Su Yun secretly clenched his fists and as his heart was racing. He stood there silently.

“Su Yun?” At this time, the open remark came from the patriarch. It had a serious tone. There was no friendliness or sadness.

“Yes!” Su Yun responded in a low voice.

“I want to ask you. In Martial Bone Mountain, just what happened in the end? Why did someone witness you being killed by a Silent Devil Spirit?! However, you are standing here, perfectly fine? Not only that, an Immortal Sword Sect Elder specifically came here to find you! Then….what matter did you have with Elder Long Xian Li? Just what did you do?”

Su Li Xiong did not waste any words, he went straight to the point.

Elder Long Xian Li went here herself?

Su Yun became startled.

What was this woman’s purpose of coming here? Did she know that he….had the Heavenly Crystal?

Su Yun’s heart was in turmoil, but the current patriarch of the Su Family was asking him a myriad of questions.

He had not planned for this beforehand, but he could not beat the grass to scare the snake. (Tl: alert the elders of the truth) Furthermore, his current plans required him to remain in the Su Family. If he had to leave, he would still need to bring along Qing Er.

Finally, he finished thinking about the situation. Then he spoke, “Honorable patriarch, that day, Su Yun was indeed about to get killed by the Silent Devil Spirit. My life was hanging by a thread and I was trapped on top of a cliff. Su Yun was afraid and did not want to be killed by the Silent Devil Spirit, so I chose to jump off. I landed in one of the lakes in Martial Bone Mountain. Su Yun was lucky enough not to drown, but my body was exhausted and I was unable to leave the Martial Bone Mountain on time. Afterwards, Su Yun was just wandering around Martial Bone Mountain and found a river that was flowing out of the Martial Bone Mountain. I just followed along the river to leave Martial Bone Mountain and return back to Su Family! I just met Hu Qian Mei in front of the main gates as I arrived.”

Martial Bone Mountain was enormous, so even though it was Su Family’s forbidden area, the Su Family’s enchantment would obviously not be able to cover the entire mountain. Therefore, it was not surprising that some rivers in the mountain would lead outside.

After Su Li Xiong heard this, his brows slowly knitted together.

His eyes were serious and focused as he silently glared at Su Yun to see if any of the words he said was a lie.

Su Yun was well aware that a very powerful spirit aura was wordlessly checking on his body and was stealthily trying to determine his mental state at the moment.


Just then, the hidden Everlasting Stone in his clothes began to gently tremble. A warm current soon overflowed and covered his heart. It allowed him to maintain a steady mind.

The Everlasting Stone effect was not only an increase in cultivation ability, but it was also able to help meditation, where one had to have a calm mind and complete focus.

Su Yun quietly gazed up at Su Li Xiong, seeing if he noticed the Everlasting Stone. After seeing that nothing was amiss, he let out a sigh of relief.

Su Li Xiong remained calm as his eyes stared deeply into Su Yun. After a moment, he spoke, “Is this what really happened?”

“Yes!” Su Yun’s complexion did not change.

Su Li Xiong became silent. Both sides were focused on each other’s expression, so there were no openings.

“Then….” At this time, Su Li Xiong once again asked, “For Immortal Sword Sect’s Elder Long Xian Li, she claimed that you had stolen some type of artifact from Immortal Sword Sect? I want to know, just what did you steal from them?”

“Immortal Sword Sect claimed I stole from them?” Su Yun’s pupils shrunk as he had a flash of nervousness.

Obviously, Long Xian Li did really discover about him and the Heavenly Crystal. Presumably, the reason why she had left the Su Family’s grounds were since she heard that he had been sent to a trial in Martial Bone Mountain.

However, Long Xian Li did not inform that the artifact was the Heavenly Crystal to the Su Family. Otherwise, it would be impossible to leave with the Heavenly Crystal.

Since that was the case, she wanted to let the Su Family find the truth of the matter, since she was not confident that he had truly died in Martial Bone Mountain. Therefore, when the Su Family did question Su Yun about the events that occurred, even if it was difficult to hide the Heavenly Crystal, it would not be impossible.

After he finished analyzing, Su Yun took a deep breath. He had chosen to gamble.

He did not know whether his analysis was correct, but based on the current situation, it was the most likely scenario!

Immediately, his face suddenly changed as he answered, “Oh….this matter was just a misunderstanding! This matter was really just a misunderstanding!”

“When I had left Su Family’s grounds, I went to Mirror Lake Town to purchase something. Elder Long Xian Li was also there. She was completing some tasks for the Immortal Sword Sect. Su Yun was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Elder Long Xian Li. However, that day, she had lost her purse, which I think that she had thought that I took it in the end. I was really wronged! Seniors, based on my cultivation, would I truly dare to provoke Immortal Sword Sect on purpose? I thought that Elder Long Xian Li looked like an angel, so I could not help but take some extra glances. I just really did not expect there was such a misunderstanding, the injustice….” After he finished, Su Yun sighed.

“Was it that simple?” Su Li Xiong asked.

“Su Yun guarantees that every word is true. You seniors should know, would I really have enough courage to dare provoke a tiger within the Immortal Sword Sect?” Su Yun calmly responded.

“Yeah! Just by relying on your cultivation, Elder Long Xian Li could kill you easily!” The nearby Elder Su Shi Long harrumphed.

“Outer Sect’s trash would definitely not have this much courage, right?” Another one said.

Su Yun did not say another word.

Su Li Xiong did not make a comment as he lowered his head in thought.

The whole atmosphere in the hall became somewhat weird, since the entire meeting hall was completely quiet.

Su Yun did not dare make any nervous movements, so both of his hands from time to time would just straighten the bottom of his clothe. If he remained perfectly motionless, it would quickly make some people suspect him. However, if there was too much fidgeting, then he could also be suspected of having a guilty conscience.

Fortunately, his current actions were just perfect.

Although his persuasion ability was not brilliant, but he was still able to genuinely convince the opposition. Nonetheless, his reasoning was still only mediocre.

At least….it was reasonable.

“Alright, now I know!”

At this time, Su Li Xiong stared blankly at Su Yun and continued, “You have just come back from Martial Bone Mountain, so I believe you are exhausted. Go home and have a rest.”

“Understood patriarch, Su Yun will return!” After Su Yun bowed, he quickly withdrew.

After he left, the elders remained sitting there.

Everyone’s expressions were different.

Some of the elders whispered to each other, but were hesitant to speak up.

Finally, Su Li Xiong spoke up first, “Do you think that what this child has said….was true or false?”

“Although it did sound kind of suspicious, but it doesn’t mean that this kind of thing could not happen!” The head lecturer Yi Xin Qiu said from the second seat. He continued, “Su Family’s Martial Bone Mountain is a forbidden area, but it is part of an entire mountain range. Even if the enchantment was there, there are still many paths to take that one may leave the Martial Bone Mountain. I think what Su Yun said was reasonable. As for the matter dealing with him and Elder Long Xian Li….I think it is also reasonable. Otherwise, how would he dare be rash against the Immortal Sword Sect with his weak cultivation?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself! This poor cultivation individual, even if there is ten of him, what would he even amount to?” The nearby Elder Zhang Hao also agreed.

However, the financial minster Su Ming He had a puzzled look on his pair of eyes, “But….this Su Yun truly is very mysterious. Everyone had the same impression, right? I’m just saying that just a while ago, his cultivation was only about spirit novice sixth stage, right? After observing his aura today, I determined that it was already spirit intermediate stage one!”

“A strength test?” Su Li Xiong suddenly remembered something and turned to face Su Shi Long. Then he asked, “Su Shi Long, this child is a member of the outer sect of the Su Family, right?”

Su Shi Long quickly got up and nodded, “Honorable patriarch, you are correct!”

“I am just saying, this disciple’s cultivation had stagnated for about eight years, why would he suddenly have such monstrous growth rate now?”

“On this matter, I am not clear….” Su Shi Long just shook his head.

Su li Xiong thought for a moment and whispered, “Let me say this, I think that one of these two people must have deceived us!”

“These two people?” Su Shi Long asked.

“Yes, either Su Yun or Long Xian Li….”

Finally, Su Li Xiong stood up and quietly ordered, “Everyone watch Su Yun and carefully observe his every move. If there is any action taken, quickly report it to me!”

Then, Su Li Xiong turned around and directly left the meeting hall.

“Understood, patriarch!”

Everyone in the meeting hall quickly got up and saluted.

Meanwhile, at a large tree outside of the meeting hall, a silhouette could be seen if one swept their gaze, but it soon quietly disappeared.

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