LSG Ch61 Teaser

Alright, I made a small mistake last chapter, it is buddha’s teachings, not demonic arts. I saw the word: arts and I got too carried away, probably was late, too.

Enjoy the teaser, the next chapter should be out sometime tonight. (~22 hours)

Chapter 61: Back to the Su Family

Su Yun saw Hu Qian Mei break out into a beaming expression, which caused his heart to jump. There was an ominous foreboding from her actions.

“You say that you are a famous master of the Law of the Buddha?” He sneakily stepped back as he whispered.

“Ah, right!” Hu Qian Mei grinned as she responded.

“Then, the reason for coming to the Su Family….was to find Su Yun, right?”

Hu Qian Mei nodded her head back and forth. Then her little hand slowly reached for her dagger on her waist, but the smile on her face did not vanish….

“Why….are you trying to find Su Yun?” Su Yun quietly said as he swallowed his saliva.

“The Heavenly Crystal….” Hu Qian Mei slyly said as she smiled, “If you surrender it, I’ll spare you.”

“So you came here for the Heavenly Crystal?”

Hu Qian Mei quickly made a keng qiang sound and pulled out the dagger. She did not say a word as the dagger went below Su Yun’s neck. She just smiled and ordered, “Give me it.”

Unexpectedly, after those words were said, Su Yun had a relieved appearance.

“Why are you laughing?”

Seeing that the opposition was so relaxed, Hu Qian Mei became very curious and decided to ask.

“Oh, nothing.” Su Yun laughed, “Just, the Heavenly Crystal is not one me!”

“Then who has it?”

“Naturally, I will not say it!”

“Then my only choice is to kill you!” Hu Qian Mei indifferently said as she was about to take action.

“Alright!” Su Yun did not care. He just shrugged and said, “Anyways, if I am dead, then no one will ever know where the whereabouts of the Heavenly Crystal. Since you decided to kill me, then I will just give you my strip of this rotten life….ah, it is such a shame about the treasure. You will be forever buried in the pitch-black area!”

After these words were said, the dagger on Su Yun’s neck was immediately taken away. Then, a lovely aroma wafted into his nose as a soft body hugged around his arms.

“Oh, what is brother saying? When did I ever want to kill you? I definitely like my awesome brother!” Hu Qian Mei’s face looked shy as she said these words with coy.

After Su Yun witnessed this, he nervously reminded himself that the Everlasting Stone was still on him.

This fox girl was really powerful. Her expressions changed faster than when the weather changes. Her killing intent was dominating one second and the next, he was feeling the charm of her seduction….

“Nonetheless….” At this moment, Hu Qian Mei craftingly said one more sentence, “If I do not obtain the Heavenly Crystal within five days, then….then I will be forced to get rid of brother!”

As she was saying this, he little white fingers gently tapped the dagger hilt that was back on her waist.

A threat!

This was naked threat, how could he not figure it out?



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