Limitless Sword God: Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Back to the Su Family

When Su Yun saw Hu Qian Mei break out into a gleaming grin his heart felt as if it was about to leap out of his chest. Her actions were like an ominous premonition.

“You say that you are a famous elder of the Ming Ying Sect?” He sneakily stepped back as he whispered.

“Ah, that’s right!” Hu Qian Mei grinned as she responded, “The reason for coming to the Su Family….was to find Su Yun, right?”Hu Qian Mei nodded her head back and forth. Then her little hand slowly reached for her dagger on her waist, but the smile on her face did not vanish….

“Why….are you trying to find Su Yun?” Su Yun quietly said as he swallowed his saliva.

“The Heavenly Crystal….” Hu Qian Mei slyly said as she smiled, “If you surrender it, I’ll spare you.”

“So you came here for the Heavenly Crystal?”

Hu Qian Mei quickly made a keng qiang sound and pulled out the dagger. She did not say a word as the dagger went below Su Yun’s neck. She just smiled and ordered, “Give me it.”

Unexpectedly, after those words were said, Su Yun had a relieved appearance.

“Why are you laughing?”

Seeing that the opposition was so relaxed, Hu Qian Mei became very curious and decided to ask.

“Oh, nothing.” Su Yun laughed, “Just, the Heavenly Crystal is not on me!”

“Then who has it?”

“Naturally, I will not say it!”

“Then my only choice is to kill you!” Hu Qian Mei indifferently said as she was about to take action.

“Alright!” Su Yun seemed not care. He just shrugged and said, “Anyways, if I am dead, then no one will ever know where the whereabouts of the Heavenly Crystal. Since you decided to kill me, then I will just give you my strip of this rotten life….ah, it is such a shame about the treasure. You will be forever buried in the pitch-black area!”

After these words were said, the dagger on Su Yun’s neck was immediately taken away. Then, a lovely aroma wafted into his nose as a soft body hugged around his arms.

“Oh, what is brother saying? When did I ever want to kill you? I definitely like my awesome brother!” Hu Qian Mei’s face looked shy as she said these words with coy.

After Su Yun witnessed this, he nervously reminded himself that the Everlasting Stone was still on him.

This fox girl was really powerful. Her expressions changed faster than when the weather changes. Her killing intent was dominating one second and the next, he was feeling the charm of her seduction….

“Nonetheless….” At this moment, Hu Qian Mei craftingly said one more sentence, “If I do not obtain the Heavenly Crystal within five days, then….then I will be forced to get rid of brother!”

As she was saying this, her little white fingers gently tapped the dagger hilt that was back on her waist.

A threat!

This was naked threat, how could he not figure it out?

Nonetheless, he never expected that this horrible predicament pertaining to this fox girl was actually directed to him or the main purpose….to obtain the Heavenly Crystal.

Why would she decide to obtain by herself? How did she even know that he had the Heavenly Crystal?

Su Yun’s stomach was full of questions, which seemed endless. However, the problem that he had to solve right now wasn’t these types of questions, it was how to solve the domineering strength of the  fox girl: her exceedingly high cultivation and aura.

He did not want to lose the Heavenly Crystal.

If he were to lose  the Heavenly Crystal today, then all his well-thought plans would become disrupted.

Time was running out, and without the Heavenly Crystal, all his efforts would have been for naught.

“That one….”

Just then, the two guards that were at the sidelines finally came down. One of the fat guards approached them and directly face Hu Qian Mei with a courteous expression. He was currently trembling as he said, “This….this elder, please wait a moment, little one here….the little one here will inform the patriarch of the house! Also….Su Yun….you….you also wait for a bit! Please do not run around, alright?”

After he finished speaking, the guard took a few steps back and turned around. He sprinted out from the outer sect.

It seemed that this guard was really tense and nervous as he hurried away.

Su Yun decided to formulate a plan. He  had to come up with a good reason. If the truth became public, the Heavenly Crystal would be very difficult to conceal. Having this charming fox girl was already giving him a horrible headache. If the Su Family was also aware of this treasure, then it would be a complete disaster for him.

Furthermore, trespassing the Su Family cemetery was already a capital offense. According to the Su Family’s laws, his entire body would ground to just bones.

“Judging from your expression, it seems that you have some secrets that you are concealing from the Su Family!” Hu Qian Mei analyzed Su Yun as she spoke again.

Su Yun remained silent. Then he looked down in thought for a moment and asked, “how do you know that I have the Heavenly Crystal?”

“The despicable person said so!” Hu Qian Mei’s face slowly changed as she harrumphed.

“A despicable person?” Su Yun’s heart pounded as he asked again, “Who is that person?”

“What?” Hu Qian Mei was stunned at the question. Then she asked, “You do not even know the person? Tsk. Tsk. You really aren’t very cautious, are you? The godly treasure was already in someone else’s sights, but you never noticed?”

“I’m just a spirit intermediate realm cultivator.”

“Since that is the case, quickly give the Heavenly Crystal to me or I will make you die a painful death!”

“If you want my life, then just kill me now. However, you will not obtain the Heavenly Crystal! Of course, you can torture me, but if you decided to torture me, that I will shatter my spirit cultivation and commit suicide. Even then, don’t even think about obtaining the Heavenly Crystal!” Su Yun clearly said.

After Hu Qian Mei heard this, her face slightly darkened and grunted, “I will give you five days to consider. The Heavenly Crystal or your life, you will have to pick one!”

Su Yun did not respond.

At the gates of the outer sect of the Su Family, they waited for about a time for a stick of incense to burn out. Su Family’s patriarch was leading with a high class Su family member. Su Shi Long, who had one of his arms cut off was being dragged here. They were swiftly running over here.

Ming Ying’s teachings were not a weak collection of martial arts. Although Ming Ying School was not a faction as powerful as the Immortal Sword Sect, but the masters of the Ming Ying’s teachings generally all had high cultivation. Hu Qian Mei’s reputation was known even here. Even in this isolated area, there were still rumors of the fox girl. The rumors portrayed her as a cruel individual, who acted ruthlessly. If there was anyone that was bothering her, she would just behead them without batting an eye. Don’t speak about being sensible, she had many enemies all over the continent, but since the Ming Ying School had one eye closed and one eye open, they did not care. Furthermore, they even provided shelter for this beast woman, so no matter how many people came for revenge, they were not able to kill the fox girl. If they were not killed by the fox girl’s blade, then they were killed by her Ming Ying techniques.

To this end, the reputation of the Ming Ying School reputation took a turn for the worse.

Despite this, it was worth it.

After all, the might of the fox girl’s blade was obvious. The most important matter was that she was a master of battle techniques. How could a school survive if there were no high level experts?

After the Su Family’s Patriarch’s group arrived, they first saw the charming little eleven year old Hu Qian Mei, they suddenly froze for a moment.

Many people that saw Hu Qian Mei for the first time would only think her as a lovely little girl with a lot of charm. Many of the people would never believe that this little was rumored to be a devilish female executor.

The Su Family’s patriarch stepped forward. He cautiously came forward and politely greeted Hu Qian Mei.

As the two people were talking, Su Family’s patriarch asked what was the main purpose of her visit. Fortunately, Hu Qian Mei was very astute and did not mention anything about Su Yun. Instead, she said that she was here to borrow some treasures to direct the patriarch’s attention somewhere else. She also asked to lodge at the Su Family for a few days.

After the Su Family’s patriarch heard about the situation, he could only courteously comply.

After Su Family’s patriarch finished greeting with Hu Qian Mei, he looked at the side. He blankly stared at the figure of Su Yun.

“You must be Su Yun?” The Su Family’s patriarch said with a bold demeanor. His chilling eyes had a mysterious luster.

“Greetings patriarch, it is me.” Su Yun clearly responded, but his heart was trembling inside.

He was trying to control his emotions, so that he looked more natural and calm.

“Some disciples said that they saw you die in Martial Bone Mountain. Why are you still alive?”

“I had a lucky encounter, so I survived.”


Then Su Family’s patriarch shouted, “Quickly take him to the main house. I want to personally question him!”

Then he turned around and walked back to the inner sect.


The main house.

Inside a secluded little garden.

A young lady wearing a blue battle dress was sitting quietly within the garden. She was quietly gazing at the flowers with a daze. Her entire being seemed to be detached from the current world.

The lady’s face was haggard. Her eyes were red and tears were still welling up. She remained motionless. The little garden’s atmosphere was unusually indifferent.


Just then, the door leading to the into the small garden was gently pushed open.

Su Mo Sha stepped inside.

As he watched the lady sitting by the flowers in the garden, his brows wrinkled.

“Miss, it is time to practice your sword techniques. Quickly go to the martial field.” Su Mo Sha slowly said.

However, the lady just turned a deaf ear and remained motionless.

“Miss!” Su Mo Sha’s voice became a little impatient.

“Tell the patriarch….I….I do not want to practice anymore….I do want to anymore….”

Qing Er’s hoarse voice emerged.

It was airless and exhibited no power….it sounded like a low groan.

“Do you know what you are doing?” Su Mo Sha became completely furious. He shouted again and again, “Su Family spent so much energy, manpower and financial resources to help you cultivate. Are you really just going to give up just like that? Was everything in vain? Wishful thinking! Quickly come with me to the martial field! Quickly!”

“I do not want to go!”

“Well, your roots was just a female maid, now you have become a phoenix, who has bad temper? Qing Er, let me tell you. If you continue to be like this, you will be deprived your status to remain in the main house. Then you can just go back to your home and continue to be a maid!”

“Whatever….” Qing Er bit down on her lip as she lightly responded.

“You….” Su Mo Sha was losing his breath and became unable to speak.


Just then, the door was slammed open. A maid dress in a green dress quickly ran into the garden.

“Miss! Miss! He’s back, miss! Miss! He’s back!!”

The maid’s face was beaming with joy as she said this, but as she saw Su Mo Sha, she immediately became too scared to move another muscle.

“Why are making a big fuss? What’s next?!” Su Mo Sha coldly looked at the maid as he shouted.

The maid became terrified. She trembled and almost crumpled to the ground.

Then, Qing Er’s reddish eyes looked towards the maid and asked, “Who….who has come back?”

The maid fearfully looked at Su Mo Sha and then nervously directed her gaze to Qing Er and lightly said, “Su….young master Su Yun….”

After hearing these words, Qing Er became shocked. She suddenly stood up and stared at the maid and asked again, “Young one, what did you say….who has come back?”



The maid’s body was ruthlessly kicked with Su Mo Sha’s foot. The little maid was in intense pain as she rolled over on the ground.

“You bitch! What is this nonsense? Quickly leave now!” Su Mo Sha roared.

“Su Mo Sha! You impudent bastard!” Qing Er was thoroughly annoyed and thundered directly at Su Mo Sha.

“What? Miss, I am just helping you disciplining your servants for speaking nonsense. Is that not alright?” Su Mo Sha laughed.

“Are you trying to court death?” Qing Er reached for her sword by her waist.

Su Mo Sha was not fearful at all and just sneered, ‘If you have the skill, then quickly use your sword! However, you have to consider the consequences that who will have the last laugh….you or me.”

Qing Er’s face changed, but she ultimately sheathed her sword back and her fingers loosened from the sword hilt.

He walked over towards the maid sprawled clutching her belly painfully and whispered, “Leave!”

“Ah, quickly go to the martial field. If in the past hour you do not, I may report to the patriarch!” Su Mo Sha chuckled loudly and stormed off.

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