1/2 Year Review

Alright guys, here is the monthly recap! Been half a year now.

Total Views: 1,860,062 (up from 1,514,329)

Month Views: 346,112 (up from 235,848 last month)

Total Visitors: 306, 686 (up from 256,577)

January Highest Views: Yesterday: 18,834

Total Comments: 1,717 (up from 1,514)

The Amazing Followers:

WordPress: 480, (up from 453)

Email: 193 (same)

Total Posts: 150 (up from 121)

Translator Notes: Alright everyone, since I started to release chapters at a more reasonably, the site has been picking up again. I really do thank everyone for their support and I hope that you will continue with me on this journey. Hopefully, everyone can have some patience during delays caused by IRL and stuff. I do read over every comment, so every piece of encouragement helps. I’m planning to make February an even better month!

This is yaoz889, over and out




  1. Ergho says:

    Thanks you are doing great! 😀


    1. yaoz889 says:

      I really appreciate it 🙂


  2. rezvir says:

    waiting for new chapter sir XD Thanks 😀


    1. yaoz889 says:

      ch61 coming out in like 10min 😛


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