Limitless Sword God: Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: *bottom of the page*


At that moment, the man wielding the sword shouted as he coldly glared at the fox girl.

“Who are you?” The fox girl stopped smiling and innocently asked.

“I am Zhen Hu!”

“Zhen Hu!” The fox girl’s tail suddenly stiffened.

“You know this elder’s name?” The man’s eyes flashed a trace of astonishment.

Afterwards, the fox girl just slowly shook her head, “I do not know.”

“You….” His temperament became more furious. He almost rushed in if he could not hold in his fury, but after listening to the fox girl’s comments, he responded, “I want to ask you. Why did you kill my brother!?”

“How many months ago did your brother die?”

“Three months ago!”

“Three months ago.” They saw the fox girl think about it for a moment, but she only shook her head, “I do not know who is your brother. I have killed too many people. If they are not particularly famous, then I will not remember those ones that I have killed!”


The man was basically grinding away his teeth as he was waiting to take action.

“You may not have heard of Chen Hu’s brother, but you have heard of Seven Brothers of the Horizon, right?” At this moment, the man holding the spear shouted.

“Of course! I have heard of them!” The fox girl smiled as she continued, “However, those seven cultivators are only spirit core fifth stage trash!”

“You are going too far!” The man holding the spear growled. Then he continued, “I heard from others, that even though some of my brothers were just walking in the streets, but you mercilessly beheaded them all. Why did you do that?”

“They looked at me!”

Then the fox girl shrugged and continued, “They were also trying to rudely flirt with me!”

“Just because….just because of that?” The man holding the spear could not accept this.

“Of course!” The fox girl continued to smile, “I will disregard them if they just looked at me. Despite that, they were trying to molest me. The only choice I had was to eliminate them. Truth be told, it seems that I missed one of the seven Brothers of the Horizon. I did not expect you guys to come to the palm of my hand. Therefore, I’ll make sure to send you to reunite with your brothers!”

After her voice fell, the fox girl took action.

She took the initiative to strike first. Her soft and tender hand reached for her waist and with a flash of her hand, a devilish looking dagger emitting a scarlet aura appeared. The aura was swaying within the palm of her hand. Then, it automatically shot straight towards the spear guy.

“Beast-woman, do you really think that you can resist us? I have been well-prepared for today’s battle. We will definitely kill you here today!”

After he said this, the man who wielding the spear quickly activated his divine skill. Then, he suddenly stomped heavily on the earth to make it tremble. As the ground shook, a massive stone wall rose from the ground to obstruct any direct assault of the fox girl.

Meanwhile, the other two cultivators were taking out pitch-black spheres one by one. They firmly grasped the spheres within their palm and quickly chanted some skills very quickly.

“Confounding Grand Enclosure Array!” The fox girl suddenly stopped her assault as she gave up on the spear cultivator. Instead, her pair of sinister looking eyes swept over the other two cultivators and with a contemptibly said, “This is a demonic array, which fully lets out its potential as a supporting array technique for restricting the opponent. After the spirit energy within the array is activated, the opponent would be unable to use any divine skills and their combat strength would plummet, causing most people to surrender. The combat strength would probably decrease by one entire level. Furthermore, if one stayed within the array, they would become sleepy and could easily faint from exhaustion.”

“Ha ha ha ha! It looks like you have quite the knowledge on this array!” Zhen Hu laughed.

“To deal with you, the three of us has constructed this Confounding Grand Enclosure Array! Beast-woman, this time, you will not escape from us!”

“We will use this array to enslave you. After destroying your cultivation, you will be put trained properly and become a female slave! Oh, it seems you also looked very pretty, so we will not quickly kill you. Instead, we will slowly torture you until we are satisfied enough. Then you will be beheaded, so that you will inherit all the pain you caused from the ones you have killed!”

The person holding the spear said with eyes full of contempt. His eyes were filled with ravenous desires.

After the fox girl heard this, her little face seemed to fill with terror, “How can you do this to weak girl like me?”

“You are scared now? Well, it’s too late! Just give up, beast-woman!”

Zhen Hu roared as he firmly grasped his knife, while waited for his companions to throw the pitch black spheres. As they saw the the pair of spheres collide, they rapidly melted and merged into one. Soon after, they expanded and soon formed a truly massive profound net. It was specifically used to counter the fox girl.

Despite this, as the fox girl was trapped within the net, she did not exhibit the slightest trace of panic.

She only calmly looked at her hands as her fingers turned yellow as she utilized a form of palm arts. Soon, her whole body was shrouded with a large orb of scarlet light that pressed against the black net.

And it happened! She was soon completely free from the black light’s enclosure and stepped closer towards Zhen Hu who was still just wielding his knife.

“What?” (Tl: I was tempted to translate: Dafuq…)

The two other cultivators remained shocked, “You’re actually unaffected by the Confounding Grand Enclosure Array’s influence?”

“This insignificant technique, why are you displaying it in front of a master like me?”The fox girl disdainfully said with eyes full of triumph.

They could only watch as she abruptly gained the upper hand. Using her soft and tender small hand, her dagger soared into the sky. Then, a long blade appeared and she slashed through the top with lightning fast movements at the Confounding Grand Enclosure Array.


Zhen Hu who was still supporting the massive array as the scarelet dagger let out a massive slash that shook the entire array. He spat out a mouthful of blood and quickly retreated. The other two cultivators complexion paled dramatically.

However, before the two could even react, a sword slashed through right in front of them. This slash made the sky spin and the Earth go round…. (Tl: in this context, means very, very powerful)

Bam. Dong.

Two heads flew into the air.

The blood madly spurted out from the two headless bodies like a pillar of blood.

The person that was still holding the spear stared dumbly at the scene. He had come looking for revenge with his partner, but his partner was beheaded with just one move….

Were they really just too weak?

Impossible! They had three cultivators and several days of preparation, to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There was no way they could be this weak!

Yet why, did they lose after meeting with the beast woman face to face?

There was only one explanation.

The fox girl was just too powerful!

“Your strength is too pathetic, would you still dare to behead me?” The fox girl gently twirled her soft white battle dress around. The man holding the spear just laughed, “So….you were….”



The voice was cut short by the sound of a sharp dagger piercing through flesh.


The Su Yun who desperately desired to escape from this event could only wait quietly on the side after he witnessed the battle.

Spirit Core Fifth stage….

They were sufficient to easily deal with several Su Yuns. However, in front of this fox girl, they could not even hold their own in battle!

Moreover, there were three of them! Equipped with Confounding Grand Enclosure Array, everything was well prepared! However, they had actually met their end.

What level of cultivation was this fox girl in front of him?

Su Yun was truly scared.

Moreover, she said killing after killing, but there were no major backlashes. Su Yun was really afraid….that there was some major forces behind her that was backing her up.

Su Family was not very powerful, but most people could ignore the vast communication network that they had set up. Su Family’s relationship between various sects and forces were comparable to Blossom Heart Valley. Despite this, Su Family did not dare try to offend the Immortal Sword Sect. After all, the Su Family true strength was not comparable to Immortal Sword Sect’s.

If you had the backing of the Su Family, Su Family’s important figures were people that no one dared to kill!

In fact, based on this matter, Su Family was still not equal to the Immortal Sword Sect. Therefore, Su Family used Qing Er to marry into Profound Sky Sect. In this way, the Immortal Sword Sect  would not even be a problem anymore. The Profound Sky Sect was sufficient to completely oppress the Immortal Sword Sect. If they could not eat it, they would leave. (Tl: since Su Family could not be true allies to Immortal Sword Sect, they found someone else)

Which forces were backing this fox girl?

It seems that he could only follow her orders and take her to the Su Family! Anyways, she was looking for the Su Family. She was not looking for him, so what was there to be afraid of?

Su Yun made up his mind. He no longer wanted to run away.

After the fox girl kill the three people, it still did not stop. She lined the three male corpses and used her hands to slowly pierce through each of the three corpses’ hearts.

In an instant, he could see that the scarlet dagger trembling as it issued a piercing screeching noise. A lot of veins appeared on the dagger’s blade, creating an intricate pattern. As he gazed at the dagger piercing through the corpses, it was evident that it began to erode the corpses.

Su Yun’s hair stood up as he saw this scene.

This blade….was definitely not something that the Sky Martial Continent could produce.

“Are you not afraid?”

At this time, the fox girl curiously turned her gaze at Su Yun. She was still smiling.

“I am afraid.” Su Yun replied.

“Oh? Then how can you look so calm?”

“This is probably….I was born aloof.” Su Yun casually replied.

The fox girl froze for a moment and then clutched her stomach as she giggled.

“You are too interesting!”


After the fox girl’s dagger finished absorbing the blood from the three corpses, the two went back on the trail.

Cruel, insidious, sinister, two-faced….this was Su Yun’s evaluation of the fox girl.

It seems that her heart was indifferent and unfettered to everything!

“Right, what was your name?”

Suddenly, the fox girl asked as she walked to the front.


Su Yun hesitated and thought that he should not announce his real name.

Should he announce his real name and she came to get revenge on the Su Family, then he would probably be doomed.

However, if he announced a false name, and the disciples of the Su Family exposed him, then this fox girl would probably become very angry. Given her temperament, Su Yun was afraid that he could not escape being beheaded.

After thinking about it, Su Yun decided to take a gamble.

Yet, it is better to tell her truthfully. After all, even if she had some type of grudge with the Su Family, it should have nothing to do with him, an outer sect disciple. With his inferior status and humble strength, he could not have brought any type of trouble to himself.

After making a decision, Su Yun took a deep breath, “My name is Su….”

“Look, isn’t that the Su Family territory?”

As Su Yun was about to speak his name, the fox girl suddenly ran a few steps ahead. She had unknowingly interrupted Su Yun as she asked these words.

In the distance, an image of a massive stone wall that were several meters high appeared. Behind the walls, there were many buildings that lined the streets, which had flags attached to the roofs. The massive dark banners that were swaying in the wind had one word: Su.

“Uh….yes, that is the home of the Su Family!” Su Yun nodded.

“Ha ha. I finally made it to the Su Family!”

The fox girl’s eyes glittered with joy. She quickly went past Su Yun and sprinted straight ahead.

Looking at her appearance, it seemed that she was definitely looking for trouble with the Su Family.

Su Yun was relieved, but his mouth revealed a small snicker. Nonetheless, he accelerated his pace.

The trial had ended long ago and he had disappeared for a long time. Most likely, the Su Family thought he was dead. He did not really care about anyone but himself, but he was still worried about the Xin Yue brother and sister.

Especially Qing Er.

Su Yun felt his heart tighten, as if he was somewhat afraid that the girl may have done something stupid….

Soon, the two arrived at the main gates of the Su Family.

“Hey! Open the gates! Hurry and notify your patriarch! Please inform him that I, Hu Qian Mei, a master who is willing to teach the Ming Ying Arts is here! Quickly, open the gates!” The fox girl shouted with her utmost strength and allure that she could muster.

Was she that powerful?

After the gatekeepers of the Su Family heard this, they quickly looked at each other.

Right after sending back the Immortal Sword Sect Elder, another master had appeared to teach demon arts!

Just then, Su Yun came over. The two outer sect disciples suddenly turned pale.

One of them vigorously rubbed his eyes and found out that he was not mistaken. With his hand, he trembling point in horror and said, “Su….Su….Su….Su….Su Yun, is that really you….you are not dead yet?”

“Su Yun?”

Hu Qian Mei suddenly backed off and stared at the man that came with her. She blinked her eyes in doubt, “You are Su Yun?”

Chapter title: You are Su Yun?


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