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Time for another poll!

Alright, so it has come to my attention that the author  does not write: he said, she said, after some dialogues. However, in English, every dialogue usually contains the subject. Therefore, I am wondering if you would like me to add them? I will only add them in later chapters. I will not add them in obvious ones, but just some of the conversations to help the readers.


“I am Zhen Hu!” -> “I am Zhen Hu!” The man shouted.


“How many months ago did your brother die?”

“Three months ago!”


“How many months ago did your brother die?” The fox girl asked.

“Three months ago!” Zhen Hu responded.


So guys, what is your opinion on this? Please vote in the poll below. It will run until Wednesday afternoon 3:00 PM (UTC -5:00).

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  1. Kamensilver says:

    Truthfully sir, if there is no indicator but it is understood who said it, than i think it’s better to leave it at that. However sometimes there is confusion so I think let us, the reader, inform this to you.


    1. yaoz889 says:

      we’ll see, it will be based on the poll results


  2. GG says:

    many have used the format below maybe that would be better

    “I am Zhen Hu!” Zhen Hu.

    “I am Limitless Sword God” Su yun


  3. Sam says:

    In English, it is absolutely not a requirement that each line of dialogue has something like “he said” attached to it. It is common to help keep track of who’s speaking and to describe actions and body language during the conversation, but it can certainly be omitted when the speaker is clear.

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    1. Astaroth95 says:

      Yeah, and basically the only time “said” has a place is if someone didn’t hear what was said and asks the speaker to repeat whatever they were saying: “I said: blablabla.” Or if someone is retelling what someone else said before, like “my buddy said/told me this blablabla…”

      Since context isn’t always enough (or not too obvious) adding the name of the spokesperson within parenthesis before or after the sentence to help the reader out is sufficient. Since in reality it doesn’t really have anything to do with the ongoing conversation and is only there to help the reader.


  4. Renbai says:

    I personally think keeping it the traditional xianxia way would be better… It’s not as wordy and its what keeps it.. unique(?) in a sense too.

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  5. Astaroth95 says:

    There’s no need to be so explicit when it’s already clear who spoke. But it can be nice when it’s not as obvious.


    1. Astaroth95 says:

      Another, not as clunky way imo, is to just put the name of the speaker in front of the sentence. e.g. (Fox Girl): “How many months ago was it since your brother died?”


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