Limitless Sword God: Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: A Beauty

The young girl had a pair of fluffy snow white fox ears and a huge soft white tail gently swaying back and forth behind her.

After seeing herself, the young girl subconsciously became alert but the expression quickly disappeared without a trace. Soon, her face was replaced by a blooming smile.

“Hey! It seems a handsome gentleman actually just fell from the sky!” The voice was clear and bright with its own strong charm. It seemed like every word could hook in anyone’s soul.

Su Yun was just staring at her stunned for a moment. Then he hastily recovered his mind.

“She has a very powerful mind skill. Kid, who are dealing with? Why does every single word she says seem to have so much allure?”

The sword elder seemed a bit nervous as he directly whispered to Su Yun.

“I do not know. I do not know this girl, but she must not be that simple. Let’s quickly think of a way to get past her and quickly leave!”

“You have to be careful! I will have to return to the Limitless Sword Arts Scroll to finish assimilating the Triple Yuan Essence!” After those words, the sword elder’s presence disappeared.

Su Yun took a deep breath. Then he dog paddled back to the shore.

However, the eleven year old girl soon walked up in front of Su Yun. She gave Su Yun a flirtatious look and smiled at him as she chuckled, “Where has this handsome brother came out from? Why did you suddenly fall into the middle of the pond?”

“Uhh….” Su Yun slowly said as he gazed at the girl.

After seeing an entire set of red battle dress and a not long blade hanging from the side of her waist, he became very surprised. Her long hair extended to her waist, but her she was still quite young. Nonetheless, there was some development in her chest, which was small and delicate. However, her snow white tail was particularly alluring as it was continuously moving back and forth, making anyone unable to do anything but feel the soft white fur.

Despite this, at the moment, this little girl that was equipped with a full battle dress that was riddled with holes, which exposed her pure white skin. On her body, she was covered with wounds. Presumably, it seemed that this girl was just at the pond to wash away her wounds.

Some wounds could not be healed just by medicine. Therefore, water still had its uses.

“What is handsome brother looking at, maybe….you want to be my husband?” Right after listening to this extremely charming voice, Su Yun could only see that the beautiful little girl looked away. She was blushing, which would make any man become crazy.

My god!

Su Yun erratically shook himself after he bit his the tip of his tongue. He was freed from the mind technique.

He took a deep breath and said, “Young lady, I only met you by coincidence, since we do not know each other, I will take my leave.”

Afterwards, Su Yun hastily sprinted off and quickly left this place.

However, as he began to take on step, the beautiful girl with the scarlet short sword appeared under his neck as quick as lightning.

Su Yun was startled to see that the young girl wearing the battle dress was standing right in front of him. Then she smiled as she said, “You can leave….but….but can you do something for me?”

“Young girl, quickly say it!” Su Yun hurriedly said.

“Hmph! As a matter of fact, I will say it.” The battle dressed girl laughed, “The Su Family is not far away from here, but I do not know the way. May I inconvenience you, so that you may accompany me to the Su Family!”

“Su Family?”

“You will not go?”

“That is….”

“If you will not go, then there is no value in keeping you, then?”

“How can I not go? I will take you there!”

Su Yun secretly hid the Su Family crest on his waist as he quickly said this.

Yet, Su Yun wondered if this person was looking for trouble with the Su Family. Nonetheless, from the lightning fast movement from a moment ago, he’s afraid that this person cultivation level was above him. Furthermore, it was probably several times above him, so he was certainly no match for this person if she was the enemy. He could only try to appease her.

“Come on, handsome brother!” The young girl sheathed her sword and smiled.


They quickly left the pond and went on a wide trail. As Su Yun recognized the road, he suddenly froze.

They were actually a full hundred miles away from the Su Family at an area called: Joining Green Forest. If they went from here on foot, it would take nearly a day of travel to get back.

How did he come here from Su Shi Long’s tomb?

Su Shi Long built himself a tomb, but what was the final purpose for it? Was it really just to test Su Family’s disciples?

Su Yun’s mind was completely shrouded in mist.

They hiked along the wide trail towards Su Family Outer Sect. The trail had many twists and turns.

“Hey, handsome brother. Recounting the incident before, just how did you fall from the top of the waterfall?” What happened?”

The young fox girl asked as she twirled her large white tail in front of Su Yun. Both of her arms were crossed behind her back as she neared him. Her cute and innocent little face had a big smile as she looked upon Su Yun.

Su Yun’s eyes swept over her and said, “Then how did you receive the wounds on your body?”

After the fox girl heard this, she snorted. Then she cast a sideways glance and said, “Nonetheless, I was injured by a despicable person. Although she was powerful, she was not enough to deal with me.”

“Oh….” Su Yun nodded, but did not say another word.

“Hey, I said my reason. You did not say anything!”

“I’m not going to say it!”

“What? Are you teasing me?”

“This is considered teasing?”

A resounding sword let out.

Her sword was taken out of the sheath.

“Well….fine….I will say it….” Su Yun’s head overflowed with sweat. His eyes secretly turned as he said, “I was playing in the mountains. Then I accidently stumbled and fell….”


The fox girl shouted. She obviously did not believe him.

But Su Yun was dead set on remaining as a dead pig in hot water, he did not utter another word. (Tl: idiom: completely ignore)

The fox girl would not become agitated from a simple matter and kill him. After all, she needed Su Yun to lead the way. Otherwise, she would not have asked Su Yun for directions.

After hearing this, the fox girl put her sword away. She did not become angry. Instead, her pair of bright eyes gave him a crafty look. The corner of her tender lips curled as her body fell to the ground. Ow! A thud was heard.

Her little white hands exposed her ankle as she was currently frowning. She tearfully looked at Su Yun, “Handsome brother, your girl….your girl twisted her feet….”

Su Yun was stunned silly as he saw this.

How bad at acting could she be?

How could someone with a cultivation that high twist their foot?

Was she trying to insult his intelligence?

However, after the words were sounded after the incident, it had a dramatic impact on Su Yun’s mind. He did not know why, but he found himself yielding to the young girl. He could nto help but step forward and reveal a look of concern. Then he asked, “Are you okay?”

“No….no problem, just….just my ankle is in pain….”

“I will carry you!” Su Yun said.

“No….no, handsome brother, as long as you prop me up it is fine.”

The fox girl said with an exquisitely alluring voice. She extended her thin white arm as the dark red sleeve slowly slide back to her shoulder, exposing her bare lotus white skin.

As Su Yun began to speak, his mind was becoming controlled. He was getting into a trance and the situation became more difficult to grasp….


Suddenly, a muffled sound emitted from his heart.

After the noise, Su Yun’s whole body trembled. He quickly looked at his chest and saw the Everlasting Stone was trembling.

At this moment, the Everlasting Stone had actually activated on its own and allowed him to recover himself and free his mind.

After Su Yun recovered. He felt surprised yet again.

He did not expect this person would be able to just use her eyes to entrance him with a mind technique. If the opponent was powerful to a certain level, they could easily control others. If it continued, Su Yun would probably have had his secret discovered.

This fox! Too strong!

Fortunately, there was the Everlasting Stone!

He secretly exhaled in his mind, but then he had an idea.

Suddenly, Su Yun hand grasped the fox girl’s white arm.

The fox girl became slightly stiff, but did not let out a retort. One could only see a strong arm wrap around her as she was propped up like a child in his arms.

“How are your feet? Can you walk? Here, let me hold you as you walk!”

Su Yun said with concern.

The fox girl suddenly became baffled.

How could she have thought that Su Yun would help her like this. Her soft body became very stiff.

“Put….put me down….”

After a moment, the fox girl recovered.

She looked a little more angry and considerably more tense. In one motion, she pushed Su yun away and she fell to the ground.

“What are you doing?” Su Yun said with a bewildered look at the fox girl. His face looked confused.

Although a trace of anger passed through the eyes of the fox girl, it was soon replaced by a bright smile on her cute little face.

She circled around Su Yun and clicked her tongue: “You were actually hiding a trick!”

“What are you saying?” Su Yun dumbly responded.

The fox girl calmly laughed, but did not bother to continue teasing him. She quickly became a child again and said, “Well, hurry up, I have to quickly arrive at the Su Family. I do not have time to waste. Otherwise, if you make me angry, you will be dismembered!”


Although she seemed to be an extremely strange young girl, Su Yun felt that she was really capable of doing it. Therefore, he just moved his body and willed himself forward.


After taking two steps, an eerie atmosphere floated towards the road.

“Really annoying!”

The fox girl sighed and uncomfortably looked and said, “These flies are so annoying, right?”


Su Yun doubted it was that by the tone of this fox girl. It seemed that she sense some kind of foreign existence.

Since it found her, then he would just stand a distance away from her. Therefore, he would not get into the battle.

Su Yun immediately retreated back and created some distance between them.

He was surprised to find that this time, a number of silhouettes swept over the trail and directly stopped in front of her. They surrounded Su Yun and the fox girl pretty tightly.

After the dark atmosphere dissipated, three people wearing black robes appeared.

One person was holding a knife, one was holding a sword and one was holding a spear. The three angrily glared at the fox girl. Their eyes were ferocious as if they wanted to completely devour the little fox girl.

“Beastgirl! You actually killed my entire family. Seventy-three relatives died. Even my twelve year old son was not spared! I have chased you for a month and today I will avenge my family. I will chop your head off and sacrifice it to him!” The middle-aged man holding the knife growled.

“Your whole family of “Mo Silk City” can be considered as a notorious group. You did not even consider that even though your twelve year old son was young, he already learned to bully others as if he was tending to fish in the village! Why would I spare him?” Then the smile on the fox girl’s face lit up even more, “Moreover, I let you guys give me the Turquoise Life Jade, but you guys refused me. Therefore, I had to use force!”

After talking, the fox girl just giggled. It seem to think that whatever happened before was a funny event.

Su Yun’s sides suddenly became alert. His heart became very tense.

As he gazed at this sweet and seductive young girl laughing, he became afraid that she was a scorpion, which he could not get away from.

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