Limitless Sword God: Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Blade Dress

Thump thump thump….

As the sun went down, an alluring woman was riding a majestic stallion that was galloping forward.

Her fingers were like spring onions, truly beautiful. They were holding a piece of the iron mask. She gazed at the mask as she emitted an aura of unwillingness.

This was one of the pieces of the Limitless Sword God’s mask.

However, too much time have passed. The spirit aura from thas mask has already dissipated, so her Ten Thousand Mile Tracking Technique would not work anymore. The technique relied on the spirit aura residue left on objects to track the person. Therefore, now that the spirit aura was gone, her technique was now useless.

Long Xian Li’s small and fine hand suddenly tightened around the mask and crushed the iron mask to dust.

Then she threw away the iron mask and continued on her way.

Just then.

The air suddenly was enveloped by a strong and thick scent of blood. She quickly looked up ahead.

She could see countless corpses had littered the road up front. The blood was flowing out like a river flowing down a mountain.

She quickened her pace as she headed towards the scene. She was soon greeted by a terrible sight.

When one only looked at the ground, there were countless different types of bodies. There were male, female, whether old or young. Their goods were scattered around the ground and many of the bodies had a few sword wounds. One of the corpses still had a expression of absolute fear on his face as a corpse. Looking at him, it looked like they encountered some terrifying figure.

Maybe, did they perhaps encounter a bandit?

Long Xian Li pondered in her heart. Afterwards, she did not make sense of this and continued on her way.


Then, a light sound that seemed to be a tender cry was leaked out.

It was extremely weak, just like a mosquito.

Long Xian Li turned around to check and was surprised to find that under a body of a middle aged female was something that was trying to crawl out.

She quickly rushed over and pulled away the corpse of the middle aged woman. Afterwards, she could only see a little girl who was wearing a red dress> She was currently panting very heavily.

The mother used her body to hide her child? Was she preventing her daughter was being taken away?

There was a small flicker in Long Xian Li’s eyes.

As she analyzed the girl in front of her, who looked to be about seven or eight years old, the adorable little girl got up and looked around the circle of corpses. As she looked around, her eyes began to fill with tears that began to overflow everywhere.

“Mother….uncle….2nd uncle….father….” The little girl cried as she slumped back to the ground: paralyzed and heartbroken.

“Child, don’t cry. The dead cannot be revived. The only choice you have is to endure this and live on.” Long Xian Li said with a soft heart as she crouched down to gently pat the little girl’s shoulders.

The little girl froze for a moment as she stared at Long Xian Li’s beautiful face. As if she saw a person like one of her loved ones, she miserably let out a wail and threw herself in Long Xian Li’s arms. She was weeping loudly as her little body trembled uncontrollably.

Long Xian Li extended her slender arms like thin onions as she gently patted the little girl’s back and quietly consoled her.

Despite this!

After she consoled the little girl for a while, Long Xian Li’s eyes suddenly flashed a trace of doubt.

In an instant, the little girl stopped sobbing as all the corpses around her began to rise up.

“Hm?” Long Xian Li said as her eyebrows knitted.


A chilling light streaked and was flying straight here.


A white tender hand had grabbed her hands.

Long Xian Li looked down and was surprised to find that the little girl had unexpectedly actually grabbed a sharp short sword.

The short sword was enveloped in a scarlet aura appearing as a very devilish as if the blade itself was immersed in poison.

After witnessing the situation, she did sweat a little. Long Xian Li had been tricked and encountered an ambush.

She saw the little girl raise her head. Then the little girl innocently gave a harmless and brilliant smile as she said, “Little Li, you must always be vigilant!”

“Senior sister?” Long Xian Li secretly frowned.

As she spoke, she felt her hands already loosed their grip and the little girl’s hand suddenly disappeared. When she saw the little girl again, the girl was standing five meters in front of Long Xian Li.

The girl was standing in the center of the bones, as if she was a devil herself. The little girl seemed like a horrifying phantom of a painting.

Just then, a breeze blew over. The bones, blood, debris and etc. on the ground all disappeared without a trace. Then, the red skirt little girl changed her appearance. Her appearance changed to girl of around eleven years old as her appearance on the girl’s face increased in charm and even in seductiveness. It would draw the attention of anyone that saw, especially her eyes, which seemed to trap one’s gaze forever. If one gazed at the pair of eyes, they would no longer be able to move away.

However, that was not the main point. The most remarkable was that on top of both sides of her head was a pair of soft fox ears….and sticking out of her red skirt was a snow white fluffy fox tail.

A beastman. She was half human and half demon. On more than one occasion, the Demon continent invaded the Sky Martial Continent. Many of the invaders raped,murdered and pillaged countless cities. If a female was raped by a demon, there was a very low probability to give birth to a half human and half demon offspring. Therefore, it was possible to see some of beasts features on some humans. Not surprisingly, although these people were different from a regular human, but they never had a demon true strength or a true demon aura.

Nonetheless, since of the unique features given upon birth, it often resulted in causing the offspring to suffer from discrimination and bullying. Therefore, these people tend to prefer to live alone and avoid contact with regular humans. As a result, people rarely see beastmen.

After witnessing this change, Long Xian Li eyes suddenly lit up.

“So it is like this. You were actually using your your illusion force to ambush me!”

“My lovely sister, you are really illusioned. You actually took this long to find out!” The girl that was dressed in the red skirt said as she leaned against the side of a dead tree. Her mouth raised with a trace of cynicism, “But to say that I wanted to attack you, I do not. If I really wanted to attack you, why would I let you discover my illusion?”

“Senior Sister, aren’t you saying this too early?” Long Xian Li angrily responded as she mouthed a few more words, “You are equal to me in strength, so you can’t determine who will be the clear winner. Yet, if you want to fight, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t be too sure if you can win, right?”

“Ah, friends then!”

The indifferent fox girl said, “I have come here to solve the problem that had happened!”

“What do you mean?”

“The Heavenly Crystal!” The fox girl said.

Long Xian Li remained silent.

“Tell me, the Heavenly Crystal is in whose hands?!”

As the fox girl said this, she slowly raised her thin scarlet short sword from her waist. Her eyes were oozing with killing intent, “If you say it, I will let you go. If you do not say anything, then….next time will not be like this, leaving you with only a warning!”

“Senior sister.” Long Xian Li did not take out her sword as she responded.

“What? My dear junior sister?” The fox girl amusingly winked in a playful manner as she grinned at Long Xian Li.

“Master have warned us before that we should not kill each other!”

“However, master is dead!” The fox girl’s face became ugly as her eyes flashed a trace of redness. She ground her teeth as she said, “Furthermore, you still have the right to mention master?”

“Master’s death was unrelated with the sect, only….”

“Enough!” The fox girl shouted as she began to approach Long Xian Li.

Long Xian Li bit on her pink lips and no longer uttered a word.

The fox girl sternly gazed at Long Xian Li and coldly said, “Immortal Filthy Sword Sect, sooner or later, I will make them disappear. Master’s injustice will be corrected by me. You will regret your foolish actions!”

“Regret?” Long Xian Li said as she continued to look indifferent.

The fox girl coldly responded, “Long Xian Li, you must think that I cannot kill you. Tell me in which hands is the Heavenly Crystal!”

As she said this, the fox girl had already begun to rush forth. Her body was covered in spirit aura as she swiftly made her move.

Obviously, she was not lying about what she just said. She was truly aiming to kill junior sister.

Long Xian Li bowed for a moment and ultimately decided to lightly comment, “I think….it might be related to a person….”


“Su Yun!”

“Where is he?”



Puff! ! !

Su Yun spat out a mouth full of blood that fell straight to the ground

As he witnessed the pitch-black blood fall to the ground, it let out a noise. The ground was corroded by this black blood.

As Su Yun’s eyes looked on the ground, there was a cheerful expression evident on his face.

“Foul blood? This type of accumulation usually resides in the depths of the human veins, which is only expelled as a precursor for breaking through spirit intermediate realm second stage! After the foul blood is expelled, one’s impurities within their bodies would decrease by half! I did not expect that after entering spirit intermediate realm first stage that I would so rapidly advance to second stage. How many days have passed? Fantastic….with the effect of Triple Yuan Gas and Everlasting Stone, the effects are truly staggering.”

“Not only that.” Sword elder’s old voice emerged, “This elder here feels so comfortable for the first time. Since I first entered the Limitless Sword Arts scroll, I have never felt so comfortable. My soul has probably increased in power by one level, so the amount of spirit power I can provide should increase.”

Su Yun nodded with his body. He raised his hands in the air and waved them around for a few times. Then he responded, “Nonetheless, I seemed to have learned that the Triple Yuan Gas here is now depleted, so I am unable to progress in my cultivation here anymore. It is time to leave.”

Su Yun followed the outskirts of the area and finally arrived at a large coffin.

“Su Family’s Third Patriarch: Su Tian Long….”

“Is this Su Tian Long’s corpse?” Su Yun said as he analysed the coffin.

Afterwards, he went back to the matter on hand. He decided to continue to look for a way out.

He completed numerous laps around the area, but no escape route could be found. There wasn’t even an escape button or anything.

“The Fragmented Void Gate should not still be in the spirit devouring area, right?” Su Yun whispered.

“The other Fragmented Void Gate cannot exist so close to each other. If they are too close, the forces between them would cancel out and thus one would disappear. Therefore the would not be set up anyways! As a result, the other Fragment Void Gate must be in this area.” The sword elder said.

“But the surrounding area is empty, how do we leave?” Su yun sighed.

Suddenly, his gaze fell upon the huge coffin doors.


“Is it in the coffin?”

Su Yun walked towards it. He hesitated for a moment and then forcefully lifted the coffin lid.


As the coffin lids were pushed in, the entire coffin was opened. The smell that overflowed from the coffin was not the disgusting smell of corpses, but a sour smell.

Su Yun hastily jumped on the coffin and peered inside.

After checking it, it was really surprising.

As he gazed into the coffin, there was no corpse of Su Tian Long. Instead, in the dark coffin, it was filled with black water. he did not know if the dark water was the gateway.

“Is this the exit?” Su Yun doubted.

“In all likelihood, it is. However, why is there so much water?” The sword elder responded.

“I do not care!” Su Yun held his breath as he stared at the dark water. Then he directly jumped in.


The water splashed out.

As Su Yun dived into the coffin, it was evident that the space within the coffin was not too large. It looked about only a couple square meters. Nonetheless, at the bottom of the black water, there was the Fragmented Void Gate.

it was really there.

Su Yun was overjoyed and quickly swam towards the Fragmented Void Gate.


As he neared the Fragmented Void Gate, he immediately felt a powerful suction force emit from the gate and Su Yun’s body was quickly sucked in.

He was still in the dark and holding his breath, since he could not breathe underwater.

He did not know where this Fragmented Void Gate would lead to in Martial Bone Mountain….

Luckily, the transfer only lasted a short while. Su Yun’s face was beginning to turn purple as he faced a bright incoming streak of light. Then he came out of the water.

His world finally was restored and Su Yun was shocked.

In the distance was a lush forest. Behind him was a massive waterfall and he was currently floating away from the bottom of the waterfall.

He actually flowed out of a waterfall?

Su Yun looked towards his rear and could see that behind the massive waterfall, there was a black hole.

Then….then that is the hole to Su Tian Long’s Tomb?

Su Yun was puzzled, but before he could think, he heard a splash. He hand landed straight into some pool.

“Who is it?!” A cold, yet urgent voice sounded.

It was a sweet female voice….is it possible that someone was taking a bath?

Su Yun froze for a moment and peeked his head out of the pool to look around. He was surprised to find that within the pool was not a naked female. On the contrary, on the shore of the pool was a very young girl wearing a red blade skirt. She was looking right at him.

Su Yun was a little disappointed.

“I knew I left a little late.”

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