LSG Ch58 Teaser & Delay

Hey everyone. As said in the title, there will be a delay on the chapters, so everything was pushed back a day.

The reason: a blizzard came to town and I had to shovel snow for ~7 hrs. No joke, literally 7 hrs, so even though I called off work today, I am dead tired. If I thought I was going to shovel so much snow, I wouldn’t even have worked out in the morning….


That is my driveway, after shoveling., ~17 inches or ~43 cm of snow in less than a day.

Anyways, enough about this, here is the teaser!

I hope everyone who is in the East Coast of USA remains safe and warm 🙂

Chapter 58: Blade Armor

Thump thump thump….

As the sun went down, an alluring woman was riding a majestic stallion that was galloping forward.

Her fingers were like spring onions, truly beautiful. They were holding a piece of the iron mask. She gazed at the mask as she emitted an aura of unwillingness.

This was one of the pieces of the Limitless Sword God’s mask.

However, too much time have passed. The spirit aura from thas mask has already dissipated, so her Ten Thousand Mile Tracking Technique would not work anymore. The technique relied on the spirit aura residue left on objects to track the person. Therefore, now that the spirit aura was gone, her technique was now useless.

Long Xian Li’s small and fine hand suddenly tightened around the mask and crushed the iron mask to dust.

Then she threw away the iron mask and continued on her way.

Just then.

The air suddenly was enveloped by a strong and thick scent of blood. She quickly looked up ahead.

She could see countless corpses had littered the road up front. The blood was flowing out like a river flowing down a mountain.

She quickened her pace as she headed towards the scene. She was soon greeted by a terrible sight.

When one only looked at the ground, there were countless different types of bodies. There were male, female, whether old or young. Their goods were scattered around the ground and many of the bodies had a few sword wounds. One of the corpses still had a expression of absolute fear on his face as a corpse. Looking at him, it looked like they encountered some terrifying figure.

Maybe, did they perhaps encounter a bandit?

Long Xian Li pondered in her heart. Afterwards, she did not make sense of this and continued on her way.


Then, a light sound that seemed to be a tender cry was leaked out.

It was extremely weak, just like a mosquito.

Long Xian Li turned around to check and was surprised to find that under a body of a middle aged female was something that was trying to crawl out.

She quickly rushed over and pulled away the corpse of the middle aged woman. Afterwards, she could only see a little girl who was wearing a red dress> She was currently panting very heavily.

The mother used her body to hide her child? Was she preventing her daughter was being taken away?

There was a small flicker in Long Xian Li’s eyes.

As she analyzed the girl in front of her, the adorable little girl got up and looked around the circle of corpses. As she looked around, her eyes began to fill with tears that began to overflow everywhere.


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