Limitless Sword God: Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Triple Yuan Gas

Su Yun grinded his teeth as he suddenly counterattacked and deflected the stone spear away. At the next instant later, he threw his engraved dragon blade while using Spirit Lord Aura to control the flying blade aiming to pierce through the statute.

This time, he did not have the held of the blood array. He did not have the blood blades’ help. His might right now was not equal to the battle of Gu Xie Xin Sect where he obtained the Everlasting Stone. Despite that, to compete with the stone statue, it was enough. His main objective was still the massive gate behind the statue.

As the flying blade clashed with the stone statue, the stone statue managed to dodge and resist the initial strikes with his stone spear. However, soon the flying blade overwhelmed the statue from its complex maneuvering and was stabbed repeatedly by the flying blade.

Yet….its abnormal defense was astonishing. After being repeatedly stabbed by the blade, it was only covered by some small cracks or marks on the surface of its body. The assault had hardly injured it.

If Su Yun wanted to eliminate the statue, it would be exceptionally difficult. The Heavenly Crystal’s time was limited, so he could not last in a long battle!

Su Yun heart felt heavy.


As Su Yun neared the gate, the statue’s attention towards the flying blade was immediately transferred to Su Yun as he came, crashing over.

“Despicable filthy trash, you actually are attempting to disturbed the master’s sleep! Die! ! !” After the statue roared these words, he charged towards Su Yun and mercilessly stabbed towards Su Yun with its stone spear.

The stone spear made a whirring sound as it pierced through the air. The strike was terrifying.

Su Yun hastily sidestepped the spear like a carp. (TL: I don’t really know what this idiom means)

The stone spear slammed down heavily on the ground, creating a crater about one meter deep. The massive crater in the ground was massive. The strike was horrifying.

Too close!

Upon seeing the crater, Su Yun was wiping his sweat.

Yet….this move was not the end of the battle….

Suddenly, the ground voluntarily cracked open and a myriad of stone pierced up through the ground. It was layers and layers of sharp stones that aimed straight for Su Yun.

“What is this mysterious divine skill?” Su Yun eyes widened as he madly turned around and retreated.



His agility was far less than the flying stones and was hit directly by a massive rock. Su Yun coughed up some blood as he crashed in front of the massive gate.

His energy from the Heavenly Crystal had begun to decline! His power was fading.

As the energy was the Heavenly Crystal was pretty much consumed, the devouring force of the the Fragmented Void also began to act upon Su Yun’s body.

Su Yun struggled to remove the Heavenly Crystal from his chest. He saw that there wasn’t the slightest trace of internal energy in the Heavenly Crystal anymore. His eyes flashed a trace of unwillingness.

Will I really die here?

Will I be trapped in here forever?

No! Impossible!

I cannot just die here.

Qing Er….she is still waiting for me to save her….

I must not let her get married on that day!

Never again will I let her become a puppet for the Su Family!

“Qing Er….” Su Yun made his decision. He struggled to stand up.

Right now, he was completely supported only by his willpower.

“Just die!” The charging statue roared as he ruthlessly swung his spear towards Su Yun.

Hua hua hua hua hua hua….

The stone spear of the statue was shrouded with spirit power as it spun, like a constantly rotating drill. This high speed thorn was flying straight towards Su Yun.

The velocity of the spear was boundless. The grand pressure of the spear was exceptionally astonishing.

Su Yun did not panic. He did not even have a trace of fear!

Just as the stone spear pierced towards Su Yun, he suddenly raised the Heavenly Crystal in his hands and sidestepped towards the assault of the stone statue.

Dang….the pitch-black Heavenly Crystal made contact with the stone spear’s tip.

However. Su Yun did not feel any of the heavy clash.As he welcomed the blow, it felt like he had hit cotton!

Su Yun’s heart was surprised. Then he was overjoyed.

He could only see the Heavenly Crystal emit a streak of black light and as the light illuminated the area, it managed to swallow part of the stone spear. Just like lightning, the black light soon began to envelop the entire stone statue. The Heavenly Crystal began crazily vibrate as this occurred.

“Ah ! ! ! ! !”

The statue issued a deafening roar as its massive body began to become riddled with a large number of cracks. An immeasurable amount of spirit power began to flood out from the cracks as it seeped into the Heavenly Crystal!

Just as expected!

The Heavenly Crystal was absorbing the energy of the statue!

Although the Heavenly Crystal’s energy was depleted, it can readily absorb the spirit power present from anything that possess them. Then this energy would become his to use!

Although the strength of the statue is impressive, but it could not resist the suction force of the Heavenly Crystal as it took away its power!

Even though the Heavenly Crystal’s suction ability of the black streak only lasted for a moment, most of the spirit power of the statue was taken away. It suddenly retreated from the clash as it took back the stone spear to get out of the range of the Heavenly Crystal. The massive stone body glared with its huge pair of eyes and shouted in an enraged voice, “I will definitely kill you!”

The statue continued its onslaught as it slashed with its stone spear yet again.

However, Su Yun did not panic. He made sure to pay attention to the stone spear as he blocked it again with the Heavenly Spear.


The Heavenly Crystal was like an endless pit. It frantically devoured energy from its prey.

In the end, the statue was only a construct, so it did not have a person’s brains. Although Heavenly Crystal kept damaging it, but it did not stop its onslaught. It did not retreat. It continued to clash move after move to kill Su Yun!

However, the only result was that the core that was contained in its large array had its energy basically completely depleted.

The massive body stopped moving. Its five vital points were exposed as the Spirit Lord Aura was deactivated.

Su Yun quickly propped himself up from the last clash. As he wielded his engraved dragon blade, he pierced through one of the vital points and ended the life of the statue.

Although the statue was not a person, even if its Spirit Lord Aura stopped running, it was still not fully dead. After a period of time, the body’s spirit core would once again be replenished to regenerate its spirit power and thereby reactivating it spirit aura. Then it could rise once again, so completely destroying the construct was very necessary.

After eliminating the statue, Su Yun dragged his injured body and step by step he walked towards the massive gate.

As he neared the gate, he reached out with his hand and with a little effort, he pushed opened the gate.

Click, click, click, click, click….

Strange sounds were emitted as the gate slowly opened. Suddenly, as the gate finished opening, a burst of green light burst out and went straight to Su Yun’s pair of eyes.

Su Yun immediately closed his eyes and waited for the light to disappear. Then as the light weakened, he slowly opened his eyes again.

Before his eyes, there was a vast flat area.

As he looked behind the gate, the vast area seemed to have a circumference of about 500 meters. This location was truly very spacious. However, it was completely void of anything except a massive array drawn by green ink on the ground.

There was not the slightest devouring force here. Instead, the atmosphere was extremely comforting in this area.

In this strange atmosphere, it was like a spring. It made Su Yun feel like he was immersed in a smooth and cool wind that healed him. His whole body’s fatigue, cold, pain, etc. all soon disappeared without a trace….

“This is Triple Yuan Gas! Wow, it is actually so rich in here! You struck big! Boy! You really struck it big this time! Ha ha ha ha….”

Then, the sword elder’s voice suddenly calmed down.

“Triple Yuan gas….what is that?” Su Yun pondered.

“It is a nourishing type of gas, it is comparable to some of the ordinary cultivation medicine, however its effects are much higher than most cultivation medicine! Su Yun, quickly sit down cross-legged. Open all your pores and absorb the surrounding gas! Absorb it all! This is a cultivator’s treasure! If you cultivate here, with your Everlasting Stone, your strength could jump by leaps and bounds! !”

The sword elder was overjoyed. It seemed that he also exited his scroll and was readily absorbing the Triple Yuan Gas.

Su Yun did not dare neglect his good luck. He quickly sat cross-legged and started his meditation. He opened all his pores on his body and began to absorb the rich Triple Yuan Gas from the surrounding air.

This type of gas seemed like heavenly spirit energy, as it went into his body, it permeated through all his arteries and veins. The moisture was very calmly to his withered body.

It seemed as if a clear spring had begun to flow through his body, giving him a very refreshing feeling. It simply made him unable to calm down.

“Amazing! I did not expect that my depleted spirit power would be able to restore so quickly….furthermore it also seems that my spirit vision also expanded by a lot!” Su Yun opened his eyes as he said this.

The sword elder smugly said, “There was so much of the devouring force in the other place. You must have never thought of where all the spirit power devoured there had gone, right? Yes! It seems that all the spirit power engulfed there entered here, which is probably controlled by the extremely grand and intricate array beneath your feet. It is capable of creating Triple Yuan Gas, but….I wonder who constructed this?”

“If I had to guess, I’m afraid that this would be Su Tian Long!” Su Yun responded.

“The patriarch of the Su Family?” The sword elder asked.

“Yes.” Su Yun nodded and thought about it again. Then he continued, “Perhaps, this is one of the trials that the Su Family would give to its disciples?”

“Trial? Do you really think that Su Tian Long would give this trial to the hundreds of disciples?”

“This is just my guess. If one could not overcome the devouring force and not be able to beat the construct, how would one enter this magical place?” Su Yun said with a calm heart as he continued to sit cross-legged to cultivate.

With effects of the Everlasting Stone, his mind stayed in a serene state. Not only that, his spiritual eye saw that his Spirit Lord Aura cultivation increased by several times. Any of the gas that entered his body was first purified by the Everlasting Stone, which turned them into beneficial substances that could be readily absorbed to nourish his body.

If ordinary people had come across this place, if they felt the Triple Yuan Gas, they would have probably become completely flustered, because they would not know where to start. However, Su Yun was different, when he came in contact with the gas, he immediately activated the Everlasting Stone and began to calmly cultivate without any rest.

His muscles, blood, bones and marrow and soon all of his body continued to strengthen. Furthermore, his spirit power also kept on vigorously increasing. His spiritual eye was reborn and his spirit power became more tough and durable….

The vast region of Su Yun’s inner spirit power took in the gas as it expanded from a small hole, where the gas seeped through. However, he only managed to absorb a small amount. Even though he was ferociously taken in all the gas, The Triple Yuan Gas was just gushing in more violently into his core.

After approximately half a day, Su Yun felt that his body had reaching its limit in absorption.

Although the Triple Yuan Gas was beneficial, his body’s capacity was limited. It was like a cup, whether it was water or wine, no matter which type, there was still a limit for the container.

Nonetheless, if you wanted to hold more liquid, the only way was after he completely used up this glass of wine.

Su Yun remained calm and focused as he continued to ingest the Triple Yuan Gas. He spent one whole day just ingesting. Only afterwards did he continue to absorb the surrounding gas.

After two day….


There was a clear sound that was emitted from his body. Then his whole body let out a burst of light. As the bright light illuminated the area, he continued to absorb the surrounding gas.

There was only one way that this event could occur.

That was when one made a breakthrough.

Su Yun opened his eyes with joy.

“I have broke through spirit novice realm tenth stage to spirit intermediate realm first stage. Furthermore, it only took two months of work! Fast, just too fast! Throughout history, I have never heard of anyone cultivating this fast!” Su Yun said with a light voice. He hastily examined his spirit eye inside his body and it had changed to a whole circle.

One thousand and eighty-one!

Su Yun was completely shocked.

It was higher than most peak spirit intermediate disciples by nearly double!

In other words, his own spirit power recovery speed based on his spiritual eye would be faster than them by two times!

Since it had come to this, his cultivation would inevitably jump by leaps and bounds….there was still lots of “Triple Yuan Gas,” he could not waste this precious opportunity.

Su Yun said in his head and continued to greedily take in the gas.

His pores opened yet again and his whole body began to enter a realm of ecstasy. After he fully drained the amount of gas his body could take, he began to enter the digestion phase.

The Triple Yuan Gas also seemed to have an effect on the sword elder and the Limitless Sword Arts Scroll. Although the sword elder could not absorb a lot of the gas, but even a little would help recover from his current condition.

Thus, under this strange spatial tomb containing Triple Yuan Gas, the gas was slowly  decreasing as if it was slowly being consumed….


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