Su Qing Er or Qing Er? Poll

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Just want to ask about the naming of Su Qing Er. Here is the dilemma: Qing Er is not really part of the Su Family, she was adopted by Su Yun’s parents. Therefore, she is just part of the Sect in name. Furthermore, I think it will be confusing with Su in front of her name.

Currently, the chapters change from Su Qing Er and Qing Er. That is not my fault, the author changes it himself….



  1. Asett says:

    actually I would like to see qing er to become a wife of su yun and so I don’t want to associate the trashy su title to quing er


    1. Shyboy says:

      I would like to Su Yun have some development like Yun Che from ATG, who had changed his name from Xiao Che to Yun Che.


  2. Astaroth95a says:

    Qing Er, even if Su Qing Er is correct, I don’t like the Su family so I’d prefer the family name to be removed either way…

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    1. Shyboy says:

      If just “yun” wasn’t so weird, I would sugest for the Su be removed too.
      Like deserved.


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