LSG Ch57 Teaser

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Chapter 57: Three Yuan Energy Aura

Su Yun grinded his teeth as he suddenly counterattacked and deflected the stone spear away. At the next instant later, he threw his engraved dragon blade while using Spirit Lord Aura to control the flying blade aiming to pierce through the statute.

This time, he did not have the held of the blood array. He did not have the blood blades’ help. His might right now was not equal to the battle of Gu Xie Xin Sect where he obtained the Everlasting Stone. Despite that, to compete with the stone statue, it was enough. His main objective was still the massive gate behind the statue.

As the flying blade clashed with the stone statue, the stone statue managed to dodge and resist the initial strikes with his stone spear. However, soon the flying blade overwhelmed the statue from its complex maneuvering and was stabbed repeatedly by the flying blade.

Yet….its abnormal defense was astonishing. After being repeatedly stabbed by the blade, it was only covered by some small cracks or marks on the surface of its body. The assault had hardly injured it.

If Su Yun wanted to eliminate the statue, it would be exceptionally difficult. The Heavenly Crystal’s time was limited, so he could not last in a long battle!

Su Yun heart felt heavy.


As Su Yun neared the gate, the statue’s attention towards the flying blade was immediately transferred to Su Yun as he came, crashing over.

“Despicable filthy trash, you actually are attempting to disturbed the master’s sleep! Die! ! !” After the statue roared these words, he charged towards Su Yun and mercilessly stabbed towards Su Yun with its stone spear.

The stone spear made a whirring sound as it pierced through the air. The strike was terrifying.

Su Yun hastily sidestepped the spear like a carp. (TL: I don’t really know what this idiom means)

The stone spear slammed down heavily on the ground, creating a crater about one meter deep. The massive crater in the ground was massive. The strike was horrifying.

Too close!

Upon seeing the crater, Su Yun was wiping his sweat.

Yet….this move was not the end of the battle….

Suddenly, the ground voluntarily cracked open and a myriad of stone pierced up through the ground. It was layers and layers of sharp stones that aimed straight for Su Yun.

“What is this mysterious divine skill?” Su Yun eyes widened as he madly turned around and retreated.



His agility was far less than the flying stones and was hit directly by a massive rock. Su Yun coughed up some blood as he crashed in front of the massive gate.

His energy from the Heavenly Crystal had begun to decline! His power was fading.

As the energy was the Heavenly Crystal was pretty much consumed, the devouring force of the the Fragmented Void also began to act upon Su Yun’s body.

Su Yun struggled to remove the Heavenly Crystal from his chest. He saw that there wasn’t the slightest trace of internal energy in the Heavenly Crystal anymore. His eyes flashed a trace of unwillingness.

Will I really die here?

Will I be trapped in here forever?

No! Impossible!

I cannot just die here.

Qing Er….she is still waiting for me to save her….

I must not let her get married on that day!

Never again will I let her become a puppet for the Su Family!

“Qing Er….” Su Yun made his decision. He struggled to stand up.

Right now, he was completely supported only by his willpower.

“Just die!” The charging statue roared as he ruthlessly swung his spear towards Su Yun.

Hua hua hua hua hua hua….

The stone spear of the statue was shrouded with spirit power as it spun, like a constantly rotating drill. This high speed thorn was flying straight towards Su Yun.

The velocity of the spear was boundless. The grand pressure of the spear was exceptionally astonishing.

Su Yun did not panic. He did not even have a trace of fear!

Just as the stone spear pierced towards Su Yun, he suddenly raised the Heavenly Crystal in his hands and sidestepped towards the assault of the stone statue.

Dong….the pitch-black Heavenly Crystal made contact with the stone spear’s tip.