Limitless Sword God: Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: The World behind the Gate of the Fragmented Void


A violent bout of coughing suddenly erupted in the pitch black place. The person was still lying on the ground. He was shaking uncontrollably and struggled to raise his body upright.

“Brat, you finally woke up….this old grandpa here might have been sent to death with you….”

The sword elder weakly without any strength said in Su Yun’s ears.

The dazed Su Yun was experiencing a painful headache. After his vision returned to him, he slowly surveyed the surrounding area. He was astounded by the place and ask, “Where is this….what….what happened?”

“I do not know. This place is very mysterious. I even do not know how have you come here. Everywhere in this cave are devouring force from the spirits. If you do not find a way out of here, soon or later, you will just die in here!” The sword elder warned.


Su Yun remembered. He seemed to have entered a tombstone and actually fell on the way down. Is it possible that this place is just one person’s tomb? If that is the case, then the exit must be at the top of the tomb.

Su Yun hastily gazed up, but, the top was just a layer of pitch-black air. There was no end to it. From whence he fell from, it seemed that he would be unable to find out.

This won’t do….could he really not escape from this place?

Su Yun took a few deep breaths and sat himself back on the ground. He began to analyze the situation.

“Hey! Kid, you still have time to spare to sit? This old grandpa is using his own energy to protect you. Ah, did you really think that you could just ignore the power of this place by yourself? Quickly find a way out!” The sword elder said.

“I can’t get out!” Su yun sighed. Then he told about the recent events that occurred to the sword elder.

After the sword elder heard about the situation, he was also very surprised.

“This is called Sky Dragon Cemetery of the Su Family. How could there be an underground passage here?”

“I just don’t understand this.” Su Yun said as he stood up and staggeringly went forward.

“I feel that the exit at the top of this cave should be: Fragmented Void’s Gate.”

“Is it the one that one could only enter and never exit, Fragmented Void’s Gate? This type of magical door is usually only used for misdirection. Why would there be a gate like that here?”

“I do not know. Nonetheless, one thing is for certain, there must be a correct route for the passage under this tombstone! Therefore, the exit must be somewhere else. For us to escape from here, our only choice is to find the other Fragmented Void’s Gate.”

“We are ruined, completely ruined! Kid! This grandpa here cannot help you on finding the other Gate of the Fragmented Void. This time, I really cannot do anything to save you.” The sword elder repeatedly sighed for it seemed that there was no hope for them.

Fortunately, Su Yun did not exhibit an ounce of panic during the situation. Instead, he looked calm and collected. Then he asked, “Senior, you do not have to worry. I have one object that can help. It will also be able to temporarily extend the time that I have to stay here.”

“Oh?” The sword elder said. Soon after, he remembered and anxiously asked, “You mean the Heavenly Crystal, right?”
“Not bad!”

Su Yun nodded. Then he took the Heavenly Crystal out from his spatial ring. He gazed at it for a moment. He analyzed with intense focus. Then he said, “The Heavenly Crystal only have a little time left before it will fully recover. Right now, I do not think that it can be pushed up, I think….that it will require at least another day.”

“Wait another day? We can barely endure much longer and we still have to wait another day?”

The sword elder shook his and and said, “Ah, in the end, you still need me to help you. Kid, place the Heavenly Crystal on the ground.”

“On the ground?”

Su Yun was puzzled, “Senior, what are you trying to do?”

“Just place it down.”

“Uh, alright.”

Su Yun was still full of doubts as he completed the command.

After the Heavenly Crystal was placed on the ground, a sudden bright white streak of light flew out of the spatial ring. After the bright streak appeared, it illuminated the surrounding in a dazzling light. Soon after, the light vanished into the Heavenly Crystal.

As Su Yun saw this, he suddenly looked lifeless.

Even a fool could see what the sword elder was doing.

“Boy….following this….everything will be up to you now….”

The sword elder’s voice uttered one last sentence, but it was not vibrant with energy anymore. The voice sounded weak and sickly as his presence vanished….

“Master….” Su Yun called a few times, but there was no response. He gently clenched his fists as emotions swirled in his saddened eyes.

Afterwards, Su Yun went over and picked up the Heavenly Crystal. The energy inside the Heavenly Crystal had now become completely restored. It was ready to used. Now, he could immediately activate it.

Rich spirit power began to flood into his body, expelling the cold. The frozen meridians and blood in his frigid body began to melt. His body began to slowly recover. He could move now. His vitality was now almost completely invigorated.

Su Yun took a breath. Did he still dare to hesitate? He standed up and started towards the exit.




A massive heavy spiritual force slammed down and clashed with the guard captain’s blade.

Su Qing Er’s arm was jolted back as her  five fingers lost their grip. Her blade flew into the air.

However, she did not retreat. She only collapsed onto the ground. With a pale white face, tears flowed from her delicate face, silently crying.

Finally, her light of hope had been put out. She despaired alone, far away from everyone.

“Su Qing Er! How many times have I told you! Do not tangle with Su Yun! He is no longer your master and yet, you….are no longer his maid! He died as a trash, so why are you sad? Quickly go back to the main house and practice! If keep delaying and being lazy, then you will have to face punishment as well!” A solemn looking man shouted from behind her.

Looking at him, one could see that he brought a crowd of disciples as he arrived at the scene.

“I….want….to see….young master….” Su Qing Er said defiantly as she stressed every syllable.

“Come back!” The patriarch shouted.

However, the words were never heard by Su Qing Er.

They could only see that her spirit aura suddenly soared. Her spirit aura seemed to burst forth like a bomb as she rushed towards the enchantment. Her delicate hands clenched into fists as the spirit power clashed with the enchantment. She was crying as she slammed at the enchantment, “Hurry up and open the enchantment….I want to see young master….he certainly did not die….quickly open the enchantment….”

The girl clashed against the enchantment again and again. She  was crying as she kept shouting the words in a hoarse voice. She was completely grief-stricken.

The imperial guards all had a foolish expression on their faces.

The Yue Yang siblings were even more stunned.

No had expected that in Su Qing Er’s heart, Su Yun was this important.


Just then, a female elite from the main house sneaked behind Su Qing Er. She caught he  completely unprepared as she jabbed right into a point in Su Qing Er’s neck, Chong Xin Qi Hai Acupuncture Point. After Su Qing Er was hit, he mind blacked out and her eyes dimmed. Her soft body immediately crumbled to the ground.

The female elite quickly held her in her arms.

“Bring here back!” The Patriarch sternly said.

“Yes, sir.” The female elite quietly responded.

“In addition, without my command, do not let anyone near here! If they attempt to breach it, kill them!”

“Yes, patriarch!” Everyone shouted in unision.

After hearing this, the Yue Yang siblings’ faces looked bleak.

Perhaps….they really couldn’t wait for Su Yun to come out.

“Brother. Brother….Su Yun will come back, right?” Xin Yue wiped her tears of her eyes as she said biting her lips.

“Of course, He will definitely come back.” Xing Yang responded.


Rumble! ! !

A loud sound erupted from the dark space. Then, both sides of the wall abruptly blazed in a great amount of flames. The pitch-black void was illuminated with a radiant light. Everything was now clearly visible to Su Yun.

Looking at the flames inside Harmony Flames Crystal, Su Yun was suddenly overjoyed.

He suddenly realized that he managed to activate a light source in here.

Since that was the case, now he could find the exit in this mysterious place.

After thinking about it, a faint hope emerged from Su Yun’s heart.

He quickened his pace as he went forward on the illuminated path.

In here, it was like a grand palace. He was flanked by stone pillars. Everything was extremely spacious. One could never understand how this mysterious place was built. In front was a massive gate. For a region so massive, there must have constructed an exit.

In front of the gate stood a statue of a honorable warrior holding a spear on his shoulders. The warrior’s expression look very dignified, just like a war god: no anger, just power.

Su Yun hurried past them.

If there is a gate, then there must be a path. Right now, his body was utilizing to Heavenly Crystal to temporarily stay here. However, once the effect of the Heavenly Crystal ended, Su Yun was afraid that his body would not be able to endure the devouring force for even a stick of essence. To survive this ordeal, he had to race against time.

Only, Su Yun did not know whether this place had any traps, so he had to carefully analyze the surroundings as he went forward. His nerves were stretched to their limits as he tried to watch out for anything odd around him as he went forward.

Just then, a deep and profound voice drifted over.

“Filthy and dirty trash, how dare you break into master site! ! Do you understand the magnitude of the sins that you have committed? Quickly kneel down and confess your sins to the master. Otherwise, I will turn you to ashes!”

The sound resembled the sound of two stones rubbing each other. As  he listened, Su Yun felt infinite pressure on his body.

Su Yun immediately looked around. He could only see the tall statues holding the spears, which actually became alive.

“This is….a construct?” Su Yun’s heart jumped.

The statue looked ordinary, but spirit array was actually carved in the interior. The spiritual being spirit power actually came from a  core set inside the intricate array. The core was in a dormant state, but when anyone with spirit aura came close to it, it would be activated. Then the statue would be able to come alive.

The constructs that were used were very strange and mysterious. Very few people could create them. Although Su Yun did know some of the manufacturing methods of artifacts, but most of them had no power. To make elite constructs, one would not only require a lot of time, it would also require a huge amount of manpower and strong financial support to create them.

In the previous world, Su Yun did work under a construct expert for a period of time. Under his tutelage, he did learn some things in that short period of time. He learned about the Five Lives of Constructs.

For each construct, there were five critical areas. If three of the five points were damaged, the construct would immediately stopped functioning.

However, for each construct, the five life points were never the same. To find these five life points, it would not be easy.

Su Yun slowly pulled out his dragon engraved blade as he stared  at the statue. Nonetheless, he did not dare to move.

The statue spirit aura was very domineering. Observing its strength, he could already determine that it was at spirit core ninth stage cultivation. Luckily, it wasn’t at spirit soul cultivation, otherwise Su Yun would never have chance. In that situation, he would be pushing the HEavenly Crystal’s effect, unless he managed to use the HEavenly Crystal with the Demonic Blood Array.

Regardless, right now, there was no way out. His only hope was this gate. He had to find a way around the statue and go through the gate.

Then he stopped hesitating and took a deep breath. He stared intently at the door as he rushed forth.

Spirit Lord Aura exploded forth and like a locomotive that just launched, he was like an unstoppable force that charged forward.

“You are bold!”

The stone warrior’s spear slammed down to the ground. His spirit aura was activated as he drifted down and blocked Su Yun in all directions.

Soon after, the spirit aura of the statue drowned Su Yun and began to forcibly squeeze his entire body.

Despite this, Su Yun right now had the support of the Heavenly Crystal. With the new power surge, it was as if his spirit cultivation was no longer spiriti novice realm of tenth stage.

He stared at the statue emitting the deep spirit aura as he sprinted as if he was flying towards the gate.

Upon seeing this, the statue raised his spear yet again to strike Su Yun yet again.


The dragon engraved blade was raised and blocked the statue’s stone spear.


A heavy force like the ocean rushed into Su Yun body. Right after, the body transferred most of the force into the ground, which caused the ground to quake from the sheer force….


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