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Chapter 56: The World behind the Gate of the Fragmented Void


A violent bout of coughing suddenly erupted in the pitch black place. The person was still lying on the ground. He was shaking uncontrollably and struggled to raise his body upright.

“Brat, you finally woke up….this old grandpa here might have been sent to death with you….”

The sword elder weakly without any strength said in Su Yun’s ears.

The dazed Su Yun was experiencing a painful headache. After his vision returned to him, he slowly surveyed the surrounding area. He was astounded by the place and ask, “Where is this….what….what happened?”

“I do not know. This place is very mysterious. I even do not know how have you come here. Everywhere in this cave are devouring force from the spirits. If you do not find a way out of here, soon or later, you will just die in here!” The sword elder warned.


Su Yun remembered. He seemed to have entered a tombstone and actually fell on the way down. Is it possible that this place is just one person’s tomb? If that is the case, then the exit must be at the top of the tomb.

Su Yun hastily gazed up, but, the top was just a layer of pitch-black air. There was no end to it. From whence he fell from, it seemed that he would be unable to find out.

This won’t do….could he really not escape from this place?

Su Yun took a few deep breaths and sat himself back on the ground. He began to analyze the situation.

“Hey! Kid, you still have time to spare to sit? This old grandpa is using his own energy to protect you. Ah, did you really think that you could just ignore the power of this place by yourself? Quickly find a way out!” The sword elder said.

“I can’t get out!” Su yun sighed. Then he told about the recent events that occurred to the sword elder.

After the sword elder heard about the situation, he was also very surprised.

“This is called Sky Dragon Cemetery of the Su Family. How could there be an underground passage here?”

“I just don’t understand this.” Su Yun said as he stood up and staggeringly went forward.

“I feel that the exit at the top of this cave should be: Fragmented Void’s Gate.”

“Is it the one that one could only enter and never exit, Fragmented Void’s Gate? This type of magical door is usually only used for misdirection. Why would there be a gate like that here?”

“I do not know. Nonetheless, one thing is for certain, there must be a correct route for the passage under this tombstone! Therefore, the exit must be somewhere else. For us to escape from here, our only choice is to find the other Fragmented Void’s Gate.”


To be continued….

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