Limitless Sword God: Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Dead

“Do what? Hmph, you really think that I am completely terrified of the devouring force of the spirits in the cemetery? You are wrong, this cemetery will only weaken my strength. Killing you only requires one breath! In one breath, it is impossible for the cemetery to kill me! Although I will lose some strength, but it does not matter to me! Let’s see if I can kill you!”

After he finished, the evil spirit immediately took action.

As Su Yun saw this, his heart leapt in panic. He never would have thought that this spirit was this ruthless.

He really wasn’t seeking for his death.

Su Yun did not dare neglect this situation in the slightest. He began to step back and was prepared to flee at any moment.

However, right at this moment, he was still in a very sorry state. His spirit power was exhausted, while his body was riddled with injuries. It was even worse because of the devouring force. Not talking about escaping, if he did not ingest some healing pills from his spatial ring into his mouth as he was talking, then Su Yun’s body would have already been dead.


The Silent Devil Evil Spirit already could not wait anymore. He built enough power and launched his technique. Looking at the black mist, the wide area it encompassed suddenly doubled. Then, the entire body of mist came rushing forward. Its spirit aura was dominating, completely suppressing Su Yun’s body.

Did he really want to jump over here?

Su Yun could only slowly step back.

Unfortunately, there was no path left to retreat. There was no escape.

Since it had come to this, then he could only fight.

Su Yun hardened his resolve. As he was retreating, he removed his engraved dragon blade from his spatial ring.


Just as he was slowly retreating back, a sudden powerful force sweeped over. This short malevolent like wind really made Su Yun’s hair stand straight up.

Su Yun was surprised. He quickly turned around only to see half of his own body inside a massive black tombstone in the center of the cemetery.

The tombstone?

Su Yun focused his eyes and extended his limbs to back away from the tombstone. He was surprised to find that the tombstone was just an illusion. It was the entrance leading to another area inside.

The Silent Devil Evil Spirit was already charged over here, but as he saw Su Yun entering the entrance of the tombstone, it backed away. It even seemed suddenly surprised.

“Brat, if you go inside, you’re dead!”

“If I do not go inside, then I’ll be dead right now!”

Su Yun just snorted and grinded his teeth. After finalizing his decision, he turned his back and entered the tombstone. Soon after, his whole body had disappeared into the tombstone.

Almost in an instant, he felt he was on the verge of fainting. The bitter cold within the cave was piercing his body causing him to experience extreme pain. It seemed that it could even freeze him to death.


Just then, a warm current passed through Su Yun fingers and transmitted throughout his body. The light that warmth made his entire body light up.

This caused his already muddled brain to relax. His whole body felt that it could faint at any time.


Soon after, his body collapsed onto the ground. He only uttered a slight cry. His entire body was falling apart as he lay motionless on the ground. He did not have to strength to move anymore.


The tenth day.

The seal around Martial Bone Mountain was opened once again.

Surviving disciples from the Su Family came out one after another.

Despite this, only about half of the disciples that entered had survived.

A few died from demonic beasts, but most had died from battling other disciples for the Blood Jade Crystals.

However, the act of infighting was something no one discussed outside. Even if they knew very well, no one decided to point out anyone. If someone tattled, they would be advertising for their own demise.

Two figures were standing in front of the enchantment. They were anxiously waiting for a specific disciple. These two people were the Su Family’s patriarch and Elder Long Xian Li.

However, after an half an hour, the inner sect’s Elder Shi Long personally went to the main house. Waiting inside were Su Family’s patriarch and Elder Long Xian Li, who came in after waiting for only a few moments.

“Is there any news of Su Yun?” The Su Family’s patriarch asked.

“Honorable patriarch. Honorable Elder Long Xian. According to some disciples of the outer sect, Su Yun had encountered a evil spirit in the soul core realm. He could not escape the Silent Devil Spirit and was consumed. He is dead!”

“Dead?” Su Family’s patriarch was stunned.


At this time, the sound of a shattered object echoed through the hall after the conversation.

Long Xian Li eyes looked up and her silhouette stood up as if she was preparing to depart.

Su Family’s patriarch was frowning. He gazed at Long Xian Li and watched her lower her head in thought. Then she asked, “Did you witness Su Yun’s death for yourself?”

“Su Mo Li witnessed the Silent Devil Evil Spirit catch Su Yun. How powerful is the spirit soul realm? Even with a hundred Su Yuns, it would be impossible for him to escape the spirit. I’m afraid that he has perished.”

“For this type of demonic being, I’m afraid that even comparing the elites of the inner sect, they would not be able to escape the demonic being. How could this trash cope with this demon, if the main house can barely handle the demonic being.”

“Although the Silent Devil Evil Spirit is just a spirit. Just looking at the spiritual cultivation, it is only at novice spirit soul core realm, but its opponents cultivation was only at novice realm. The massive gap in power between the two would result in the obvious. The little spirit novice realm disciple just won’t be able to survive the battle.”

After Long Xian Li heard this, her frown on her face deepened. Then she said, “If that is so….maybe….maybe the person that stole the treasure from the Immortal Sword Sect was not Su Yun. Perhaps everything was just a misunderstanding.”

“If it was just a misunderstanding, then it would be the best outcome!” The patriarch chuckled.

On Su Yun’s death, the patriarch just did not care.

Soon after, Long Xian Li stood up. She faced the patriarch and said, “Sorry for the disturbance, but please forgive me. Long Xian Li have matters to attend to, so I cannot stay for long. Therefore, I must say good-bye.”

After she said her words, she prepared to leave.

“Be careful Elder Long Xian. Please greet the elders of your sect on behalf of the Su Family. A little gift will be ready by the exit. If you don’t mind, I would like to invite you on your free time. In the future, Su Mou will certainly ascend the Immortal Sword Sect Mountains. I will pay a formal visit to elders.” The patriarch said as he also stood up.

“Patriarch is very generous.”


A figure was staggering towards the entrance of Martial Bone Mountain. Then person was waiting by the gates.

This person was a female wearing white blademaster armor. Her face was pale and her eyes were very red. Two lines of tears were stained on her face.

Inside the sheath on her back, the sword was swaying as she was swaying. The snow white blade was even picking up some dust.

Standing outside were Yue Yang siblings. They were standing to grieve for Su Yun. Then they raised their heads to gaze at the horizon.

“Is it her….”

“Su Qing Er?” The Yue Yang siblings froze.

“Let me tell you guys. You still have not went back to the main house to complete your trials, that guy is dead. If he died, why couldn’t he have died farther away, but don’t be an eyesore in front of our eyes.”

The imperial guards that were on duty were yelling at the Yue Yang brother and sister. Their faces were full of disgust.

Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang were both injured, but they did not hurry to get healed. Instead, they were waiting with an anxious complexion on their faces.

“There is still people that have not left. You have to open the enchantment, otherwise, the person will never be able to leave.” Su Xin Yue yelled out.

The imperial guards just turn a deaf ear.

“Ah. You are talking about Su Yun, right? Ah, right now, he’s alone in Martial Bone Mountain. I think that he was probably already consumed by the demonic being. How would he come out? You guys should not remain here. It is just a waste of effort. If you really cared about him how about you guys quickly return to finish the trials. Since we can’t find the corpse, then we won’t even need a burial anyways.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha….” The other imperial guards began to laugh.

Su Xin Yue bit down her teethe. Her complexion reddened, but she did not know how to refute his words.

The two disciples did swallow some healing pills to stabilize their wounds. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a permanent solution. They will have to leave soon to get proper treatment. Otherwise, if they waited for too long, no mentioning their physical body, they will even be consequences for their cultivation. Despite this, they were convinced of one thing.

They believed that Su Yun would definitely come out safely.

Even though there was no news about him even now.

During this time, the imperial guards noticed Su Qing Er walking towards them. Although they did not know the person, a token was hanging on her waist. Therefore, they did not think about neglecting their duties.

This was a token only worn by those of the main house.

Compared to servants of the main house, the formal members of the main house were like the sky above them.

“Greetings, senior!” The imperial guards all bowed and hastily saluted.

“Open….the enchantment.” The female’s calm and quiet voice sounded.

“Sister Qing Er!”

Su Xin Yue gazed at her and was surprised to find that Qing Er’s eyes were hollow. They looked sluggish, as if she had lost her soul. Her movements made it seem like she was dieing….

Several of the imperial guards looked at each other. They hesitated and then the captain stepped forward and salute. In a respectful voice, he said, “Honorable senior. Martial Bone Mountain is one for the forbidden areas in the Su Family. Except for special circumstances, such as the trails, we cannot just open the enchantment. Unless orders from the inner sect elders, such as Elder Shi Long or the patriarch gives permission, we cannot just unlock the seal.

“Open the enchantment….I….I will not repeat a second time.” Qing Er whispered.

The voice was ice cold. Within it was complete despair.

“Please do not embarrass me and the other disciples.” The guard kneeled down and bowed his head.

Nonetheless, Qing Er did not care about this gesture much.

They only saw her pull out a fluorescent light yet slender blade with one of her hands. Then she slowly walked towards the guards.

The sword was very sharp and the aura was bone chilling.

As the guards saw this, their whole bodies began to tremble. They were terrified of the power.

They did not dare resist anymore. Even though they are talented in the inner sect disciples and ignored the outer sect disciples, but compared to the main house, they had no power to resist. Even if the main house just blatantly killed them.

Furthermore, even if they had the power to resist, but how could they ever compare to the strength of Qing Er? She was carefully trained by elders of the main house, which possess heavenly strength. How could they ever be her opponent?

“Please have mercy, senior!” The guards loudly called out as they hastily bowed. Their voices were trembling. It was clear that they were very afraid.

However, the female did not stop advancing with the blade in hand.

The frost-like blade was still shrouded with sword aura and her intention was obvious.

They couldn’t even kneel any lower than they have already kneeled.

“Sister Qing Er, quickly stop!”

Su Xin Yue hurriedly yelled.

If there was a confrontation, then the situation would become serious.

“Miss Qing Er! Please stop this! Even if we unlock the seal, in the large area of Martial Bone Mountain, we would not be able to find the location of Su Yun. We can only wait here and hope that Su Yun did not have any accidents. We can only hope he is going to leave by himself!” Su Xing Yang pressed.

However, Qing Er did not seem to have heard any of this. She just wouldn’t listen. She just directly raised her blade to begin the battle.

“I want to see young master….for those that block me….die….” Her delicate pink lips said with a cold voice.

She was like a cold moon staring them with deathly frosted eyes.


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