Limitless Sword God: Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: If you have the Guts, then Come in here!

Outside of the Su Family grounds, there was someone at the front gate of the outer sect.

A woman dress in snowy white robes while reining a stallion was walking towards here.

The female was wearing a veil. She was tall and her skin was as white as snow. Her eyes shone like stars and her body emitted a powerful aura. Her black hair weaved around her shoulders like ink, in contrast to the light color of her skin.

As the two outer sect disciples on duty as gatekeepers saw this person walking towards here, they couldn’t help but just gaze foolishly.

“Quickly go down and alert the head. The third elder of the Immortal Sword Sect is paying a visit!” The beautiful female said in a smooth voice.

Her voice was heavenly.

The two guards were stunned for moment, before the left guard recovered and asked as his voice rose an octave, “Who did you say you are?”

“The Immortal Sword Sect Third Elder Long Xian Li! Quickly notify them!” The female shouted.


Both of the guards looked at each other. Then one of them loudly asked, “Please show us your brand!”

“I accidently left the brand behind.”

“Then, I’m sorry for this. Woman, you cannot enter our Su Family.” Then the two guards laughed and said, “But….there is another method to enter the sect….we might be able let you enter the sect after that!”

“Just say it! Just say it!” The right guard at the side grinned, “Not just anyone can enter the Su Family grounds. First of all, us two brothers will not allow anyone to enter the gate without permission, he he….”

However, right at that moment, the whole floor suddenly cracked. Soon after, a huge ten feet sword smashed down from the sky and pierced deep into the ground. It was firmly collided with the ground with a resounding crash….

Boom! ! ! ! !

The ground shook with immense power. One by one, spirit blades began to appear and began to creating more cracks, just like a spider web separating.

The gate guards were…..already completely petrified.

The two mouths hung open as their facial expressions seemed to have solidified.

“You dare to be presumptuous, you are asking for death!” Long Xian Li said as she released her spirit aura with a slight flick of her hand.

The two bodies of the disciples trembled wildly. They had become terrified and hurried nodded as they shouted, “This is a small misunderstanding….a small misunderstanding! Elder forgive us….forgive us…. ah this little….this little one will immediately notify them….” Then the two guards both fled.

Only a few moments later, the outer sect immediately informed the inner sect. The inner sect notified the patriarch. Then the patriarch quickly rushed over as he brought a few servants.

As the patriarch arrived and went outside of the front gate, he saw stallion and the person beside it. As he looked at her, she was indeed a Immortal Sword Sect elder. He immediately stepped forward and greeted her, “Greetings Elder Long for personally visiting here.  I’m sorry that I didn’t come to welcome. I truly lacked manners, but I ask goddess does not hold a grudge!”

“Patriarch, you are too polite. In fact, Xian Li suddenly arrived and had not yet notified the elders. Therefore the welcome was omitted is understandable. If Xian Li’s abrupt visit have caused patriarch any trouble, please have my condolences!” Long Xian Li replied with an indifferent expression.

“Elder Long is too polite. Quickly, please come inside!” The patriarch said.

“I do not need to trouble you. Patriarch, Xian Li here only came for one purpose!” Long Xian Li said as her eyes suddenly burst forth with a chilling light.

Then she said, “I actually came here to confirm something with a disciple. If it is convenient, I would like to ask patriarch personally give that person to me!”

“A disciple?”

The patriarch’s eyebrows furrowed as he asked, “I do not know which disciple that Elder Long is referring to?”

“There should be someone called Su Yun within your Su Family. I think so?”

“Yes….but what is Elder Long asking to find Su Yun for?”

“He actually stole a treasure from the Immortal Sword Sect. I came here today to make sure that he hands the object that he stole back to the Immortal Sword Sect!” Long Xian Li said coldly.

After these words were said, the group actually jumped in fright.

“How is that possible? That trash actually stole a treasure from the Immortal Sword Sect?”

“Impossible, may I ask Elder Long. Are you sure the culprit was Su Yun? Su Yun is actually only at Spirit Novice stage! I heard….I heard that his cultivation is only at sixth stage!  How could this trash disciple steal some treasure from you? This….could this maybe be a mistake?”

“Wasn’t this disciple transferred out to the outer sect? How could he have that much ability?”

“This is hard to believe.” The people said behind the patriarch. Everyone’s face had a stupefied face.

After Long Xian Lie heard this, her eyebrows wrinkled for a second. Then she responded, “I am not sure if it is him. I can only verify it in a meeting with him face to face!”

“Alright, since it is like this, I will bring Su Yun out. I cannot let this simple matter cause deep grudges between the Su Family and the Immortal Sword Sect!” The Patriarch was reluctant to offend the Immortal Sword Sect in any way. He immediately waved his hand to ask Elder Su Shi Long to bring Su Yun out.

Unfortunately, after Elder Su Shi Long quickly walked over to the patriarch, he whispered the situation to the patriarch’s ears.

After the patriarch heard about the situation, he nodded his head a few times. Looking a little nervous, he pondered for a moment and said, “Elder Long, I’m afraid that you’ll have to stay at the Su Family grounds for one more day.”

“Oh?” Long Xian Li responded and asked, “Why?”

“It is because Su Yun is still in Martial Bone Mountain to complete the Su Family’s trials. By tomorrow, he will probably come out!”

“Really?” Long Xian Li pondered for a while. Then she nodded, “Since that is the case, then I will just stay here for one day.”

“Servants, quickly entertain Elder Long!” The patriarch shouted.

“Yes, sir!”




Blood splashed as an arm flew into the air.

“Ahhh! ! ! !” A painful cry miserably sounded after.

The name of the divine skill: Ground Piercing Strike, had killed many of the outer sect disciples. Their bodies laid sprawled on the ground.

Not waiting for them to get up, the black mist that was floating in the air began to drift over. Within a blink of an eye, the mist began to open up and a blood red skeleton appeared before the disciples. The person’s entire body, including skin, bones, clothes and even personal items were completely engulfed by the terrifying mist.

In the eyes of the outer sect disciples, the godly inner sect disciple that they worshipped just died tragically before them.

As Su Mo Li saw the situation of the other disciples, how could he have the courage to continue battling? He immediately just ran off.

However, the lightly armored Su Yun was the one that was chased by the mist. However, wherever the disciples ran, Su Yun also followed.

Even saying it was strange. Although Su Yun’s cultivation was not high, but his agility was very adept. The mist’s fierce assaults were mostly all dodged, but his overall speed was still slowed than the mist. However, during the times that the msit came close to Su Yun, he would always take a strange parchment to repel the mist, which would then be pushed back a couple feet.

Although it seemed fine, Su Yun was in a very bad situation.

Right now, his face no longer had any more color. His body appeared to be exhausted of its spirit power and his speed was getting slower and slower. The pace he kept as he fled was staggering, so it seemed that at any time he could fall over from just the massive amount of physical exertion he was doing right now.

Other disciples spread out as they fled. Su Yun was staring intently at Su Mo Li’s bunch of people because of their high strength. He wanted to transfer the Silent Death Evil Spirit’s attention to this group. Fortunately, there was already some results. The evil spirit had already consumed a few of the disciples following Su Mo Li. Nonetheless, it was still chasing Su Yun.

Seeing that this spirit was immortal, it just would not give up.


Su Yun could not help but curse in foul language as he continued to flee forwards.

All around, there was no more of the dark forest. Rather, they had finally arrived at the peak of Martial Bone Mountain.

The surrounding area was instead filled with shorter vegetation, which had many thorns. Along the way as he ran, his legs were cut many times and blood came bubbling out.

Su Yun endured the pain and kept on fleeing in panic. This time, if he stopped, then he would become a pile of bones. It was certain death.


Suddenly, a burst of knife-like cold winds blew, which Su Yun could not help but tremble for a bit. The surrounding temperature suddenly became freezing cold as if blood would become frozen.

What’s going on?

Su Yun was scared.

However, right at that moment, there were not many people left. Nonetheless, they still continued to flee.

“Kid, you actually fled….you actually fled to here!”

This time, behind him, the Silent Death Evil Spirit was endlessly chasing him had stopped. It did not dare to approach. However, it was drifting in place and staring intently at Su Yun.

Just like that it stopped chasing?

Su Yun wondered in his mind, but his whole body was shaking terribly from the cold.

Seeing that the spirit was not chasing any more, he stopped fleeing. He was panting heavily, but decided to still survey the surrounding area.

Indeed, he only saw that the rocky area was completely flat. There was few vegetation near the cliff edge of the peak, but what caught his attention was at the top of the cliff, there stood a giant stone that was about three full meters tall.

The stone was dark in color. There were several intricate inscriptions carved in blood on the surface. It looked solemn and heavy.

“Su Family’s third Patriarch, Su Tain Long’s Tomb?” Su Yun read.

Su Tian Long? How is this person connected to Su Family’s history?

“It appears that you are aware of devouring spirits floating within the cemetery. That’s why you fled here!” The floating Silent Devil Evil Spirit shouted angrily.

A sharp sound rang throughout the Martial Bone Mountain.

In a distant mountain, Su Mo Li was finally out of danger as he heard the sound. He hastily gazed the situation, just to see the Silent Devil Evil Spirit was confronting Su Yun.

“It appears that you will not live for long!” Su Mo Li whispered as he took a breath. Then he quickly walked away.

At the mountain peak, Su Yun was hearing the Silent Devil Evil Spirit roar and became stunned for a moment. Then he shook his head, “No! I really didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know?”

“Yes. I was panically fleeing and inadvertently ran over here. However, looking at your performance, devil, it seems that you fear this place very much? Can you not catch me? Didn’t you say that you’ll take my three mortal souls and seven immortal souls to the void and torture them? Why haven’t you still taken action?” Su Yun ingested some of the medicine pills and restored his strength. Afterwards, he began ridiculing the spirit.

After the Silent Devil Evil Spirit heard this, he was furious. His killing intent was overbearing.

However, after a moment, it’s anger just suddenly vanished….

Su Yun was surprised for a moment, “What? You can’t kill me?”

“Ha ha ha ha, brat. You are even more cunning than me.” The Silent Devil Evil Spirit laughed and continued, “Maybe you did not know about the devouring spirits that came out of this tomb. However, after I explained it, since you guessed that I could not enter, you began to ridicule me. You wanted to provoke me so that I would rush into the cemetery to devour your soul. Then with spirits of the cemetery, I would also be consumed….Oh, you are very smart! However, you won’t succeed! I will not be fooled!”

After Su Yun heard this, his mocking attitude immediately stopped. Then he said, “Oh. In that case, then just wait outside for me.”

“Just you wait! Just you wait! Don’t celebrate too early!” Silent Devil Evil Spirit said with a nonchalant smile, “Although the spirits do begin to devour my spirit force, but they will also have an impact on you. Boy, does your body not feel frozen, as if your body have become completely frozen? Ha ha, yes, it can swallow your body’s spirit power. It can even consume your life essence. Before long, you’ll be tragically dead! You will just become a withered flower! Ha ha ha….”

After Su yun heard this, his eyes sunk and grinded his teeth.

“Tut tut tut….” The Silent Devil Evil Spirit looked over and with a persuading voice, “I see that you will suffer a lot if you die that way. How about you just come out? Then I will just give you a comfortable way to die. Alright? I will not allow you to experience any more torture!”

Now, this guy was irritating Su Yun!

“Go fuck yourself!” Su Yun spat on the ground. Then he shouted, “Even if I have to die here, I will not leave to appease you! If you have guts, then come in! Well, don’t you have great power? You can’t even kill a spirit novice realm disciple? This is really funny! !”

“You….” The Silent Devil Evil Spirit was short of breath. His pair of deadly green eyes flashed and his entire misty boy trembled badly.

Finally, it seemed that it could not stand Su Yun’s actions anymore. He growled out, “Kid! I will never let you go! If you are so eager to die, then I’ll just give you just that! I’ll show you that in front of my eyes, you are nothing but a tiny speck of sand!”

After he said this, the Silent Devil Evil Spirit body began to spread out and his body began to emit more mist, similar to a chimney. Chilling Yin Devil Power began to accumulate.

Su Yun heart was cold as he asked, “What are you going to do?”

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