LSG Ch 54 Teaser

Sorry about the delays, first week of college is really busy, since I got so much stuff to organize. Anyways here is teaser, I’m 90% sure I can get the full chapter out by tonight. (~12 am)

Probably biggest cliffhanger yet 😛

Chapter 54: Have Guts, then Come Here

Outside of the Su Family grounds, there was someone at the front gate of the outer sect.

A woman dress in snowy white robes while reining a stallion was walking towards here.

The female was wearing a veil. She was tall and her skin was as white as snow. Her eyes shine liked stars and her body emitted a powerful aura. Her black hair weaved around her shoulders like ink, in contrast to the light color of her skin.

As the two outer sect disciples on duty as gatekeepers saw this person walking towards here, they couldn’t help but just gaze foolishly.

“Quickly go down and alert the head. The third elder of the Immortal Sword Sect is paying a visit!” The beautiful female said in a smooth voice.

Her voice was heavenly.

The two guards were stunned for moment, before the left guard recovered and asked as his voice rose an octave, “Who did you say you are?”

“The Immortal Sword Sect Third Elder Long Xian Li! Quickly notify them!” The female shouted.


Both of the guards looked at each other. Then one of them loudly asked, “Please show us your brand!”

“I accidently left the brand behind.”

“Then, I’m sorry for this. Woman, you cannot enter our Su Family.” Then the two guards laughed and said, “But….there is another method to enter the sect….we might be able let you enter the sect after that!”

“Just say it! Just say it!” The right guard at the side grinned, “Not just anyone can enter the Su Family grounds. First of all, us two brothers will not allow anyone to enter the gate without permission, he he….”

However, right at that moment, the whole floor suddenly cracked. Soon after, a huge ten feet sword smashed down from the sky and pierced deep into the ground. It was firmly collided with the ground with a resounding crash….

Boom! ! ! ! !

The ground shook with immense power. One by one, spirit blades began to appear and began to creating more cracks, just like a spider web separating.

The gate guards were…..already completely petrified.

The two mouths hung open as their facial expressions seemed to have solidified.

“You dare to be presumptuous, you are asking for death!” Long Xian Li said as she released her spirit aura with a slight flick of her hand.

The two bodies of the disciples trembled wildly. They had become terrified and hurried nodded as they shouted, “This is a small misunderstanding….a small misunderstanding! Elder forgive us….forgive us…. ah this little….this little one will immediately notify them….” Then the two guards both fled.

Only a few moments later, the outer sect immediately informed the inner sect. The inner sect notified the patriarch. Then the patriarch quickly rushed over as he brought a few servants.

As the patriarch arrived and went outside of the front gate, he saw stallion and the person beside it. As he looked at her, she was indeed a Immortal Sword Sect elder. He immediately stepped forward and greeted her, “Greetings Elder Long for personally visiting here.  I’m sorry that I didn’t come to welcome. I truly lacked manners, but I ask goddess does not hold a grudge!”

“Patriarch, you are too polite. In fact, Xian Li suddenly arrived and had not yet notified the elders. Therefore the welcome was omitted is understandable. If Xian Li’s abrupt visit have caused patriarch any trouble, please have my condolences!” Long Xian Li replied with an indifferent expression.

“Elder Long is too polite. Quickly, please come inside!” The patriarch said.

“I do not need to trouble you. Patriarch, Xian Li here only came for one purpose!” Long Xian Li said as her eyes suddenly burst forth with a chilling light.

Then she said, “I actually came here to confirm something with a disciple. If it is convenient, I would like to ask patriarch personally give that person to me!”

“A disciple?”

The patriarch’s eyebrows furrowed as he asked, “I do not know which disciple that Elder Long is referring to?”

“There should be someone called Su Yun within your Su Family. I think so?”