Limitless Sword God: Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Cutting Weeds and Pulling the Roots

As this group of people appeared, it really startled everyone.

As the group of people looked around and counted for a few moments, it was determined that the group that just arrived had more than fifty people.

Furthermore, they were well equipped and full of energy. Some of the disciples were even spotless, so some probably hasn’t even experienced any form of battle. In the crowd, there were many disciples in nine or tenth spirit novice cultivation. Even more so, there were two inner sect disciples!

Once these people appeared, they slowly walked towards Su Qian’s group and surrounded them.

As Su Qian glanced at the incoming group, his face paled. He focused on the two inner sect disciples that were standing together in front of the outer sect disciples. In front was one of the powerful outer disciples, “Su Mo Li! You….is it possible that you were always near us?!”

Wearing a purple robe, Su Mo Li braided hair fluttered in the wind as he nodded. His face did not change as he responded, “There was movements that appeared in this area. Then we arrived here and both of the inner sect disciples casted their techniques, and thus hiding our spirit aura. This resulted in you guys never noticing our spirit aura! We have been waiting. Therefore, from your suffering, we will obtain the benefits!”

“Oh. I did not expect that two different groups would actually join forces! However, since you guys have so many fish, how do you even organize the rewards?” Su Qian asked loudly.

“All the Blood Jade Crystals obtained will belong to me. As for the others, I have promised them reasonable rewards later! Once I return back to inner sect, I will hand out the rewards!” Su Mo Li shouted.

“You guys are going to very well off!”

“Ha ha ha.”

“Then how are you going to deal with us?” Su Qian weakly asked. Then he continued, “Are you going to kill us all?”

“I had no such intention.”

Su Mo Li’s eyes fell down to the weapons gripped tightly in groups hands and said, “If you surrender all your Blood Jade Crystals and lay down your weapons, then we can promise to not kill you. After all, we did not attack you with our hands, so even if the trial ends, you will have nothing to say even after you return to the Su Family.”

After the opposing side finished, Su Qian and the other hesitated.


The reason was the opposing group witnessed the battle. Therefore, Su Qian was worried that after they returned to the Su Family, the matter would be brought to light in front of the main house. Since killing within the sect is prohibited, once they are exposed, they would be doomed.

If they forcibly take the Blood Jade Crystals, then certainly it would be reasonable. There would be no grudges, since the other side would have no power to complain.

“Senior, what do we do? If we battle against them, with our current state, we would have no chance of winning.” The long haired juvenile whispered against Su Qian’s ear.

Su Qian did not say a word as he remained looking down in thought.

“I’m willing to surrender all my Blood Jade Crystals to you. I just hope that you guys will not kill me!” Just then, an outer sect disciple shouted.

His voice was trembling. It was evident that he was scared.

After Su Mo Li heard this, he nodded, “That is not enough.”

Su Qian raised his head and looked surprised at the disciple that was willing to hand his Blood Jade Crystals. As he analyzed the face, he recognized that it was actually the loyal Su Zuo.

“Su Zuo, why are you fooling around?” Su Qian harshly said.

“Senior, this is our only way out. If we do not surrender, then what do we do? Are we really going to battle with them? With our current state? It is impossible to succeed. Even if we were not injured, we probably still would not be stronger than this group.” Su Zuo said with a bitter smile.

Su Qian remained silent for a long time. Finally, he sighed heavily.

“If we just surrender our Blood Jade Crystals, wouldn’t all the hard work these past few days be useless?” Su Qian hissed as he clenched his fists.

“Fine. Give….I’ll just give them away!” Finally, Su Zuo decided not to wait for Su Qian to compromise.

Su Zuo walked over and removed a bag from his waist. It had about a few dozen Blood Jade Crystals. Everything was given to Su Mo Li.

As Su Mo Li took it away, he swept over the contents with his eyes. Then he nodded, “very good!”

“Then, I’ll be fine, right? One more day to go before I can leave this god forsaken place. I don’t want to die here.” Su Zuo exhaled with a relief look on his face.

“Right, it certainly is the last day left. It would be really regrettable if now you died. You could possible run into some natural dangers such as fierce beasts, which I’m afraid would lead to your demise. How about this, you follow us. We will protect you and we will just leave together?” Su Mo Li asked.

Su Zuo became suddenly overjoyed as he nodded, “Great! Great!”

After he said this, he began to walk towards Su Mo Li’s group.

However, the two inner sect disciples blocked him with their hands.

“Boy, you have to stand over here!” One of the inner sect disciples shouted as he pointed to an area located where Su Mo Li was standing.

“Why?” Su Zuo was confused.

“Why not! Even though there is a reason, I will not bother to explain it to you!” An inner sect disciple said indifferently to Su Zuo.

Su Zuo’s heart became slightly furious, but he calmed his anger. Finally calming down, he walked towards the other end.

As Su Mo Lie saw this, he shouted, “Who will be willing to hand over their Blood Jade Crystals? I will consider to give everyone a stick of incense of time. If you guys do not want to surrender within a stick of incense, then do not blame Su Mo Li for being ruthless!”

As this ultimatum was given, the other disciples in Su Qian’s group began to clamor and shout.

“I am willing to hand over my Blood Jade Crystals!”

“I am willing, as long as you will not kill me, I promised that I will give all of them!”

“And I!”



As the shouting began to rise, nearly all the disciples from Su Qian’s group switched sides. Everyone was willing to accept Su Mo Li conditions.

“Enough! Enough!”

“Su Qian shaked his head. He directed the long haired juvenile and commanded, “take out Blood Jade Crystals. They will also be given to them!”

“Yes, senior!”

The long haired juvenile nodded and then removed their Blood Jade Crystal.

“All of you standing at the open area, I want to count everything one by one! If someone decides to create any trouble, then they will be instantly killed on the spot!” After Su Mo Li shouted these words, everyone began to calm down.

Su Qian did not move and stood there waiting. Then, the long haired juvenile took all the Blood Jade Crystals and went over.

“Old…older sister….let’s go over there.” Su Xing Yang said weakly as he catched his breath.

“Ah….but brother, I think this is a little suspicious. Why should we go stand over there, ah….”

“Who cares!”

“Ah….how about we stand on the edge of the open area. Therefore, we are not crowded together with them. I definitely feel that there is something suspicious.”

“That’s fine, let’s listen to you.” Su Xing Yang responded.

At this time, they saw that Su Mo Li step behind the inner sect disciples and just blended back into the crowd. He disappeared.

This action was very subtle and the others did not even notice. However, Su Qian accidently caught this casual scene in the corner of his eye.

His heart became suspicious and quietly stared at the inner disciple within the crowd of people. He was surprised to find that several other disciples came forward and block his figure. Afterwards, SU Qian could only see half of the inner sect disciple’s face.

Soon after, however, he was surprised yet again. He found that the inner sect disciple shut his eyes on his have and his lips began to move. It seems that he was going to activate some form of skill.

What is he doing?

Su Qian’s heart began to pump much faster. He felt something was off. Su Mo Li suddenly shouted from the crowd, “Su Qian, why are you not standing over there?”

“Why….why should I stand over there?” Su Qian whispered as he hesitated.

“Why not. I just want you to stand in that area. How about you just quickly go over there. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being heartless.” Su Mo Li said as he became serious.

“We already gave the Blood Jade Crystal to you. We are no match for you guys. Arguably, we should be able to leave already. Why should I stand there?” Su Qian secretly beckoned the long haired juvenile to come back. At the same time, a few other disciples began to step back.

Su Mo Li began to sense that some disciples realized his little trap. With deep killing intent emitting from his eyes, he quickly mouthed some strange skill. The he said, “Since it is like this, if you don’t want to stand there, then just don’t stand there. This is enough!”


Su Qian group of people, “??”

Right at that moment, beneath the soles of the person standing in the front, there was a massive influx of spirit aura. Then the earth began to frantically shake and spiky thorn rose from the ground.

Puchi puchi puchi.

A lot of disciples were stabbed right through and died a tragic death. The only disciples that escaped were the disciples at the edges of the gathering area.

Because of Su Xin Yue’s vigilance, the Xing Yue sibling managed to avoid death.

However, this turn of events shocked everyone that was still alive in Su Qian’s group.

“You bastards….” Su Qian’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“Kill them all. Do not let one escape!”

After hearing Su Mo Li’s order, his face paled.

Instantly, Su Mo Li’s group of people rushed towards them. They raised their swords one by one and aimed straight for the survivors of Su Qian’s group.

“Flee!” Su Qian did not have a shred of hesitation as he screamed at the top of his lungs. Grabbing the long haired juvenile, they fled.

As for the disciples at the edge of the area.

Su Xing Yang and Su Xin Yue had become extremely pale.

“Xin Yue, you go first! I will block them for you!” Su Xing Yang weakly said as he struggled to stand.

“Brother, we can’t flee. With our current condition….I’m afraid that we would not be able to get away….” Su Xin Yue whispered as she bit her lips.

Su Xing Yang clenched his fists, “Damn, could it be that….today will be the day that we die to a despicable bunch of people that we surrendered our Blood Jade Crystals to? Why do they still want to kill us?!”

“They must be worried that we would hold a grudge. THe fear that in the future, we will find opportunities to get revenge. Therefore, they have to cut the weeds and pull out the roots!” Su Xin Yue said bitterly.


Several shadows rushed over.

The aura of death surged around them, as if the water had splashed around the entire battlefield.

The ice cold blades of death were charging towards them.

As the ice cold aura of death flooded over, it stimulated all their hairs.

Su Xing Yang stared at the magics weapons getting closer. Meanwhile, Su Xin Yue closed her eyes.


Suddenly, the chilly aura was blown away. It was soon followed by a high-pitched sharp cry.

“Brats! Let’s see if I can peel all your skin and bones from your bodies! I will pull your three immortal souls and seven mortal forms inside my void! I will let you experience torture!” As he heard this, Su Mo Li was surprised to find a man wearing blademaster robes charging towards here.

This person was not wearing a mask. Therefore, as they looked at the person’s face, everyone recognized him.

“Su Yun!”

“Senior Su Yun!” Su Xing Yang and Su Xin Yue immediately cried out.

“Senior Su Yun, leave! Su Mo Li will kill us, there are too many, just run!” Su Xin Yue hastily warned.

However, Su Yun did not seem to hear her voice at all. As before, he was still running as if he was flying and aiming straight towards Su Mo Li.

Just then, the disciples saw the huge mass of black cloud closely behind him.

“This….this is….” As the inner sect disciples saw the cloud, his complexion lost its color. He was shocked, “It is a spirit soul stage ghost: Silent Death Evil Spirit!” (Tl: 4th realm, basically 3 lvls above Su Yun)

“Silent Death Evil Spirit?”

“The lingering souls of the dead have the strength to condense into such a terrifying apparition? No…isn’t it really difficult for something like this to form? How could it appear in Martial Bone Mountain?”

“Those elders that served the main house must have had a high level of power. Furthermore, countless soldiers were buried in Martial Bone Mountain. The sinister spirit aura released after death must have been the source of this terrifying apparition!”

Everyone was stunned. They felt an ice cold chill as their legs weakened.

The two inner sect disciples and Su Mo Li instantly turned around and hastily fled.


Su Yun said after he raised his eyebrows as he dashed past Su Xing Yang and Su Xin Yue.

The two did not hesitate, quickly got up and staggered into a run.

Seeing the huge mass of evil spirit rushing towards, the fifty man group of disciples fled in all directions.

The scene became quickly chaotic, everyone fled in their own direction….


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