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Chapter 52: Senior, Save Me

Because of the previous match, when Su Nan Ye was defeated by Su Yun, the opposing side held a deep grudge. During this trial, he was afraid that Su Nan Ye would use this opportunity to take back his debt. After Su Nan Ye recognized Su Xing Yang siblings, he intended to take back his debt from them.

Now that Su Nan Ye was dead, Su Yun believed that Su Xing Yang sibling could now be relieved or at least gained a fighting chance. Su Xin Yue’s group now gain a small advantage.

Afterwards, Su Yun immediately fled. He did not stop until he was far away.

He didn’t expect the spirit power of the Profound Stone Golem’s core was so concentrated, even though it only had a cultivation of spirit novice stage ten.

“I just don’t know how effective is the petrification for a disciple of spirit intermediate first stage. After they became petrified, it would probably not be able to last a long time.”

After all, the petrification state could be resisted by activating spirit power. If the spirit aura produced was concentrated and deep, it could easily cancel out the petrification effect of the core.

Su Yun sighed soon afterwards. Then, he picked up the right hand of Su Nan Ye that he cut off and took off the spatial ring on the index finger of the right hand.

One reason was for the spatial ring on the hand, the other purpose was also to obtain the Blood Jade Crystals of Su Nan Ye. Of course, Su Nan Ye was much better off than regular outer sect disciples of the Su Family. It was rumored that because of his connected family relations and his relationship with some disciples of the inner sect, he was offered by divine skills and techniques to increase his strength. In general, to obtain any divine skill was exceedingly difficult for a regular outer sect disciple, because the divine skills were never issued to outer sect disciples of the Su Family. If it was an inner sect disciple, he was allowed to choose one complimentary divine skill. To obtain more divine skills, they would have to complete missions, obtain contribution and then use that to exchange.

Of course, this was the method to obtain divine skills directly from the Su Family. Naturally, there was another method. It would be even more convenient, which was to directly purchase the divine skills from Grand Auction House in the city. Despite that, the prices of divine skills were truly staggering, so most disciples could never purchase those.

Su Yun slowly activated Su Nan Ye’s spatial ring and began to dump the contents out.

There were a large number of healing potions, Revival Pills, and ten meters of talismans that had various effects when crumbled. Stealth Talisman: crumbling will result in increased stealth for a short amount of time, Clogging Blood Talisman: crumbling it will result in stopped blood flow from the bodily wounds….

Of course, furthermore, there were also a few strange treasures.

Su Yun did not recognize any of the strange treasures, so he did not dabble with them.

If he randomly activate some divine treasure, not only could it cause some backlash and hurt himself, but one would usually need to find a special person to explain the effects of the treasures he had obtained. Then they could be used safely.

Su Yun threw all those items back inside his spatial ring and continued to rummage through.

“Blood Jade Crystals!” As Su yun saw bunches of red crystals inside the spatial ring, he became overjoyed. He quickly retrieved all the crystals.

Hua La.

The accumulated Blood Jade Crystals were brought out.

After counting everything, there was actually more than two hundred and seventy crystals.

AS a result, Su Yun had more than six hundred Blood Jade Crystals in his inventory. He was afraid he might even had about half of the Blood jade Crystals collected in his hands.

“It is enough! Now, I just need to find a safe place to hide. After I wait for three more days, I can finally leave Martial Bone Mountain!” Su Yun hissed under his breath.

Then, he transferred all the contents from Su Nan Ye’s spatial ring and decided to discard it.

This spatial ring was Su Nan Ye’s. After he completed this task and report back, if Su Yun held this ring, he would be questioned. Although many disciples killed indiscriminately in Martial Bone Mountain, when they were back in the sect, they would have to follow all the sect rules again. If Su Yun kept Su Nan Ye’s ring, he would be accused of killing Su nan Ye. If it came to that, Su Yun would not be able to explain himself.

“Hm?” Just then, a blue book went within his line of sight as he searched through the contents.

A divine skill!

Most the disciples from the outer sect did not have any divine skill. Usually, they would just have to rely on pure physical power and their spirit power.

“Sky Ripping Sword Strike?” Su Yun quickly removed the book from the ring and flipped it open with a sweep of his hand.