Limitless Sword God: Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Senior, Save Me

Because of their previous tournament bout, where Su Nan Ye was defeated by Su Yun, the opposing side had held a deep grudge. During this trial, he was afraid that Su Nan Ye would use this opportunity to pay back his debt. If Su Nan Ye recognized Su Xing Yang siblings, he would surely intended to pay back his debt from them.

Now that Su Nan Ye was dead, Su Yun believed that Su Xing Yang sibling could now be relieved or at least gained a fighting chance. Su Xin Yue’s group now gain a small advantage.

Afterwards, Su Yun immediately fled. He did not stop until he was far away.

He didn’t expect the spirit power of the Profound Stone Golem’s core was so concentrated, even though it only had a cultivation of spirit novice stage ten.

“I just don’t know how effective this petrification would be for a disciple of spirit intermediate first stage. After becoming petrified, it would probably not be able to last a long time.”

After all, the petrification state could be resisted by activating spirit power. If the spirit aura produced was concentrated and deep, it could easily cancel out the petrification effect of the core.

Su Yun sighed soon afterwards. Then, he picked up the right hand of Su Nan Ye that he cut off and took off the spatial ring on the index finger of the right hand.

One reason was for the spatial ring on the hand, the other purpose was also to obtain the Blood Jade Crystals of Su Nan Ye. Of course, Su Nan Ye was much better off than regular outer sect disciples of the Su Family. It was rumored that because of his connected family relations and his relationship with some disciples of the inner sect, he was offered some divine skills and techniques to increase his strength. In general, to obtain any divine skill was exceedingly difficult for a regular outer sect disciple, because the divine skills were never issued to outer sect disciples of the Su Family. If it was an inner sect disciple, he was allowed to choose one complimentary divine skill. To obtain more divine skills, they would have to complete missions, obtain contribution and then use it to exchange for more divine skills.

Of course, this was the method to obtain divine skills directly from the Su Family. Naturally, there was another method. It would be even more convenient, which was to directly purchase the divine skills from Grand Auction House in the city. Despite that, the prices of divine skills were truly staggering, so most disciples could never purchase those.

Su Yun slowly activated Su Nan Ye’s spatial ring and began to dump the contents out.

There were a large number of healing potions, Revival Pills, and ten meters of talismans that had various effects when used. Stealth Talisman -crumbling one would result in increased stealth for a short amount of time- Clogging Blood Talisman -breaking it would result in stopped blood flow from the bodily wounds-

Of course, furthermore, there were also a few strange treasures.

Su Yun did not recognize any of the strange treasures, so he did not dabble with them.

If he randomly activate some divine treasure, not only could it cause some backlash and hurt himself, but one would usually need to find a special person to explain the effects of the treasures he had obtained. Only then could it be used safely.

Su Yun threw all those items back inside his spatial ring and continued to rummage through.

“Blood Jade Crystals!” As Su yun saw bunches of red crystals inside the spatial ring, he became overjoyed. He quickly retrieved all the crystals.

Hua La.

The accumulated Blood Jade Crystals were brought out.

After counting everything, there was actually more than two hundred and seventy crystals.

AS a result, Su Yun had more than six hundred Blood Jade Crystals in his inventory. He was afraid he might even had about half of the Blood jade Crystals collected in his hands.

“It is enough! Now, I just need to find a safe place to hide. After I wait for three more days, I can finally leave Martial Bone Mountain!” Su Yun hissed under his breath.

Then, he transferred all the contents from Su Nan Ye’s spatial ring and decided to discard it.

This spatial ring was Su Nan Ye’s. After he completed this task and report back, if Su Yun was found with this ring, he would be questioned. Although many disciples killed indiscriminately in Martial Bone Mountain, when they were back in the sect, they would have to follow all the sect rules again. If Su Yun kept Su Nan Ye’s ring, he would be accused of killing Su Nan Ye. If it came to that, Su Yun would not be able to explain himself.

“Hm?” Just then, a blue book went within his line of sight as he searched through the contents.

A divine skill!

Most the disciples from the outer sect did not have any divine skill. Usually, they would just have to rely on pure physical power and their spirit power.

“Sky Ripping Sword Strike?” Su Yun quickly removed the book from the ring and flipped it open with a sweep of his hand.

It was a very simple sword art, but it was also a very complicated sword art.

There were only a few pages on the sword technique.

It utilized vibrations, which was created from shrouding spirit power over a blade during a swing. Then the spirit aura generated from the spirit power could produce a honed form, which would be used to attack the enemy. One could only control the direction of the vibrations, similar to the other forms generated from spirit power. However, this skill just involved a more ingenious method to release the spirit aura generated.

“Spirit aura vibrations? If….if this was integrated with Limitless Sword Arts, then once I activate Spirit Lord Aura on a flying blade, I could split it into two blades. One real and one false! With this technique, I could easily catch someone off guard!” Su Yun said as he touched his chin.

Since he thought he could do it, he actually forgot his original intention. Instead, he pulled out his dragon engraved blade and began to practice the motions.

As the dragon engraved blade slashed through the air, his Spirit Lord Aura was activated, so he could actively inject spirit power into the flying blade. This was to slowly allow the blade to vibrate.

Su Yun sucked in a breath. According to the Sky Ripping Sword Strike skill, one must control the injected spirit aura created on the blade, while simultaneously trying to cause the blade to vibrate.

However, as soon as he took action, which caused the flying blade to vibrate, the flying blade began to fall from the sky.

I failed.

Su Yun frowned, “Did I use too much strength?”

Ta ta….

At this time, he heard the faint sound of footsteps closing in.

As the sound neared, like a needle that suddenly pierced a cat, Su Yun awoke with a start and recovered from his daze. He hastily grabbed his dragon engraved blade and looked behind him.

Soon after, he saw an outer disciple of the Su Family step out.

This disciple was covered with wounds. Blood was flowing everywhere. It was evident the was severely wounded judging from the pale complexions of his face.

“Help me! Senior, help me!” The disciple weakly uttered in pain as he ran panting towards him.

Could there be someone chasing to murder this guy?

Su Yun’s complexion changed and he hastily retreated back.


All was quiet behind this disciple. There wasn’t any sign of trouble, not mentioning other disciples, he couldn’t even see any demonic beasts chasing him .

“Who tried to kill you?” Su Yun said with doubt.

“A very powerful individual, but….but I managed to escape. Senior, I have some very serious injuries….can….can you take some medicine from your spatial ring to help me….I….I will always remember your kindness in the future….I will definitely repay you.”

“Really?” Su Yun secretly inspected the man and analysed the wounds on his body. Suddenly, he asked, “What’s your name? Why haven’t I seen you before? Does the Su Family even have a disciple like you?”

“I….I’m called Su Deng Lan….probably you have never seen me before….” The disciple weakly said as if he was slowly dieing.

“Maybe that is it!” Su Yun nodded his head, “I train all year round and have little contact with disciples of the Su Family. I have never met many of the outer sect disciples….ah….if that is so, I’ll give you some medicine for the time being. This time, I will save your life, so you better remember to repay me!”

“Certainly! Thank you, senior….thank you senior!” The disciple said with absolute joy as he bowed again and again.

“Wait!” As Su Yun said this, he reached for the spatial ring on his hand. He was about to take the medicine out from his spatial ring.

As the disciple stared at Su Yun, his eyes flashed with a strange light.

However, in the next second, an extremely sharp sword slashed down from the sky, aiming straight for the disciple.


The disciple was caught off guard and instantly split in half!

A dark billow of smoke began to emit from the two halves of the figure that was split in half. It began to float up in the air and generated a massive amount of mist and clouds.

In the clouds, a pair of green eyes gazed Su Yun.

“You….you lied to me!” The mist gave a sharp cry.

As Su Yun saw this, his heart was startled. He quietly stepped back a bit and said, “Didn’t you also lie to me?”

“It appears that you saw through my disguise!”

“As long as the person is not a three year old child, anyone could have seen through it! The scars of the corpse had already rotted and there were creatures like serpents and rodents gnawing on the wounds. How could anything living have these characteristics? More importantly, under the corpse’s neck, there was a fatal wound, his windpipe was broken! How could he still survive? So I  guessed that this body was possessed by the Martial Bone Mountain spirits or something! You….just what kind of vile spawn are you?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha….” After the dark clouds heard this, it let out a harsh sounding laughter, “ha ha ha kid, you are very careful. However, you are alone, yet you still dare ask for my name? Do die!”

After this dark mist said these words, it immediately launched an attack. Despite that, the ghostly mist only spread towards Su Yun and was aiming straight for his head.

Su Yun hastily evaded the mist. As the deathly cold mist touched the ground it generated some fizzling sounds. Soon, the areas that it touched were filled with craters.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun had become horrified.

What did this mean? Was this the skills of a spirit intermediate soul?


His mind had only this single thought. He immediately turned around and fled like a madman.

When had Martial Bone Mountain become this dangerous?

Meanwhile, the Yue Yang sibling and others were still engaged in the battle.


As a frost blade danced through the air like a lotus flower floating, blood through the air. The brown robed disciples of the inner sect crashed to the ground. He was dead.


The handsome young disciple, known as Su Qian finally let out a breath. He could finally calm his nerves a bit.

Even though the inner sect disciple was killed, Su Qian was not let off easy. His thighs and chest were both injured and bleeding. His white robe was completely stained with blood. Most of his spirit power reserves had been completely depleted, so he did not even have much combat capability left.

“Senior!”  A long-haired teenager, who seemed quite young rushed over and propped up the weakened Su Qian from falling to the ground. He urgently asked, “Senior, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry!” Su Qian said with a weak smile. Then he glanced at the surrounding and saw the corpse of Su Nan Ye.

He did not hesitate at all and immediately shouted at the top of his lungs, “Stop everything!”

This cry spread over the entire battlefield.

Everyone who was fighting was stunned for a moment.

Su Qian’s group of disciples were the first to retreat. They left their opponents and went over to Su Qian.

As the disciples near Su Qian examined their surroundings, they glanced down at the corpse of the inner sect disciple. Everyone’s face became filled with excitement. Ultimately, they did not continue killing, but grouped together for now.

Since the elites of the opposing force were dead, from a strength perspective, Su Qian’s group temporarily had the advantage. They could continue to battle and eliminating the other disciples should be easy.

However, Su Qian had chose this time was the time to stop the battle and called out.

Everyone was gazing at Su Qian, waiting for what he had to say.

Su Qian quickly took a few slow breaths, because the fighting had exhausted him considerably. His eyes had a tinge of red, but he was soon able to steady his breathing.

“Everyone, I understand that the reason for our battle. It is to obtain Blood Jade Crystals, which could then be exchanged for contributions. Using the contribution, one would be able to obtain entry for the inner sect! However, for such a thing, many have already lost their live, so does everyone think it is truly worth it??”

After everyone heard this, they looked at each other.

Su Qian let out a sigh. Then the teenage looking disciple gave him a pill, which he swallowed with his mouth. His complexion restored some color and he continued, “I propose….you guys leave. Let’s not finish this battle. Just leave the Martial Bone Mountain…. For the people that died, how about we just say that some demonic beasts killed them? If you guys refuse, then everyone may continue this deathmatch, until one side is eliminated! I Su Qian, have already killed the inner sect disciple, so I’m not afraid of adding a few more heads to the list!”

After he said this, his opponents understood what Su Qian was proposing to them.

Su Nan Ye and the inner sect disciple were both dead. In fact, the opponents could eliminate them, but Su Qian obviously did not want to continue this unnecessary killing. Therefore, he decided to take a step back and try negotiating with the opposing force.

Nonetheless, Su Qian also had his reasons. Although the opposing group had lost Su Nan Ye and the inner sect disciple, they still had some combat ability. If they continued, Su Qian’s group would probably need to sacrifice two or three disciples to eliminate the opposing side.

There was no deep hatred between anyone. This was just for some benefits from the sect, so there was no need to die for it.

Su Xing Yang and Su Xin yue looked somewhat grateful towards Su Qian. The two of them incurred hatred from Su Nan Ye, but that problem was clearly already taken care of. Their injuries were not light, so if the battle continued, they might truly be killed. Therefore, Su Qian ordered everyone to halt the battle as a disguise to save both of them.

Su Nan Ye’s underlings looked at each other. Then they began to discuss and whispered a few words at the end. They decided to follow what Su Qian proposed. They ceased trying to continue the battle and decided to let this matter go. Then, they went their separate ways.

Even if they continued, the cost of the battle would absolutely not be cheap. The only possible problem was if someone talked about the battle when they returned to the Su Family, but Su Qian said that they would just make up an excuse. After that, what concerns were left?

His companions quietly nodded their heads. Su Qian’s group also agreed with the proposal after his persuasive speech.

In fact, everyone had already accepted the outcome.

Pa pa pa….

At this time, a resounding applause arose from the mountain top.

Su Qian as well as Su Nan Ye’s underlings turned their heads to look for the source of the sound.

They were surprised to find a large crowd of disciples dressed in red robes, were walking towards their location….


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