Limitless Sword God: Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Hidden Killing Intent

Nothing at the new area could be hidden by the grasslands with the exception of the trees found everywhere.

As Su Yun stumbled upon a tall tree, he quickly jumped and with a few strides, he marched up through the branches and foliage. He carefully used the dense foliage of the trees as cover while he closed in on the sound.

Soon after, the area where an explosion had occurred entered his line of sight.

There was an open area within the small forest, but it seemed that the area’s trees were thoroughly and forcibly razed to the ground. Two groups of disciples were standing in the open area. All of them had pulled out their swords. Their eyes were alert and fierce as they stared at each other.

On the ground, several corpses laid. The area was already reduced to a barren plain, but it did not have many battle markings. Apparently, the real clash had not even began, but seeing the drawn crossbows and weapons, it unfortunately seemed that very soon,  a fierce battle was about to break out.


Su Yun’s eyes suddenly flashed as he stared at two human figures of one group.

Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang?

Su Xin Yue was wearing plain swordsman attire and held a weapon provided by Elder Su Shi Long, White Embroidered Blade. On her right shoulder, there was a sword wound. Luckily, it seemed blood had yet to begin dripping from the wound. Her soft wheat colored face was truly pale like a sheet of paper right now.

Su Xing Yang attire was also just as simple. His hands were holding a massive hammer that was very impressive. Nonetheless, he had no small injury. His abdomen was bleeding, while several other parts of his body were also covered with wounds. He seemed to have already experienced many battles.

Leading Su Xing Yang and Su Xin Yue was a handsome young man. He was tall, there was a large scar over his face, but remained intelligent looking and charming. He was wearing a white robe. Furthermore, he was not wielding his sword, since it was still equipped on his waist. His demeanor remained very calm.

At his side, stood a long-haired disciple that looked like a teenager. After looking at these people, Su Yun thought they were very familiar.

“This man’s spirit power is restrained at the moment. From the way he carries himself, one cannot guess his intentions. He could possibly be a spirit intermediate disciple. However, the paper hanging on his waist clearly marks him as an outer sect disciple, this person….who exactly is he?”

As Su Yun whispered to himself, his gaze switched towards the opposite group of disciples.

He didn’t think that he would also recognize some disciples from this group.

Su Nan Ye!

He was now changed into a pure black body armor. He was armed with a expensive heavy sword and his eyes gave a penetrating gaze thick with killing intent.

Nonetheless, he was not the one with the strongest presence. The strongest disciple was in front of him. He was dressed in brown swordsman robes and was an inch shorter than Su Nan Ye.

Both of the man’s hands were holding an armament. He looked completely confident. As he gazed at his opponents, his eyes were full of disdain. It was as if the people before him couldn’t even be considered as his opponents.

He also had that arrogant personality, because he was a disciple from the inner sect.

His cultivation level was at least above stage one of spirit intermediate realm.

“I will only say this one last time, pull out all the Blood Jade Crystals from your body and pay up. Otherwise….this surrounding trees will become your gravestones!” The disciple wearing the brown robes shouted.

“If we do not pay up?” The disciple at the front of the other group nervously asked.

“Do not pay?” The brown robed disciple’s eyes ignited into fierce flames. Without giving any warning, his group immediately took action.

“Then just die!” After he said this, the brown robed disciples activated his spirit power and shrouded his palm. The palm became a claw and like an eagle and its prey, it aimed to kill the handsome outer sect disciple.

He just took action and it was already a killing technique

Although the difference was only between a spirit novice tenth stage and a spirit intermediate first stage, the difference in strength could still be described as vast.

The disciples of the inner sect were all cultivation rank of spirit intermediate realm first stage or more. How could regular disciples be their rivals? Currently, he was only facing one opponent, who was the handsome disciple that was standing at the very front of the group.

As the brown robed man rushed forth, he did not hesitate at all. In a few quick strides, he quickly flicked his left arm and pulled out a blade to stab the his opponent. The spirit aura was truly cascading down in torrents like the Yangtze River dispersing. (Tl: Yangtze river is one of largest rivers in China)

Unexpectedly, his opponent also flew forth.

This one disciple’s sneak attack quickly awakened the other disciples to take action.

Two disciples were now fighting, how could they just watch the battle? Immediately after the two disciples made their moves, the entire battle broke out.

The battle had begun. Each disciples charged forth and the whole scene began to turn very chaotic.

As everyone’s spirit power was activated, the spirit aura that was brought out seemed like dozens of rivers cascading forth. It was a terrible mess. The handsome spirit novice tenth stage disciple was skillfully holding his own with his spirit techniques. His spirit aura was shockingly powerful and terrifying. Nonetheless, the entire battlefield was quilted by numerous clashes.

“Stinking brat, we will take what is rightfully ours!” Su Nan Ye said as he coldly stared at Su Xing Yang. His hands were creating a sweeping sword dance as he aimed straight for Su Xing Yang’s head.

As the blade neared, the surrounding people didn’t dare come near it.

Su Xing Yang clenched his teeth. His brow had become extremely heavy and his sweaty hands raised the sledgehammer he had to block the heavy sword.

Despite this, the spirit aura of the heavy sword cascaded forth like a massive waterfall as it clashed against his hammer.

Su Xing Yang’s whole body trembled from the powerful swing as he barely remained standing.

“Brother! !”

As Su Xin Yue saw this scene, she became suddenly afraid. She quickly sprinted towards him, hoping to prevent Su Nan Ye from killing Su Xing Yang.

Although both man already sustained injuries, Su Nan Ye’s body was still completely fine. Even if Su Xin Yue came, he did not care.

“I will let you experience my divine skill: Ripping Sky Sword Strike!” Su Nan Ye shouted as his spirit power poured into the blade and a sword shadow flew straight towards Su Xin Yue.

Had Su Xin Yue ever seen a sword skill this powerful? Her heart was shocked and she hastily rolled to the side to dodge the incoming attack.

After Su Nan Ye saw that he managed to push back Su Xin Yue, he immediately initiated more clashes and concentrated on taking down Su Xing Yang.

One could only seem him hack once, push once, release once and shake off once.

As the heavy sword hit the hammer, though it seemed as if several powerful forces were adding to its strength, and crashed into Su Xing Yang’s body.


Su Xing Yang’s body suddenly stiffened, his mouth open as a mouthful of blood was quickly spit out. To opponent’s heavy sword strength quickly dissipated.

“Very good!”

Su Nan Ye’s eyes gleamed with a flash. With a sudden kick, he kicked Su Xing Yang straight in the stomach.


Su Xing Yan was caught off guard. From this one kick, he was forced to step back. This caused him to lose his defensive stance.

Instantly, Su Nan Ye leapt up and with one hand, he somehow lifted the heavy sword that one could not tell was how many pounds high in the air, “Go die!”

The heavy sword crashed down was ferocious momentum like a raging flood towards Su Xing Yang.

Su Xin Yue’s pale face could not even be considered as white anymore. Her entire body had paled.

At this moment, no matter who it was, as long as the person had some strength, there was thirst for supreme strength.


At this critical moment, a flying blade suddenly came from the side while whipping up a gale. It split through the stream of air, creating a shrill wail. It was clearly aiming for Su Nan Ye.

A sudden surprise!

Su Nan Ye’s eyes suddenly darkened and hastily stopped his current strokes. He quickly moved his heavy sword to the horizontal position to block the flying blade. As it flew, powerful spirit aura surged forth and rippled towards the heavy sword. Soon after, as Su Nan Ye turned to face the blade, the blade suddenly flew into the sky.

This trick was completed.

As Su Nan Ye floated back to the ground, he did not dare launch an assault against Su Xing Yang. He looked around and scanned the people around him. Then he shouted, “Who dares?!”

However, the surrounding people were desperately fighting, so why would anyone even notice him?

At this time, Su Xin Yue rushed over and thrusted the white embroided blade towards Su Nan Ye. She was aiming straight for his heart.

Su Nan Ye lifted his heavy sword to block it.

Su Xin Yue quickly directed to her brother behind her with a shout, “Brother, quickly leave!”

“No way….Senior Qian is still here. How can I just escape alone?” Su XIng Yang weakly said as he struggled to stand up.

“Fool you already received several combat wounds. Now you are also clashing with a spirit novice tenth stage cultivation, Su Nan Ye. How are you his match? Go! Hurry! I will hold him off for you!” Su Xin Yue’s eyes filled with tears as she hastily shouted.

Unfortunately, as soon as she finished speaking, her shoulder received a slash and then a kick. Her entire body flew and fell to the ground. She even began to spit out blood from her mouth.

“Younger sister!” Su Xing Yang eyes suddenly turned red.

In the midst of fighting, how could he be distracted? Moreover, Su Nan Ye was considered as one of the top disciples of the outer sect within the Su Family. Su Xin Yue was not even close to his strength so she was just a nuisance. Therefore, her loss was much faster.

“Oh, I heard that you have a good relationship with Su Yun. Originally, I had underestimated the enemy, which caused be to suffer defeat to Su Yun. However, that does not mean that I am weaker than him. I will definitely return this debt back to him, but I will first take care of you guys. Then will will finish him off!” Su Nan Ye said with a cold smile. His eyes overflowed with darkness.

He quickly stepped forward and injected his spirit power into his heavy sword. Like a roaring tiger, he chopped straight down towards the Su Xing Yang brother and sister.

Just then.


It was blocked by a flying blade yet again. The blade nimbly slashed at Su Nan Ye as well.

“What is this random technique? Whatever, this is just some random insignificant skill!” Su Nan Ye apparently did not care and with a single wave, he slashed away the strange flying blade.

But at the last moment of the heavy sword slash, the single flying blade suddenly moved to the side and avoided the massive heavy blade strike.


Su Nan Ye’s heart suddenly shrunk. Not waiting for his reaction, the flying blade suddenly pierced right into his chest.

He hurriedly retreated back, but also wanted to counterattack. Despite this, in an instant, a layer of rock suddenly spread from the flying blade around his body. This rock was like armor. With not even a breath’s time, it had completely engulfed Su Nan Ye’s body. It had changed him into a statue.

As the surrounding disciples saw this scene, they were all taken aback and tense.

What kind of divine skill was that?

As Su Qian and the brown robed inner sect disciple saw this, both of their hearts shook. They had better hastily conclude this battle, but since it was a life or death clash, one could not tolerate the slightest distractions and they could not retreat.


At this time, a dark shadow rushed over here and leapt up into the branches to observe the battle.

This figure’s abnormal sense of the battle led to that since Su Nan Ye was already incapacitated, the opportunity had come. He suddenly took action.

The other disciples did not have time to react, the silhouette quickly descended and avoided all the sword strikes directed towards him. He was heading straight for Su Nan Ye.

“Not good!” The brown robed disciples of the inner sect said. As his face panicked, he agonized cried, “Protect Su Nan Ye!”

Several of the disciples from the outer sect that followed Su Nan Ye saw this and immediately flew towards him to block the incoming attack.

However, it was too late.

They could only watch as the silhouette appear in front of Su Nan Ye. With one hand grasping the hilt of the flying blade, he pierced through the chest. Then he suddenly slashed up from the chest cutting right to the forehead, thereby splitting the entire upper body in half.

Kau La.

The stone fragmented.

Su Nan Ye’s body remained motionless as he maintained a petrified expression. He was still maintaining his original action as if he was frozen still.

Hiss! ! ! !

Suddenly, blood flew out.

A hideous blade wound spread from his chest straight up towards his forehead.

The brain was cut. If a person died, he could not die again. The brain was spilling over and blood was gushing out from the wound. The sight was very terrifying!

They could only see the black shadow clasp the flying blade and rapidly killing Su Nan Ye. He grabbed his palms and quickly fled from here.

“Shit!” The brown robed disciple was furious and wanted to chase. However, Su Qian did not give him the slightest chance and still desperately blocked his way.

With Su Nan Ye dead, Su Qian’s pressure was decreased by one and the situation slowly began to tilt in their favor….


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