LSG Ch 50 Teaser

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Tl: Sword Qi will be used now, instead of sword spirit wave, since easier to translate, less confusing for me

Chapter 50: A Resolute person’s revenge is ten years

“Limitless Sword God?”

Su Xiao sluggishly looked at the person in front of his eyes. He was wearing black robes and a partially broken mask covered his face. He could not help but tremble a bit as he analyzed the situation.

“Why did you flee?” The mysterious figure asked.

Su Xiao clenched his fists and looked over to the left. He did not want to expose his tears to Limitless Sword God. He grudgingly answered, “Even adding me into the fray, we could never be Su Xuan Yuan’s opponent. Not to mention my injured arm, by continuing, we would only be annihilated. Only by preserving my life will I be able to have my revenge. A resolute person’s revenge is ten years.” (Tl: idiom: meaning not to be impatient to get revenge)

“Right now, you do not need to wait ten years. I have come to kill!”

As the Limitless Sword God said this, he suddenly rushed forth and ran towards Su Xuan Yuan’s direction.

“Kill?” Su Xiao was stunned.

He hastily tried to sense Limitless Sword God’s aura attribute, but it was an extremely domineering and sharp aura. It was similar to Swift Wind Aura, but it was much quicker….and even more powerful.

However, it did not count as a powerful cultivation level, so the figure was at most a spirit intermediate disciple, even though the killing intent he emitted was very fierce. Nonetheless….did he have some kind of grudge with Su Xuan Yuan?

Furthermore….just what was his purpose?

Whatever. I do not care!

Su Xiao gritted his teeth.

The intense hatred in his heart was burning for the disciples. Su Han Xiang’s death did cause him to collapse mentally, but it did not make irrational. There wasn’t a chance before, but now, the opportunity for revenge had come.

Su Xiao made his decision, with a determined look, he said, “Han Xiang, I will trust him this one time. Even if I lose, it is no big deal. I will sacrifice myself for you!”

Resolved, Su Xiao endured the piercing pain as he used his own blade to slice off the remaining part of his nearly torn off arm. The one armed disciple rushed forth, following Limitless Sword God.

As for the person called Limitless Sword God, when he approached Su Xuan Yuan’s position, his hands suddenly moved in a flash. He drew the large glowing dragon engraved blade from his sheath.

One could see him pull out a blade flower, which caused a strange aroma to reappear. It began to cover the blade, making it like a cocoon. Soon after, he raised the blade up.


Sword Qi flew out from his blade and like an arrow released from a bow, it aimed straight for Su Xuan Yuan.

As this sharp sword qi appeared, Su Xuan Yuan sensed that some people had appeared. As he looked at the arriving people, his face flashed a look of surprise. However, soon after, he sneered, “Come on. Come on. Looking at your spirit power, it doesn’t amount to much It is not nearly enough. Furthermore, I still have not killed enough people!”

After he said this, he hastily shifted to the right a few steps and slashed away the grappling Su Jian. He pushed him towards Su Hong Xiu, while he raised his own blade and his spirit power exploded forth. He was rushing towards the sword qi strike.


As the sword qi strike was hit in mid air, it flew off in the air.

“I have never seen an enemy that easily discarded their weapon when facing an opponent. You are the first one!” Su Xuan Yuan licked his dry lips as he gazed with strong killing intent.

He equipped his Huan blade and quickly stepped in Su Yun’s direction. With his blade pointing down and dripping with blood from the tip, it was a frightening sight.

But this time.

He suddenly stopped and slowed his pace.

He only saw the figure raised his hand. Then both hands made a gesture, which seemed to resemble a signal.

“Is it a spirit skill?”

Su Xuan Yuan’s brows knitted as he had a bad feeling. He soon accelerated his pace and rushed forth.

As he and his blade was getting closer, the mysterious man’s killing aura was becoming more and more terrifying.


The man wearing the broken iron mask, carrying the sword sheath stood motionless, still….

He closed his eyes.

Did he disregard his defence?

“Did he have some secret move?” Su Xuan Yuan’s heart tensed, but soon he abandoned his concern, “This kid is not even a spirit intermediate disciple, what do I have to fear? Die!”